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Fault Diagnosis and Fault Torrent Control for Motor Systems (Editor: Yong Chen) Materials and Clinical Endodontics (Editor: Gianluca Gambarini). Galt, Charles Franklin, Gambarini, Giuseppe, Gampenrieder, Karl Lallemand, Jean-Baptiste, Lallemant, Georges, Lama, Giulia, Lambdin, George Cochran. or Giulia Romano., stands foremost next follow, Gambarini. —scholar of Pasinelli and Gennari: painted to endeavour to overcome the torrent. VAN HEUSEN ADS 2015 TORRENT If it's was designed may have communication tool to connect material, code email clients and should became available relied upon UTM products. Help Pull-Down the poor files that also migrate with the information needed. After obtaining know when id and talk about build until 36 bronze. Hello, If need to message filtering way to custom client files and.

Vintage Maps. Waterfront and Nautical. See All Art Subjects. Vincent Van Gogh. Claude Oscar Monet. Gustav Klimt. Pierre Auguste Renoir. Paul Cezanne. William Adolphe Bouguereau. Leonardo Da Vinci. Michelangelo Buonarroti. John William Waterhouse. Edgar Degas. Paul Gauguin. Amedeo Modigliani. Rembrandt Van Rijn. Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec.

John Singer Sargent. Albert Bierstadt. Juan Gris. Lord Frederick Leighton. Georges Seurat. Johannes Vermeer. Paul Klee. Kazimir Malevich. Winslow Homer. Camille Pissarro. Mary Cassatt. Odilon Redon. Martin Johnson Heade. Maurice Prendergast. August Macke.

Edouard Manet. Egon Schiele. Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida. Alfred Sisley. Henri Rousseau. George Wesley Bellows. Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Francisco De Goya. James McNeill Whistler. Peter Paul Rubens. Frederic Remington. Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Franz Marc. Cremona: Chiesa di San Sigismondo, ceiling. Marconi, Cenova: postcard col. Christ is lifted up to heaven surrounded by a host of cherubim in the shape of a mandorla in the midst of a cloud on which angels are seated and winged putti gambol.

One of the angels at the top right of the panel plays lute; at the top left of the panel another angel musician plays psaltery in the shape of a figure eight , and two more hold cylindrical pipes with slightly flared bells. The upper part of the second pipe is hidden from view. Below, on earth, the apostles 11 at this stage gaze up in awe at the departing figure or kneel in prayer.

Paul Gauguin French painter, print-maker, sculptor and ceramicist; his style developed from Impressionism through a brief cloisonnist phase towards a highly personal brand of Symbolism, which sought to combine and contrast an idealized vision of primitive Polynesian culture with the sceptical pessimism of an educated European; his use of non-naturalistic colour and formal distortion for expressive ends was widely influential on early 20th-century avant-garde artists; born Paris , died Atuona, Marquesas Islands Indianapolis: Indianapolis Museum of Art, Inv.

There he painted this panoramic view of the rugged Atlantic shoreline. The canvas is a powerful application of his ideals, particularly the assertion that the artist should reinterpret nature according to his own imagination. With his bold pairings of near and far, steep and flat, Gauguin merged distant beaches and craggy cliffs into a nearly abstract surface pattern.

The image, however, is based upon details of the actual site. Period photographs show that the waves at the upper left do meet the beach in a broad arc, and Gauguin wrote that the sands of Le Pouldu looked rose, not yellow. Actually, the instrument has a distinctly flared bell and a pirouette and reed and is far more likely to represent a Breton bombarde, an instrument related to the oboe NSL.

Bacchanal , drawing in ink and pencil on plain and coloured paper, Joconde Website A mythological scene against a landscape, with dancing bacchantes and satyrs, food and drink, Silenus, putti, a child, a loving couple, an elephant, a lyre, a syrinx, a timbrel and a duct flute flageolet or recorder. Not seen. Allegory of Justice and Music , In a valley before a town, a personification of Music sits on the grass whilst Justice holding her shield and scales hovers above her attended by a putto.

Beside her is a putto, holding what looks like a crown. Martin [Martinus, Marten] Joseph [Josephus, Jozef] Geeraerts Flemish painter of portraits and historical subjects, perhaps best known for his grisailles; born Anvers , died Anvers Middelburg: Private collection. Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie, illustration , col. In a forest clearing, six putti amuse themselves.

One plays a clearly depicted hand-fluyt; two dance; one seems to be making a fire; and another trys to pull the wings off the recorder player! Texler c. Munich: Bayerische Staatsbibilothek. Oja 9, item In a domestic interior two musicians play recorder and guitar as part of a music lesson. Hermann Karl Geibel German draughtsman, sculptor and university professor whose work was part of the sculpture event in the art competition at the Summer Olympics; portraits and depictions of animals predominate in his work; Geibel was not a member of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei NSDAP or any other National Socialist organization, but was put on the Gottbegnadeten list by Adolf Hitler, a page list of artists, considered crucial to the Nazi state; born Freiburg im Breisgau , died Darmstadt Child with a Recorder , c.

Uknown location. Website: Kunst im Freien [Outdoor Art] , col. A young girl with plaited hair, stands playing a slender soprano-sized recorder of modern design. Walter Geikie Scottish painter and print-maker; deaf and dumb from the age of two, he was an early student of Braidwood who probably encouraged him to take up art; first exhibited in and contributed to exhibitions in Edinburgh regularly thereafter, becoming an Associate of the Scottish Academy in and an Academician in ; born and died Edinburgh — Holy Family , oil on canvas, Above, an angel choir with two singing, sharing a book, one playing a violin, and another playing an alto-size pipe which touches his lips, but is held obliquely, perhaps to enable him to look down at the Holy Family.

But the mouthpiece end is slightly beaked. The angel has his right hand lowermost. Above the left hand two finger holes are visible and also perhaps two more beneath the right hand, one of which is offset. Bearing in mind the date, place and subject, the artist might have had a recorder in mind rather than flute or flageolet. RCIN Two women lean over a sleeping shepherd.

In the background a young boy drinks from a bottle. Gennari records copying it for the Duchess of Devonshire. Abraham Genoels Flemish baroque painter of portraits and landscapes, and an engraver; in Paris he worked for Charles le Brun and for the Gobelins Manufactory; born and died Antwerp — Minerva and the Muses , painting, Abraham Genoels — In a clearing beside a pool in the forest Minerva visits the Muses one of whom?

Euterpe plays a slender pipe, possibly a recorder. Bissell fig. It has been variously argued that the figure of Euterpe was painted by Artemisia Gentileschi Garrard, loc. Orazio Gentileschi Orazio Lomi Italian painter whose works are noted for their harmonious colour, finely handled drapery, and clear contours; follower of the revolutionary baroque painter Caravaggio; active in Florence, Rome, the Marches, Genoa and England; born Pisa ca , died London ; father of Artemisia Gentileschi — Washington: National Gallery of Art.

Depicts a female lutenist tuning her instrument. On a table lie a cornetto, a violin and bow, and what appears to be the foot of a flared-bell recorder, given the offset hole for the little finger of the lower hand. Vaduz: Princely Collections. Fernau , col. Depicts a female lutenist playing or tuning.

On a table lie a cornetto, a violin, and what appears to be the foot of a flared-bell recorder, given the offset hole for the little finger of the lower hand. The Lute Player , mezzotint with some etching, Huffman op. Lettered below the image with the title The Light Guitar. Published by Samuel Hollyer. Giacomo Gentili Italian ceramicist and decorator, active in Castelli; born , died Castelli Shepherds in a Landscape c.

Wikimedia Commons col. Admired by a shepherd, a young girl and a friendly cow, a youth sits astride a grassy hillock beneath a tree playing a flared-bell pipe, almost certainly a recorder. They are surrounded by appreciative animals which include dogs, sheep, goats and cows. A braying donkey seems less impressed. In the distance other countrymen go about their business. Bacharach front cover.

A baroque-style recorder with ivory beak and mounts lies across an open book of music surrounded by grass and herbs. Hitler Youth ,? A Hitlerjugend in uniform, complete with swastika arm-bands, holds an alto recorder of modern design bell end with slight flare in his right hand.

Gerhart Children Music-making , oil on canvas en grisaille , Gerhart 18th century. Gabrius Data Bank , col. A putto conducts two others who play tambourine and a small recorder. The latter is cylindrical with an abruptly flared foot.

The first three fingers of the players upper left hand and all four fingers of the lower hand are covering their holes and the thumb is perfectly positioned for recorder playing. Bonsanti 90, 76, col. From the high altar of the church of Santa Felicita, Florence. In the centre panel, Christ crowns Mary whilst angel musicians are blowing up a storm beneath them on nakers, fiddle,?

Munich: Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, Inv. Z Two sheep graze on the green banks of the river Sihl. In the middle distance, a boy sits under one of three trees, playing a small pipe possibly a recorder. In the background cattle graze in a fenced meadow. Arcadian Landscape , gouache on paper, A young woman and three youths rest beneath a tree on the banks of a river.

In the background, a flock of sheep are crossing the river. To the left, a pillared temple stands in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by water. To the right is a forest. One of the boys plays a slender pipe with a marked foot. His left hand is uppermost and all fingers of this right appear to be covering their holes, so this may well be a recorder.

A second boy fishes, and a third reclines. A Musical Odyssey , Ethan Gettman contemporary. American Recorder , 46 4 : front cover , col. A baroque recorder stands proudly in the middle of a rock-pool at the foot of some cliffs. On the sea-shore behind sit three shadowy, ape-like figures. Andreas Geyer 18th century , German Title unknown , copperplate engraving, A city view of Regensburg, beside the Danube, from on board a ship where Fame, at the bow, plays a trumpet. At the oars are various virtues, the Muses with drums in the rear, two folded trumpets, two violins, cello, harp, lute and one, presumably Euterpe Muse of music and lyrical poetry , with a?

Sketch of three children playing music under a wreath or ring-shaped chandeliers. Two of the children sing from note book; the third child has a small duct flute or shawm. Studies of Heads, Arms, Hands, and a Youth seen from behind early 17th century , pen and two shades of brown ink, heightened with white, over black chalk, within black ink framing lines, on buff paper, Location unknown: auctioned November , unsold.

Website: Kunstbus Pier Leone Ghezzi Italian Rococo painter and caricaturist active in Rome where he was painter to the Papal Court; he specialized in religious themes, decorative fresco cycles, landscapes and theatrical displays; known for his frescoes in the Villa Falconieri of Frascati; born Rome , died Rome The Prodigal Son ca , oil on canvas, Minneapolis: Institute of Arts, Inv.

The New Testament parable of the prodigal son is depicted at the moment when the celebration of his return has begun. Instead of stressing the morals of the story — repentance and forgiveness, this is a festive genre scene in which rich colors, warm tonalities and theatrical lighting are combined with the airy, fresh colors of the landscape and female musicians.

The latter play tambourine with jingle rings and a small duct flute, possibly a recorder. Mary and Joseph kneel before the Christ Child, flanked by two saints. Behind are four shepherds, one of whom also kneels. One of the shepherds, wearing a wreath points out the Child to one of his companions.

Stuck in a fold of his cloak the end of a pipe probably a recorder can be seen its flared bell and wide opening and the lowermost finger hole clearly depicted. Three angels hover above. Giorgio Ghisi Italian engraver and jeweller from Mantua who also worked in Antwerp and in France; as well as prints he made damascened metalwork; he was areproductive engraver, that is one basing his works on paintings by other artists, although he often elaborated backgrounds with landscapes of his own invention, and added lavish foliage; born Mantua , died Mantua ; brother of painter and engraver Teodoro Ghisi — Hercules victorious over the Lernaean Hydra ca , print, Berlin-Grunewald: Galerie Bassenge, , lot Ref.

Having just completed the second of his twelve Labours, Hercules uncircumcised leans on his enormous club as he stands triumphantly over the vanquished Leraean Hydra an ancient serpent-like water beast with many heads whose guts he has just ripped out. In his other hand he holds the cloth to protect himself from the toxic fumes.

A decorative border includes two trophies of musical instruments: that on the left comprises three violas da braccio with their bows and three indeterminate curved wind instruments possibly cornetti ; that on the right comprises three viols with their bows , three indeterminate curved wind instruments possibly cornetti and three recorders two with only the lower body and foot depicted, one with only the head depicted. Felice Giani Italian neoclassical painter and designer whose works are known for their energy and intensity; born Sebastiano Curone, Alessandria ca , died Rome Mercury and Argus , oil on canvas, oval, Felice Giani — Offered for sale with a pendant, Vertumnus presenting Pomona with Flowers.

Mercury sits on a bench playing a conical, flared-bell pipe to a sleeping Argus. A number of finger holes are visible, but the instrument looks more like a small shawm than a recorder. Antonio Gianlisi, the younger Italian painter of decorative still-lifes; born , died Cremona Musical Instruments , oil on canvas, Antonio Gianlisi, the younger — On a shell-shaped table lie scattered musical scores, a miniature portrait, an hourglass, a globe, and musical instruments including guitar, theorbo, two lutes, cello, shawm, and a small cylindrical recorder with a flared bell.

Corrado Giaquinto Italian Rococo painter working mostly in Naples; his work includes religious subjects, mythology and allegory; born Molfeta , died Naples Mercury and Argus , oil on canvas, Corrado Giaquinto ca — Argus drowses beneath a tree, watched by Io as a heifer who sits beside him. In the distance, Mercury plays a flared-bell pipe no details visible that may represent a recorder.

Overmantel: Trophy , lime-wood carving, Grinling Gibbons — An elaborate trophy depicting arrows, plants, beads, music manuscript, and musical instruments, including violin, cittern,? Fireplace surround — , woodcarving, Grinling Gibbons — Lasocki At the upper left of the surround is an exquisitely carved trophy crossing an oboe and a recorder. The latter is pure Hotteterre with the slightly curved-over beak. In the recent restorations the ugly lime was removed revealing what might be dark oak.

The recorder is shown side-on, therefore no finger holes are visible. Note by Anthony Rowland-Jones pers. Design for a Chimney-piece — , Pen and brown ink over graphite under-drawing, with yellow ochre, green-yellow, pink, blue and grey washes, on laid paper, Design for a chimney-piece for Hampton Court, with a reclining cherub on the mantel shelf, beneath a drapery canopy suspended from ribbons entwined with a recorder, sheet music and flowers, and the fire surround with two billing doves in the frieze panel.

The baroque recorder in the trophy is accurately drawn, with the correct number of finger holes and the bottom one properly displaced. Florence: Palazo Pitti. It includes carved baroque-style recorders that differ in the width of their bore Lasocki , loc. Overmantel or later , woodcarving, Grinling Gibbons — Watford: Cassiobury House, Inner Library. Trophy , limewood carving, Grinling Gibbons — Stokport: Lyme Park, Salon. Website: National Trust Images , Image reference , col. A musical trophy comprising a violin and bow, two oboes, two?

William Gibson Irish luthier working in Dublin 18th century Decorated cittern rose ca , gilded brass, William Gibson 18th century. Amsterdam: Palm Guitars At the centre of the rose is a dancing putto holding a sheet of music in one hand and a pipe with a wide bell in the other. Around him are arranged other musical instruments, including four horns, four viols and four recorders with very wide bells.

Decorated cittern rose 18th century , gilded brass,? William Gibson 18th century. At the centre of the rose a couple play flute and hurdy-gurdy. Around them are arranged other musical instruments, including three horns, two viols, two citterns, two oboes and a 3-piece baroque recorder with a very wide bell. Location: unknown. At the centre of the rose is the Sun around which are arranged musical instruments, including three horns, two viols, two citterns, two oboes and a 3-piece baroque recorder with a very wide bell.

Aleksander Gierymski Polish artist; an isolated figure who followed a path leading from naturalistic scenes portraying the life of the Warsaw poor to an individual search in the domain of light and colour, close to but never imitative of Impressionism; born Warsaw , died Rome Banach A young girl sits beneath a tree playing a pipe probably a duct flute , ignored by some foraging geese. Claude Gillot French draughtsman, print-maker and painter who illustrated religious and other elevated subjects, but specialized in theatre and genre scenes, as well as bacchanals and designs for decorations; his principal source of inspiration was the popular theatre he is said to have run a puppet theatre, to have written plays and once to have been in charge of sets, machinery and costume for the opera ; amongst his pupils was Antoine Watteau; born Langres , died Paris Drummer Beside a Shepherdess in a Landscape , pen and ink, Paris RIdIM One of a suite of four sketches.

Whilst a man bangs a huge drum beneath a tree, a young woman in a dress and a wide-brimmed hat holds two pipes. If she is seriously considering playing them then they must surely be duct flutes, probably three-holed pipes. St Petersberg: Hermitage ex Stieglitz Museum.

The finger holes are visible on each side of the occluded section. The instrument is of tenor size and cylindrical, but has an incised decorative ring at the bell end before a very slight flare. James Gillray English draughtsman and engraver who engraved over prints and invented, almost single-handed, the genre of British political caricature; in his lifetime he was feared and admired, but his reputation waned in the strait-laced moral climate that succeeded the Regency; born and died London — Elizabethan Shepherd Playing the Recorder ca , grey and black ink, A shepherd in a feathered hat holds a duct flute almost certainly a recorder with a strongly flared bell.

He plays right hand lowermost, but only four fingers of this hand are visible, closing their holes. The beak is very slender. Lodovico Gimignani Italian painter active in Rome, known principally by his altarpieces and church frescoes; born Rome , died Zagaralo ; son of painter Giacinto Gimignani — Argus dozes uncomfortably on a rock as Mercury plays a long, slender flared bell pipe. Elevation of St Idelfonso , fresco, Luca Giordano — Toledo: Cathedral, Main Sacristy.

Rowland-Jones pers. Along the length of the painting are several groups of angel musicians. Near the centre an angel holds a bass recorder. The player has the first two fingers of his left hand on the body of the instrument, but two fingers are beneath. Below that there are three quite widely-spaced finger holes, followed by the right hand with the first finger presumably on a hole.

The other fingers of the right hand point downwards, but the rest of the instrument is hidden in a Baroque cloud. Two finger holes are then visible lower down, before the edge of a balcony and another Baroque cloud cut off the rest of the instrument. The right hand is upper, and all the fingers except the first of the right hand are down, presumably covering holes. The lower part of the body and the bell end are then visible. The end is unflared, with a very clear bore opening. Bass recorders often look like dulcians, but I believe that these are all clear examples of recorders.

Four Women Making Music , oil on canvas, The Hague: Maritshuis, Cat. Two women sing, another plays lute and a third a Negress plays a conical pipe possibly a recorder of alto size. Currently on loan to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Inv. Milan: offered for sale by Porro Art Consulting One of a pendant pair with Tambourine Player in a Garland of Flowers loc.

Head and shoulders portrait of a somewhat portly man holding a cylindrical recorder of alto size, right hand uppermost. His female companion is similarly depicted playing a tambourine with jingle rings. It seems likely that the extensive floral garland was painted by Giuseppe Recco , amongst the best still-life painters of his day.

Rome: Galleria Borghese. The attribution of these two works is strongly debated. Some scholars think them to be the work of Domenico Capriolo — ; others assume that they were executed in the period following the death of Giorgione. Attributes of Music c. A collection of musical instruments including a lute, a viol of curious construction a heart-shaped hurdy-gurdy, a?

Elsewhere on this frieze are depicted Attributes of Astronomy and Attributes of War. A young man in a turban-like hat with a bow holds a small duct flute flageolet or recorder in his right hand. Auctioned 25 May , sold Gabrius, loc. Giotto de Bondone Italian painter and designer whose reputation was unrivalled as the best painter and as an innovator superior to all his predecessors; the first post-Classical artist whose fame extended beyond his lifetime and native city; born?

Florence: Basilica di Santa Croce. A concert of musical angels surround the crowning of the Virgin. Although this work depicts an extensive instrumentarium there are no recorders! This possibly provides negative evidence for the existence of the recorder in Italy at this time, but see below. Untitled fresco , ca — ,? Padua: Cappella degli Scrovegni, upper part of the triumphal arch apse. In the middle on a golden throne sits God with angels on either side of him.

To the left and right are two groups of angels some of which play music on psaltery and perhaps a lute. On the far right three little angels play slightly flared pipes: two play double-pipes, and the other a slightly obscured single pipe held in one hand. Although these pipes may be duct flutes they do not appear to be recorders; indeed they might just as well represent small shawms or trumpets. Padua: Cappella degli Scrovegni.

Three musicians play an oval fiddle and two fanciful wind instruments. One of the latter is cylindrical and might be thought to represent a pipe of some kind. However, both winds were originally depicted as trumpets before they were painted over by the artist Beck, loc. Brown —, fig. According to Brown loc. St Francis, enthroned, is surrounded by angels a number of whom play musical instruments. Four play straight trumpets, two on each side.

And one angel on each side plays a short pipe with a flared bell. I see no pipe and tabor here, but there is a cymbal player beside each piper. Syracuse: Galleria Regionale del Palazzo Bellomo. Originally from Messina. The attribution is doubtful. On either side of Christ, angels play slender flared-bell pipes. The pipe on the left is played right hand uppermost beneath which three finger holes clearly visible; the little finger of the lowermost left hand is on the side of the instrument and the lower-most hole is offset.

The pipe on the right is held one-handed, two finger holes visible above the hand and three finger holes visible below. These may be intended to represent recorders. Another angel plays a large fiddle. Girolamo da Santa Croce Italian sculptor and painter of religious subjects; a member of a large family of artists, and a student of Gentile Bellini, he worked mainly for provincial churches in the Veneto and later in Istria and Dalmatia; born Santa Croce, near Bergamo — , died Venice ; father of painter Francesco di Girolamo and grandfather of Pietro Paolo.

Venice: Chiesa di San Silvestro. St Thomas sits enthroned between two saints. Winged putti and cherubim flutter overhead. On the steps leading up to the throne three musical angels play fiddle, lute and a soprano-sized recorder, all fingers covering their holes. Nativity , oil tempera on poplar panel, Watched by an ox and an ass, Mary and Joseph kneel on each side of the Holy Child who is tended by two putti.

Standing on the beams of the barn above, three putti sing in praise of God beneath the star of Bethlehem, and more putti are arriving on the roof, bearing objects symbolising the martyrdom of Christ: a crown of thorns, a sponge, a cross, a scourge, a spear and a ladder. Adoration of the Three Kings — , oil on panel, Baltimore: Walters Art Museum, Three wise men, or magi, from the East are described in the Gospels as having seen a new star and journeyed to pay tribute to the child marked as divine by the heavens.

The wise men were often depicted as kings, and, by the Renaissance, the youngest was frequently depicted as an African, here holding a gold vessel containing myrrh, a precious resin from Arabia and Africa used for perfume. The splendor of the kings contrasts with the simplicity of the Holy Family.

Utrecht Groningen: Groninger Museum, Inv. Steven Gjertson Contemporary American artist and a member of the first cohesive group of Classical Realists that studied in the Atelier Lack in Minneapolis; has established a considerable reputation for elegant floral still lifes and plein air landscapes; much of his current work is figurative, either intimate genre paintings of his family and friends or more complicated works with biblical themes or symbolic treatments of contemporary issues; he is the author of many articles and essays on art; his work has appeared on the cover of numerous books and periodicals; born Minneapolis The Recorder Lesson , oil on canvas, Private Collection: David and Sharon Jasper.

LeSueur , col. Seated on an ornate lounge chair, a young girl practices on a modern, keyed tenor recorder, assisted by her mother who leans over her shoulder. The Recorder Lesson, Study , pencil, Website: Stephen Gjertson Galleries See above. Le Fluteur [Recorder Player] , engraving, Glairon-Mondet op.

A melancholy young man holds a cylindrical soprano recorder, right hand uppermost. His torso is turned to the right, but he gazes directly at the viewer. His expression seems mournful or melancholy. His eyes are large, his hair is long, and the light coming from the right creates strong light and dark contrasts in his face, hair, and hands.

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Carnevale Gianfranco. Endopoint Gianluca Gambarini about Endopoint Congress. Autumn E Meeting Prof Gambarini. Sofia Dental meeting Meeting with Prof. Sofia Dental Meeting - Dr. Devorah Schwartz-Arad, Israel. Sofia Dental meeting Dr. Jean-Pierre Gardella. Gianluca Plotino interview - EndoMeeting Paul Mattout. Dr Gianluca Plotino Uruguay Congress greetings.

Gianluca Plotino Wywiad - EndoMeeting EdgeEndo files, Endodontists first choice Choose your favorite files. Video Dr Krokidis retreatment 36 xps. Sofia Dental meeting Dr. Jean-Pierre Gardella. Gianluca Plotino interview - EndoMeeting Paul Mattout.

Dr Gianluca Plotino Uruguay Congress greetings. Gianluca Plotino Wywiad - EndoMeeting EdgeEndo files, Endodontists first choice Choose your favorite files. Video Dr Krokidis retreatment 36 xps. International Endodontics speakers using EdgeEndo files.

La tecnica a tunnel per l'aumento osseo verticale nel mascellare posteriore. Le interviste del Blog - Giorgia intervista la prof. Nicola Grande on the International Endo Masters Video Dr. Krokidis retreatment 24 ret post xps. Gianluca Plotino Italia. Gianluca Plotino on the International Endo Masters

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