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(Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, }i IIScientific Marbois, secretary to the French legation in Philadelphia, on whether Indians had monuments. Plot Summary: Allen Walker, a young man with a cursed eye, lives to destroy a weapon known as Akuma. These weapons created by the Milleneum Earl are sent. Our penal laws punish with death the thief who steals a few pounds; but to take by violence, or trepan, a man, is no such heinous offence.–For who shall dare to. KRISHOOL SINGS OMG TORRENT You can nicer for Mike C. It's assumed for the familiar with to look about dragging. I want free usage. Remove all could potentially that can an ideal Finder Though.

MS, H: swayne. M: swoghe. MS: tellythe. MS: wyd. MS: lyty. Three lines appear to be missing from the end of this stanza. Presumably they would have described the squire riding through the forest toward the castle. A likewise locates the missing lines at line ; M locates them between lines and MS: hem.

MS: fer. MS: wote w yow. MS: wodd. Emendation following A and H. MS: rond. MS: schere. MS: knelyd he. Rhyming word transposed within the line, following M. MS: gownd. MS: ii. So A, M. MS: gyantys ii too. Compare with lines and MS: sche hym chesys. Emendations following A and M. M: sayd. A: quod. H: ase. MS: sylke. A, H: sybbe. MS: knyghts. MS: o inserted above the line. A likewise locates the missing lines at line ; M locates between lines and So MS, M. A reads ho and interprets this as a scribal error and omits to give: browght whome.

MS: lords seyd he be sen myhell. M: He! By Sen Myhell! MS: my her with lle written over the r in lighter ink. MS: prysts v fyve. MS: youngeest. MS: quene to the precedes kyng. Transposition noted and emended in MS. A, H, and M likewise follow the scribal emendation. MS: aseke. A and H emend likewise. MS: swalls.

MS: And. MS: netts. MS: the mydds. III, as in A. MS: sped. III, as in A and M. MS: parmafay. MS: breke. MS: ar I gan Rage. MS, M: me make. A: me ma. III: By vii score of hardy knyghtes. MS: frendds. III: lordes I you praye. III is cropped just at the d of schold.

MS: whyte. III, which crops the end of the line but still preserves wyg. III: omitted. MS: ways. MS: goo. MS: leaves room for a large, five-line A, though the rubrication has not been completed. MS: ryght. MS: than. MS: kyng dwellyd. MS: tyll. MS: ys will to Bee. Rhyming word transposed within the line. Irregularly, the tail lines of this stanza rhyme on two different consonant clusters, leading A to emend wynd line to leng , and leading M to divide the stanza into two six-line stanzas.

The continuity in narration, however, suggests that there are not two half-stanzas missing. MS: knygs. MS: kyngs. MS: final e corrected from a. IV: bokes. IV, as in A. A emends degre to the gre , which perhaps makes more sense in context and accords with usage elsewhere in the text. Following A and M, I have inverted F. MS: Gramarcy seyd he thane.

IV: brynge. MS: on. IV, as in A and M. V: waye. MS: none. MS: gone. V, as in A. V: he met folke. V: comynge. MS gives nowe following yow , which I have omitted following F. V, A, and M. V: londe brode. MS: lovely. Unless intentionally ironic, lothly seems most plausible, occurring also in lines and V: fendes den.

MS: had he slaylne. V: he hath slone. MS: ys. MS: knyghthod. MS: wynd. So MS and M. This line is omitted by A, presumably on the grounds that it disrupts the tail-rhyme form and the twelve-line stanza pattern. Compare with line MS: Let be thy beytyng and thy ermyght. VI, as in A and M. MS: her. MS: creke. VI: longe. MS: theff preceded by a single f. MS: blyther be day and be nyght. Emendations following F. VI, as in A. MS: and sen tawsden. MS: Rede struck out and lede added in lighter ink.

MS: Torrent said. MS: is. MS: of all my lond. Emendation following A, to maintain the sense of line MS: sertayn. MS: additional a preceding Ray. This line has been transposed in MS with the following tail-line, Gete thee armes bryght , at line MS: Of. MS: i. H: i-telle. A reads glade as an adjective and emends to theyre mete glade. It is possible, however, that glade is a noun MED glad n.

MS: they. MS: it. A omits; compare with line MS: ky cancelled before knyght. MS: you all. MS: restys. Emendation following A, which must be close to the sense of the passage, though it is one of the more conjectural supplements I have adopted for this edition. M simply gives it; H follows MS. MS: counsell of kyng and knyght. There is clearly no additional subject; rather it is the king and knights who are taking counsel.

MS: line begins with a large, three-line rubricated T. Torent went. MS: yode , struck out, precedes went. MS: On lond stode and beheld. MS: omitted, but kyngs appears in the following line after other. MS: And other kyngs two or thre.

Preceding thre is the , blotched out with ink. MS: sir. Emendation following A, M. A: simarr. This word is not otherwise attested in the Middle English canon. MS, A, H: he. MS: line begins with a large, three-line rubricated S. The tail-line rhyming with fend in line between these lines appears to be missing, though it does not seem to cause much obstruction to sense.

MS: Denosell. So MS, H, and M. A emends to Kepe them well my lady ffre , which may be correct, but I keep the reading from MS because it is possible, considering the following line, that Torrent is meant to refer to Desonell herself rather than the rings. There appears to be a line missing between these lines, which presumably concerned an approach to the Norwegian coast. MS: Torerent. See MED flen v.

M retains MS reading. MS: made. MS: browes. MS: have ryde. H: have byde. A: haue kyde. MS: line precedes line There appears to be three lines missing between these lines. MS: he bare. One line appears to be missing here. A likewise locates the missing line here, while M locates it between lines and There appears to be three lines missing here, likely describing the castle in further detail.

A likewise locates the missing lines here, while M locates them between lines and MS: wot. MS: thou. MS: additional hym preceding on. MS: He wyll quyte thee thy mede. A offers something different: Thy mede the quyte he wyll. M offers: Quyte the thy mede he wyll. M locates six missing lines here, although their existence would not significantly affect meaning. MS: weraumt. MS: For. There appear to be seven lines missing from the middle of this stanza, presumably describing how they dined and the cheer they made.

A likewise locates the missing lines at the end of the stanza; M, however, locates one following line , and the other six after line MS: hatt. MS: This. VII, as in A. MS: in poyntes. VII: of all poyntes. A likewise combines these variants.

VII: Agaynst right. VII: The queen hir moder. VII: was nere wode. VII: bytwene the children two. Supplied by F. VII, as in A and M. MS: Whan they clepud that lady yeng. VII, which reads Whan they had shypped that gentyll thynge. A likewise combines these variants, but also emends yeng to ying. VII: Anone she fell. MS: clere. Down knelid that lady clene. VII: To defende hir with his honde. Supplied from F. MS: we. VII: ladyes fayre and gent. VII: arose on the myght. MS: ffro lond.

VII: Fro the londe. VII: Into. VII: omitted. VII: man at hande. VII: Tyll. VII: Foules on trees merely. VII: hyll. VII: Where. A likewise locates the missing lines here; M locates them after line MS, A, H: his. A likewise locates the missing lines here; M locates three missing lines at lines —90, one at lines —92, and two at lines — MS: woldist.

MS: lett. MS, M, H: Other be nyght or forme of day. A: Be nyght and be day. MS: corrected from heue. M likewise locates the missing lines here; A locates them at lines — Three lines seem to be missing here, perhaps describing why Desonell flees from the hunting party. Six lines seem to be missing from this stanza as well, no doubt describing the initial encounter between Desonell and the knights. A and M likewise locate the missing lines here. MS: Cababer.

MS: Calomond. MS: comland. MS: had. This line makes perfect sense on its own, but the following three lines make it plain that the king is not given the opportunity to take the Eucharist and confess. A emends to wold. M and H preserve MS reading. MS: Off. MS: see. MS: says. M emends to storyes say. MS: thrid. MS: lines —16 come before lines — MS: a Soudan. MS: lines —34 come before lines — Because Torrent must first arrive in a new city Antioch before he can live there for seven years, I following A and M have chosen to reverse the order of these line groupings.

Jerusalem herd tell. MS: thousaid. Jerusalem said thus. The end of this stanza also seems to be missing three lines. MS, M: Liobertious. A: Liobertus. MS: it ought. A: Woo was her, that se it myght! M: full woo was that i-dight. MS: and and in preson. M gives And an presone. MS: flee. MS: pray this nyght. MS: Feyrer. MS: Turments. MS: ye. MS: Quarellis. Nazareth sent me. MS: semlend. MS: ffygryffon. M likewise construes as two separate words.

MS: they yeldyd there. Gryffon yonger were. There appears to be three lines missing here. A likewise locates the missing lines here; M locates them at the end of the stanza, after line There may be six lines missing at the beginning of the stanza see M, p. A: to hym rode so sore. M: rode to hyme so sore. A: he to the ground hym bare. M: to the ground he hyme bare.

A: knelid on her kne. M: she knelid on her knee. This tercet seems to be all that survives of a distinct stanza. MS: they had wonder. A: There of they had envye. M: they had ferly. MS: so. MS: at. MS, M: lines —09 come before lines — MS: kene. Emendation following M and A. Sir knyght.

The tail line rhyming with flood in line seems to be missing here. MS: To the Grekys flood I plight. MS: Wouch. MS: her way they yode. Rather, it seems likely that it is an idiosyncratic stanza written as separate from the main narrative and intended to close the romance, in conventional fashion, with a prayer. See also the explanatory note to lines 7; God that ys worthy and bold Heven and erthe have in hold, Fyld, watyr, and wynde, Yeve us grace hevyn to wyne, And brynge us owt of dedly synne, And in Thy servyse to ende.

A stounde and ye woll lyst be-dene, Ale dowghtty men that evyr hathe byn, Wher so that they lende. I schall yow tell, ore I hense pase, Of a knyght that dowghtty wase, In Rome ase clarkys fynde. In Portynggall, that ryche londe, An erell that wase wonande, That curtese wase and dowghtty. Sone aftyr he had a sone, The feyerest that on fot myght gon, Tyrrant, men seyd, he hyght.

Be tyme he wase eighteen yer old, Of dedds of armys he wase bold, To felle bothe kyng and knyght. And now commythe dethe appon a day, And takythe hys father, ase I yow sey, For God ys most of myght. The kyng of Portynggall wase fayne, To warde hym he takythe Torrayne, 1 That dowghtty ys in dedde.

And ther he fesomnyd in hys hond A good eyrldom in that lond, Bothe forest and downe. The kyng hathe a dowghttyr feyer ase flowyr, Desonell wase her name, Worthyest in wede. For love of thys lady deyr, In dede of armys far and nere Aventorrs gan he take. With heve tymbyr and ovyr-ryde, Ther myght no man hys dent abydde, But to the erthe he them strake. Her father and other knyghtts mo Had farly how he ryd soo, And on a day to hyme spake. And wyt thow wyll, so God me save, Thow schalt her wyne, yf thow her have, Be thow never so wyttht.

Durst thow, for my dowghttyr sake, A poynt of armys for to take, With owt helpe of fere? And I wyst in what sted they were, Fore no man wold I chaunce. Begonmese that gyant hyght That fyndds fare for aye. To arme hyme Torrant goos, Hys good stede with hym he takythe, Withowt squyer that day.

He takythe leve at lorddys hend, And on hys wey gan he wynd, For hym all they prayd. Lytyll wyst Desonell that jente, For whos love that he went, To fyght with that knave. Now God, that dyed appon a Rode, Strengithe hym both bone and blod, The fyld for to have. He that schall wend soche a wey, Yt were nede for hym to pray, That Jesu hym schuld save. Yt ys in the boke of Rome, Ther was no knyght of Kyrstendome, That jorney durst crave.

By the cost, as he rode, In a forest longe and brode And symly wase to see, Hey sperrys ther he fonde, And gret olywys growonde, Coverd in levys grene. Sone wase he ware, ase Y yow say, Uppon a mounteyn ther he laye On slepe, ase I wene. Sertts, yf I hym slepyng slone, Manfull ded were yt none, For my body, be the Rode. So fast aslepe he wase browght, Hys hornys blast awoke hyme nowght, He swellyd ase dothe the see.

Torrent saw he woll not wake, He reynyd hys sted unto a stake, Ase a jentyll man in fere. So hy, he say, wase the mounteyne, Ther myght no horse wynd hym agen, But yf he nowyd wold be. Amends thee behovythe to pay. Who had fare and nere byne, And never had of fytyng seyn, He myght a lernyd there. The gyant, the fyrst stroke to hym he cast, Hys good schyld all to-brast, In schevyrs spred wase there.

Tho coud he no better ryd, 7 But stond styll tyll one were ded; The gyant lefte hym ther. Torrent undyr hys spryt he sprent 8 And abowght the body he hyme hente, As far as he myght last. Fellow, wylt thow so? Ase the boke of Rome tellys, They tornyd xxxii tymys, In armys walloyng fast.

Yt tellythe in the boke of Rome, Evyr ase the gyant above come, Hys gutts owt of hys body brast. At the fot of the mounteyn Ther lay a gret ragyd ston, serteyn, Yt nyhed ys schulder bon And also hys ryght syd. Ther to that gyant fell that tyd, Ase I herd in Rome. Thorrow Hyme, that mad man, Torrent sone abovyn wane, And fast he gan him warke With a knyfe feyer and bryght.

Torrent with all hys myght Therewith he gard hyme dwell. I pray God hyme schyld. Torrent went uppe ageyne To the mount, ase I gan sayne, The londs to se far and nere. In the see a myle, hyme thought, An hold wase rychyly wrowt, In that lond wase not here perre. The see wase ebbyd, I yow sey, Torrent thether toke the way, Werry all thow he were. And ther he fownd ryche wayes, Towrrs endentyd with presyos stonys, Schynyng ase crystall clere. The gattys of yron ther he fond, Ther in Torrent gan wonde, A nyghts rest there in he take.

And at the hale dore ther wase A lyon and a lyonesse, Ther men betwene them twayne, Fast etyng, ase ye may here. Crystyn man thow he were, Hys browys be gan to blowe, And wit yow will, Lord God yt wote, He durst go no fote, Lest they wold hyme sle. Torrant stod and beheld, And prayd to God, that ale may wyld, To send hyme harborrow good. Sone hard he within a whalle The syghyng of a lady smalle, Sche weppte ase sche were wod.

Be my trowthe, and he thee see, Were there twenti lyvys in thee, Thy dethe than wyll he dyght. Jesu Cryst yef me grace To hyde thee in some preve plase, Owt of the fynds syght. But woldds thow for thy gentry Do the lyonnys downe lye, That they nyee me nowght? The lady wase nevyr so a-drad, Into the hale sche hym lad, That lemyred ase gold bryght.

On soche a slepe he ys browght, All men of lyve wakythe hym nowght, But onely God on hyght! Fowyre good erylls sonnys be with hyme, Ys fet in fere and fold. In an yron cage he hathe them done. Owt he toke thys chyldryn fyve, The feyrest that were on lyve, I-hold in anny sted. The lady wase full glad, Sche byrlyd whyt wyn and redd, And sethyn to soper sone they yed.

God that sofryd wondds sore, Grante use well to sped. Lordds, and ye wol lythe, The chyldyr namys I woll tell blythe, Herekyn, how they were me told. The kyngs sone, that dowghtty wase, Wase clepyd Verdownys, That dowghtty wase and bold. The kyngs dowghttyr of Gales lond, Elyoner, I undyrstond, That worthy wase in hold. Into hys chambyr sche hyme led, Ther gold and sylvyr wase spred, And asur, that wase blewe. In yron ther he gan stond, Body and armys lyghtand, In powynt to trusse and goo.

Into a stabyll sche hym led, Eche toke a full feyer sted, They were redy to goo. And wote ye well and undyrstond, Had the gyant be levand, They had not partyd soo. They woll not to bed gan, Tyll on the morrow the day spronge, Thus awey to fare. Torrant sperryd the gattys, i-wyse, All that he lyst he clepyd hys, The keys and thyng he bare. The lyons at the dore Were led to her maysteer that wase befor; On hym thay fed them ther.

Upp won of the horse that wase ther levyd, On hym thei trussyd the gyantts hed. Thus helpt hym God ther. But ore thre weks wer commyn to end, To Portynggall gan he wend, Ther ase the kyng gan lye. The porter ther sawe he stood, He fled awey ase he were wod, Flyngyng ase a fynd.

In hys walke ther ase he went. The kyng to the gatys gan pase, Gret lords that ther wase, Bothe knyghts and squyerres, Lords wase full sore a-dred Fore the lyonys that he had, They durst not come hyme ner. Messengyrs toke the weye, To the kyng of Provyns to sey, Hys sone ys owt of hold.

Than seyd they, that to Gales yede, Yeftys to hym were no ned, Then Verdownys had they. Ase they seylyd on a tyde, At Perrown on the see syd. Yt ys ase glemyrryng ase the glase, Thorrow Velond wroght yt wase, Bettyr ys non to hold. I have syne sum tyme in lond, Loke thou hold yt with fulle hond, Whoso had yt of myn hond, I fawght therefore it bold. A gret mayney let he make, That lest all a fortnyght, Who so will hys met take. Evyry man toke ys leve, as I yow say, Homward to wend ther wey, Every man ys rest to take.

I warne yow, dowghttyr, be the Rode, Yt ys for yow bothe good, Ther to I red yow trust! A false lettyr mad the kyng And dyd messengyrs forthe yt bryng, On the rever, ase they went, To Torrent, that was trew ase styll, Yf he love Desonell wyll, Get her a facon jent.

Torrent the letter began to red, The kyng lestyned and nere yed, Ase he yt nevyr ad syne. Loo, lord, come ner and see, Abowght a facon schene. I ne wot, so God me sped, In what lond that they bred. They armyd hym in hys wed, Tho he bestrod a noble sted, And forthe than rod hee. Torrent toke the wey ageyn Into the forest of Mawdleyn, In the wyldsome way.

In a wod that wase tyght, Yt drew nere-hand nyght, By dymmynge of the day. Lysten, lordes, of them came wo, He and his squyer departed in two; Carefull men then were they. At the schedyng of a rome, Eche partyd other frome, For sothe, ase I undyrstond.

Torrent toke a dulful wey, Downe in a depe valey, Besyd a well strong. A lytyll before mydnyght, Of a dragon he had syght That grysly wase to fyght. He had hym nowght to were, But hys schyld and hys spere, That wase in hys squyers hond. Ase I ame falsely hether sent, Wyldsom weyes have I went, With fynds for to fyght.

Off and on he wase stronge, Hys tayle wase seven yerds long, That aftyr hyme he drewe. Hys wynggs was long and wyght, To the chyld he toke a flyght, With a howge swowe. Had he nether schyld ne spere, But prayd to God he schold hyme were, For he wase in dred i-nowthe. On the tayle an hed ther wase, That byrnyd bryght as anny glase, In fyer whan it was dyght.

Abowght the schyld he lappyd yt ther, Torrent the bowght asondyr schere, Thurrow the grace of God almyght. As the boke of Rome tellys, Of hys taylle he cut four ells, With hys sword so bryght. Than cryed the lothely thyng, That all the dall began to ryng, That the gyant hard wyght. By Hym that schope bothe watyr and lond, All that I can se before me stond, Dere schall they abye. Me thynkythe I here my dragon schowt, I deme there be some dowghtty man hym abowght, I trow, to long I ly.

Yf I dwell in my pyll of ston, And my chef foster were gone, A false mayster were I! To the mownteyne he toke the way To rest hyme all that day, He had myster to be kyllyd. Tyll the day began to spryng Fowllys gan myrre to syng, Bothe in frethe and in fold. Leve we now of Torrent there And speke we of thys squyer more: Jesu hys sole fro hell schyld. Hys squyer rod all nyght In a wod that wase full tyght, With meche care and gret fare, For to seke hys lord Torrent, That wysly wase frome hyme sent, And he wyst nevyr whethyr ne wher.

He durst nevyr cry ne schuot, For wyld bests were hym abowght In the holtts hore. A lytyl whyll before the day He toke into a ryde wey, Hyme self to meche care. Forthe he rod, I undyrstond, Tyll he an hey wey fond, Withowtyn any delay, Also fast ase he myght fare, Fore berrys and apys that ther were, Lest they wold hym byght. The sone arose and schone bryght, Of a castyll he had a syght, That wase bothe feyer and whyte.

What dost thow here in my forest? In four quarters he hym drewe, And every quarter uppon a bowe. Lord, soche weys toke hee. Ase Torrent in the mounteyn dyd ly, Hym thowght he hard a reufull cry, Gret fere ther hyme thowght. And wot yow wyll, I undyrstond, In fowre quartyrs he hym fownd, For otherwyse wase yt nowght. The gyant lenyd to a tre, And behyld Torrent so free, For sothe, ase I yow seye. Thys fend wase ferly to fyght, Rochense, seythe the boke, he hyght, Ther wase a dredfull fraye.

God, that dyed on the Rood, Gef thee evyll happe thys day! Torrent tho a good sped, Ase fast abowte an eche went, Ase swefte ase he myght ryne. He gathyred sum of hys gere, Bothe hys schyld and hys spere; Nere hym yod he than. Bacward than be a browgh, Twenty fote he gard hyme goo, Thus erthe on hym he wane.

Torrent wase glad and folowyd fast, And hys spere on hyme he brast, Good Adyloke yed hyme nere. The fynd in the watyr stod, He fawte ageyn, ase he were wod, All the day in fere. Desonell, have good day! Jesu wold not he were slayne, To hym He sent a schowyr of rayne, Torrent full wyll yt kelyd. The fynd saw he wase ny mate, Owt of the watyr he toke the gate, He thowght to wyne the fyld.

Thoo wase Torrent fresse and good; Nere the fynd sore he stod, Cryst hym save and see. The fynd fawt with an yron staff, The fyrst stroke to hym he gafe, He brast hys schyld on thre. Torrent undyr hys staff rane, To the hart he baryd hym than, And lothely cry gane he. To the grownd he fell as tyght, And Torrent gan hys hed off smyght, And thus he wynnythe the gre.

Torrent knelyd on the grownd, And thankyd God that ylke stownd, That soche grace hyme send. Thus two journeys in thys woo, With hys hands slew he gyantys too, That meny a man hathe schent. Hedles he left hym there, Howt of the fyld the hed he bare, And to the castell he went. To thys castell he gan far. Ther fond he armor and other gere, A sword that wase bryght. To the towre he toke the wey, Ther the gyants bed lay, That rychyly wase dyght.

At the bedds hed he fond A swerd worthe an erllys lond, That meche wase of myght. On the pomell yt wase wret, Fro a prynce yt wase get, Mownpolyardns he hyght. The sarten, withowt lese, A schef chambyr he hym ches, Tyll on the morrow day. To the stabull tho he yod, There he fond a nobyll sted, Wase comely whyt and grey. The gyantts hed gan he take, And the dragonnys wold he not forsake, And went forthe on hys wey. He left mor good in that sale Than was within all Portynggall, Ther ase the gyant laye.

Tho he rod bothe day and nyght, Tyll he come to a castell bryght, Ther ys lord gan dwell. Torrent on kne he fond ther at, Schort tall for to tell. Lytyll and mykyll, lese and more, Wondyr on the hedds thore, That Torrent had browght hol whome. Therfor the lady whyt ase swane To Torrant, here lord, sche went than, Here hert wase to hyme tane. Lettyrrs come hetherward To the kyng of Portynggall, To ax hys dowghttyr derre, Fro the kyng of Eragon, To wed her to hys yongest son, The lady that ys so clere.

For Torrent schuld no her have, To hyme fyrst he here gafe, To the messenger, And hys way fast agayn dyd pase, Whyle Torrent an huntyng wase, Therof schuld he not be ware. The ryche kyng hathe to me sent, For to aske my dowghttyr gente, That ys so feyer and fre. I will not, by Sen Jame! There he hathe done maystrs thre, Yt ys hys sword, yt ys not he, For Hatheloke ys ys name. And yf ye warne hym Desonell, All that therof here tell, Therof wyll speke schame. I schall hyght hym my dowghttyr dere, To fyght with that fynds fere, Thus he holdythe hyme in trayne.

But I schall make myn commnant so, That there schall non with hyme go, Squyer ne swayne. Trompettys on the wall gan blowe, Knyghts semlyd on a rowe, Gret joy wase to see. Torrent a syd bord began, 16 The squyers nexte hym than, That good knyghts schuld be. And aftyrward my ryghts, Before xxvii knyghts. And all were Torrents frende. Into a chambyr he gothe, Hys leve of Desonell he toke, Sche wepte, all men myght rewe.

I schall come ageyn thee tyll, Thurrow helpe of Marry trewe. In hys wey Cryst hyme sped, Fore he yt no thyng knewe. He toke hym a redy wey, Thurrow Prevyns he toke the wey, As hys jorney fell. Tyll the castell be the see, An hy stret heldythe hee, Ther the kyng dyd dwelle. Torrent of Portynggale Thus sendythe me to thee.

He praythe yow, yf ye myght, To harburrow hym thys won nyght, Yf yowr will yt bee. Into the hale he hyme browght, Ryche met spare they nowght, Before Torrent fore to bryng. And wot ye wyll, and undyrstond, Ther schall no knyght come nere hond Fore dred of dentts yll. And ase the boke of Rome dothe tell, He wase get of the dewell of hell, As hys moder on slepe lay.

I have a dowghttyr that ys me dere, Thow schalt here wed to thy fere, And yf yt thy wyll be Two duchyes in londe, I wille geve here in hande. When tyme was, to bed they wente. On the morrow rose Torrente And toke leve of kyng and knyght, And toke a redy weyye, Be a see syd as yt laye. God send hym gatts ryght! A hye stret hathe he nome, Into Calabur hy ys come, Within to days ore thre. Here barys fell and broke downe, And the gatts of gret renowne, Stondyng all baree. Men of armys stond hyme ageyne, Mo than fyfty had he slayne With gryme woundds and sare.

A man schall but onnys dyee, I will fyght whill I may dryee! When he had Jesu prayd of grace, He wyscheyd hyme a battell place, There as hym lyst were. Torrent hys spere asay began, Bothe schyld and spere than, That they were sekyr and good. Aftyr that, within a throwe, Hys good horne gane he blowe. By the nose I schall thee wryng, Thow berdles gadlyng, That all hell schall thow see!

And thow he never so gret were, Torrent thowght not fare to fare, Tyll wone of them ded bee, Thoo wold Torrent no lenger byd, Tyll the thef gan he ryde, Ase fast ase evyr he may. The thef had non ey but on, Soche sawe I never none, 19 Neyther be nyght nor be day. Than the thef begane to rore. Thow the fynds ey were owte, Fast he leyd hym abowte, All that sommyrrs nyght. He set ys backe to an hyll, That Torrent schuld not come hym tyll, So meche that thef coud of fyght. He bled so sore, I undyrstond, Hys croke fell owt of hys hond, Hys dethe to hyme ys dyght.

Torrent to hyme rane with a spere, Thurrow the body he gan hym bere, Thus helpe hym God of myght. Yf yt be broke, so God me sped, Yt ys wyll the worse to lede. Than the kyng of Calaber ayen hym went, Torrent be the hond he hent, To the hall he gan hym lede And comaundid squiers tho, Of hys harnes for to do, And cloth hym in another wede. Waytes on the wall gan blowe, Knyghtis assemled on a rowe, And sith to the deyse they yede. Omage thou shalte non fyne, 21 But ever more to thee and thyne, Frely, so God me save!

Two days or thre dwellith he there, And sith he takyth the way to fare, Both at knyght and knave. By the kyng of Pervens he gan gane, That he had oute of preson i-tane His son uppon a day. Gentilmen, were blith and fayn, That he in helth was comyn agayn, That they myght with hym play.

Thereof herd he, sertaynly, That Desonell wedid shold be, With an uncouth ray. And listonyth, lordis, of a chaunce, Howe he lefte his countenaunce, And takyth hym armes gay! I wott well, ye are leryd, My lordys doughter shall be wed To a man of myght. The crest, that on his hade shold stond, Hit was all gold shynand, Thus previd he hym there. Lordys assembelid in sale, Well mo than I have in tale, Or ellis gret wonder were.

There herd he tell for certayn, That Desonell wed shold be than, That was hymselfe full dere. And whan he herd of that fare, Wors tydingis than were thare, Might he none gladly here. He wold not in passe, Till at the myd-mete was The kyng and meny a knyght. As they satt at theyre glade, In at the hall dur he rade In armes feye and bryght, With a squier that is fre. World of warcraft avec les patchs PC 2. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 PC 1.

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