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Sometimes he's been out there all alone, letting the music speak for itself as his contemporaries gladly shake hands and buy mixed drinks and give away complimentary tickets to their shows. Instead, it's a random and, at times, bizarre group of e-mails that I got from one of the greatest living songwriters of our time.

My brother Ned was playing in one of the bands that day—it may have been called Some Boody Pudding—and during his set, I was lifted from my feet by someone and hauled into the pit, mostly high above the heads of the pogo-ers. Because I so often saw things done right—and, that is, right in front of my eyes—I think I felt that the closer we stayed to what we do, the better it would be.

Would you consider yourself a social person? Well, yes. I like people and I like to spend my time in the company of others. It has to do with the music, actually. You had your friends like Harmony Korine or Matt and David, who are in Zwan now, come in and play on the recording.

You had all of these people playing with you—just a huge group of friends gathering together to enjoy the act of making music. Inevitably, the new one, Master And Everyone, feels like just the opposite. That seems to be what the record is about. Ease Down The Road was deliberate. A lot of the music playing is in some way directed toward illuminating, creating, and maintaining a community. Both records, I think, concern themselves with joy.

Does that reflect how they were made or the life that went into them? I especially—and maybe only—like Butterfly and half of Rainbow. I think that this is because of what she was going through at that time and how she was able to express it, and the way she did this with a finely-honed machine of a voice. Are you asking me? Others would say nothing at all. What would you say? If you or he or she cares. I guess it all comes back to this idea of joy.

Both Butterfly and Master And Everyone seem to be about the joy of finding yourself again after a period of living a different—maybe even more stable—life. Is that where you see the connection? But you answered your own question—and very well. Another topic, then. Do you think you were made by god or whomever for that very purpose? That you were born a musician?

I was born but. But what? Wbat can I tell you? How about this then: Tell me when you were more excited: then or now? I am an adult now. My freedom is greater. I am bigger and stronger; a deeper voice with more memories. I think the exact way that you put it was that you only want them to know you through your songs. I find that kind of sad. Feeling connected to an actor or a singer should not translate into a need to have further communication with that person.

If I think Jack Nicholson is a great actor, I do not care if he is also a beekeeper or a pedophile. But if my uncle had any of that going on, I would care. I do not want to meet Nelson Mandela or Mike Watt. I want to hang out with my brother. I try to worry and care for the people in my immediate circle of friends and family. I hope the audience does the same. As an artist, would you say that you should fear losing control? Golly, I hope not. With me it seems to be the case.

There are things that can be completely left to the wind and other things that should be paid attention to. I think that when people who have been involved with music for a long time start to take the advice of often well-intentioned managers, booking agents, record company blokes, and writers, than what they do can slip away from them. That's where the issue of control comes in. Once you learn something you can start from there.

There is no end. Many of the things you do seem to represent that. I think people often view these decisions as anti-commercial, or counter-productive, or maybe even punk rock. Would you say that, to some degree, all of those assessments are about right? I would say that all of those assessments have something to them. At least not the ones who really listen to the music. The funny thing and the good thing is that these are just things that I do. What others would have you do often feels wrong because it is wrong, even though it is the easiest plan to enact or understand.

Do you still believe that? I make music from the ground up. If the ground were to disappear, what could I do? Despite that, has the temptation ever been there to check it out? The temptation to check it out has been there, yeah.

This will almost always end in failure. True, but what I was asking, more or less, was if the temptation has literally been there. Yeah, it has literally been around. A tour bus would make touring like an office job and anything is better than that. There is no single thing. Indulge me a bit and tell me why you said yes to this interview. In this case, it was a mix of the last two. The source, and therefore context, was unlike the easily refutable ones.

It also makes me sick to sit face to face and do these. With e-mail, I can get up, go away, come back, and skip questions without appearing difficult or rude. This interview has concentrated on things that are a little easier to talk about. It feels more like a trade magazine interview than a personal expose.

Today I am a little grumpy, so this recent set of questions has been less fun. Basically, this isn't what I do. I make records and play shows. When I am asked to exert a certain amount of energy into an interview, it is deeply—and I mean like knee-jerk-core— upsetting. Despite popular opinion, do you think people understand you? In terms of understanding, it is most important that my family, my friends and my colleagues either understand or attempt to understand me—and I think those people in my life do one or the other.

Thank god. The thing is, I never would. Onstage at a matinee show in Syracuse, New York, he looks like Death without the scythe—a black hoodie shrouding his menacing stare and pock-marked skin. Bane has brought Boston hardcore to purists since A fixture in the Boston scene since the '80s, the mild-mannered Bedard now finds himself an elder statesman of hardcore.

With Bane's success after many years struggling, Bedard has plenty to say about the current state of the scene. I am 33, have no health insurance or formal education, so what will I do when the gig is up? I ask myself that question a lot. Have you become more critical over the years? I know we go to a lot of cities and a lot of kids still come out, so I guess that is the state of the hardcore scene right now. He argues that it will never reach the potential bands like Black Flag and Minor Threat reached, so why bother.

There are kids here [he points to the entrance of the club] ready to have a good time listening to hardcore bands. That book [American Hardcore] is a piece of shit. That guy is an opinionated, condescending prick. Something about his attitude rubbed me the wrong way. I think his writing detracted from documenting the scene. He was so arrogant I found myself wanting to argue with him instead of digging in. Did you model your own ethics after your early experiences? For me, it was Unbroken, this band from San Diego that brought a lot of emotion to the table and was not about being tough all the time.

One of the first things I noticed when I started going to hardcore shows was the camaraderie between the bands and the crowd. If you walk away from the scene and hang out at nightclubs, bars, or fraternities, you feel lost because there is no inner connection of creativity and expression. Why do you think that is? That is still what I cling to, even though there is bullshit pettiness. Punk and hardcore is a youth culture of radical minds and passionate people. There are kids locked into this, despite the fashion show kids prancing around.

The bands I got into when I was a kid made me want to take on the world. Now you see these bands that have nothing to say onstage. You open up their CDs and they have nothing to say in their lyrics. It drives me fucking crazy because BANE it is counter to everything I always believed this was about. So yeah, I think a lot of bands should be blamed for this because they are what a year-old kid is going to look up to.

Times are different. Now, everything is ready made. You can go to a Hot Topic and walk out of the store a punk rocker in the eyes of the world. What keeps you working at it? We just love it. Once a tour ends, you wonder if you could have even played one more show. And we will break up quietly. It began even before American cities broke out with a terrible case of Starbucks-Pox. The real players in the coffee trade are the guys that produce the crap-coffee-in-a-can like Folgers and Maxwell House: Proctor and Gamble, Sara Lee, Kraft, and Nestle.

The ICA crumbled in They went to their friends at the World Bank and encouraged them to pour money into what was then the diminutive Vietnamese coffee industry. It is now second in the world behind Brazil. The Big Four have turned almost completely to Vietnam for their coffee beans— at 40 cents per pound who could resist? They moved all their business out of Africa and the Americas, where coffee has been the biggest— and sometimes only—cash crop since the end of colonial rule.

As a result, coffee prices are at a hundred-year low. Farmers bring in roughly 30 percent of what they earned 11 years ago for their crop. Needless to say, both markets are unstable and risky. Farmers have been organizing co-ops, bypassing the middlemen, and trading directly with fair trade coffee organization in the US and Europe. Bill Harris is the president of Cooperative Coffees, a nonprofit fair trade coffee importer based in Americus, Georgia. He believes fair trade has the potential to transform relations between producing and consuming nations, and eventually revolutionize the way the world does business.

Cooperative Coffees is made up of 14 roasters, and some of our roasters will send some of their staff members down on our annual trips to visit with the people who are growing our coffee. We sleep in their homes; get to know them as people and as our friends. We share knowledge that we might have of what they need to do to export their coffee directly to us. So, we encourage farmers to grow the coffee the original way. You mentioned that, apart from paying them more, fair trade organizations help farmers to export their coffee.

Do you think there is a difference between quality coffee and coffee that carries the fair trade label? What you often have is quite the opposite: their infrastructure exists to produce the lowest acceptable coffee. We hear from this coffee lab that we are getting some of the best coffee out of these countries. Everyone, when they hear that, acts surprised. About what percentage of the coffee market now is fair trade?

In the States, the market is less than one- half of one percent. Any of them could organize. Any of those towns and villages could organize and export their coffee directly if there was a demand for fair trade on our end. We estimate in the So how do we get that demand? Why should the average coffee drinker care? There are 2, beans in one pound of coffee, so for you to get a cup of coffee, someone has to reach up to that tree and pluck 2, individual beans and carry them down the mountain.

Then a lot of the processing that takes place from there is by hand. So why should the average person support fair trade and particularly fair trade coffee? These are other products that could exist in a fair trade market. And so to me, coffee is an model for a system that could be put in place for a variety of consumer products. If we can make coffee work, maybe we can do it with other things too. And sometime in the future maybe we can have a world where international trade actually does good instead of cause harm.

Today, feminism is still an integral part of the ongoing civil rights movement. Rebelling was risky, but they took the chance and the response was epic. When Dominatrix unleashed Girl Gathering in it was like a damn broke and a torrent of queer and feminist bands, zines, and collectives flooded the Brazilian punk scene.

While Americans musical landscape feels increasingly chauvinistic, Dominatrix is a reminder that pure will can beat the odds, and that determination born of hope creates scene unity. Oh, yeah That was December of - We played our first show in March, When you released Girl Gathering , were you prepared for the impact it would make? Isabella: When we released that CD, it was the first time a feminist band was actually speaking out.

We had feminist lyrics on that album without knowing they were feminist lyrics, they are almost naive. Isabella Gargiulo: When my sister Elisa was 12, she got her first guitar. He heard this girl drummer was going to perform there, so we went to see her play with all these senior teachers. She played the drums really well!

I think because we had those kinds of lyrics, it really was about girls gathering together, because it was so easy to understand. We were so isolated inside our house that we thought the scene in our city was full of girl bands! But the truth was that nobody was playing; there were no women at all, ever!

Suddenly the scene was filled with girls doing all kinds of things: bands, fanzines, collectives, performance artists, painters. It was really amazing. When a feminist band finally appeared, they were like, "Yeah!

Were you influenced by American bands at that time? Isabella: Yes. How did you discover those bands? Elisa: Mostly by the television at first. Then the radio. Isabella: Fifty percent of the punks I know saw their first punk rock band playing on television.

Isabella: You basically stay in your house, and the way you get in touch with punk rock is through TV and radio. But that sort of television punk gave me the capacity to break free from television. Is it hard to set up shows in Sao Paolo or around Brazil that younger kids can come to? You play in clubs, right? What are they like? Is that economically possible for kids to open and run a DIY space? I think we should have more DIY places. Either they become more heavy metal-oriented—where people drink more—or cover bands, or they become samba clubs so more people will attend, because samba is the national music.

We have some small clubs to play; in Sao Paolo we have a big place which bands play now, but because we have to give the guy so much money, the door is expensive sometimes. I think mostly we need a DIY place. How has living there and being a feminist in Brazil changed? We have all these American and European interests in South America and we have this huge hunger and huge economic crisis. Has it affected you? In his speeches, he has a clear stance on being pro-gay and pro-choice.

Is it true that fundamentalists and Pente- costalists are very powerful in Brazil? Elisa: Yes, they have a lot of money. Our companies hardly ever come to the US, but the churches do. That means they really have a lot of money and success.

And if they have success, it means there are a lot of people involved. In Brazil, their motto is "There is a way out. Elisa: They are a mixture of Catholicism and Afro-Brazilian religions. Padre Marcelo Rossi is the main guy who appears on television on the biggest channel. Every Sunday, around six AM, he has a service for the whole country, and you have to hold a glass of water in front of the television for him to bless it! Isabella: And a lot of singing, so everyone can feel better. Everybody hugs and makes friends in a hugging session.

Has religion gotten to the state, then? Elisa: Yes. They have a huge number of representatives in parliament. Legal abortion ended? They were successful? The leftist government, in a way, is just a symbol. Elisa: Our population is so uneducated about modern issues and because of the economic crisis, they view gay marriage and abortion as some kind of chaotic situation.

A few weeks earlier, Newman sent me an aggrieved e-mail in response to a favourable article run in our magazine, Careless Talk Costs Lives, about his band. Odd that their live shows were so famously chaotic and full-throttle back in , then. Backtrack slightly, and catch the remark about not being qualified: when Punk Planet commissioned me to write a 5, word story on Wire, their importance to both post-rock and punk, their relevance to the present day and.

I have been known to move continents to avoid the reformation of former idols. All these thoughts, and more, crowd into my head, when Newman and Gilbert show up: they are two genial middle-aged gentlemen— yes please, they would appreciate biscuits on a plate and a cup of tea, certainly. Colin Newman: Wire is a cyclical thing.

J Bruce and I have been in and around,various scenes in London. But there was no reason to do Wire during that period. The world could only have so much slowness. So for you, Wire remains a necessity? It was a great idea, but. Colin: It was too complex in the execution. So we wrote down everything we could possibly imagine we could play, and played everything. Colin: What Wire is very good at doing is following a scheme: "We do this 10 times, and then we do that.

Colin: Wire is the most useless band in the world when it comes to reproducing an album. Wire proved that it was possible to match punk attitude to studio craftsmanship. This is why the English quartet are held as such major influences in by American counter-cultural bands from post-rock Chicago to neo-wave Brooklyn and back again. My wife was watching, and she didn't know me 15 years ago. Bruce: There was a fear of that.

Colin: What was interesting was the way the new material came about. We decided to not just do a Wire gig. There are no guarantees in this. Our fellow acts were the spiritual sons and daughters of Mogwai playing very, very slow music. Among the things we played, we did some pretty fast songs.

Suddenly, there were these old blokes totally in your face and shouting! But we had that kind of loud, driving energy on stage at All Tomorrows Parties that we knew was being perceived in an entirely different way. Immediately after that it was obvious there had to be more material and it had to be fast. Bruce: I never saw it as catering to the coming tendency. It just seemed that the physicality and the speed of delivery made complete sense. It purely happened as fast music. No punk context at all.

Only freed from their past can they continue to be relevant to the present-day—to shape, challenge, and tap into the Zeitgeist. Embrace history, and you'll often find you can move on. We recorded our very first rehearsals and the Royal Festival Hall show and we made some CDs and sold them at shows and through mailorder. Pink Flag, as a label, happened through that. It became increasingly obvious that was the only way forward for us was to release our own CDs.

Colin: The level of intelligence—the thinking and planning that goes into what we actually do—is at such a higher level than ever before. We decided to do a series of six track EPs and curate them ourselves. There was no great plan, we just said, "OK. I remember the exact number.

And we had an amazing comeback on that. Colin: It so happened that it seemed to resonate with something else that was going on, especially in America. There are things that happen because of moments in time. Colin: Absolutely. The roots of Wire were not in the UK. It was very simple. Then it turned into something less appealing. From the first time I heard the Ramones I knew exactly what they were about.

The Aunerican groups were much more adventurous. That was the birth of UK punk. If we related to anything, we related to that. Was it coincidence that Wire arrived at the time of punk? You have to have the context before you can do it. When I hear people who did that after Wire I hear too much of their thinking in it.

Colin: It makes sense. You knew that the people that you liked when you were younger did two albums and then got crap. Colin: No, it was really annoying. That was the major label, mainstream music. I felt personally embarrassed to be associated with it. I found it amusingly ironic. Of all the places for appreciation to come from, it came from Blur!

Colin: It was when it got to Menswear that it got deeply weird. What about current bands you like? One good band is The Liars. Erase Errata is interesting, too. Colin: It pains me slightly as a human being to say this, but. They played a show after ours in Austin. So what is? Colin: Fundamentally, our expectation of what we think we can achieve in a day has gone massively up. I wish I did. I wish I had time to just sit down and read something. I have the privilege of seeing shows in Tucson, Arizona, where the small confines force performers to mingle with the crowd.

Even so, most artists project enough reluctance to ward off extended conversation. He sat at the bar, talking leisurely with longtime fans and newcomers alike. Although his lyrics reflect a keen intellect, Kannberg seemed to have no interest in showing off.

Nice Guy might hurt Kannberg's career. Then again, why should he? Kannberg has a lot more to be proud of. Both releases are a reminder of just how great Pavement could be, not to mention what their descendants could still learn from them. I wish I were living in the desert! Were you on an official hiatus from music, or was it just because of the move?

It was just a function of the move. Originally it was all me on a digital four- track. I hired these guys to learn the songs off of that. Then we went into a studio and tracked the drums and a basic guitar part and then we transferred it all to Pro Tools and overdubbed on that. How many of you? It was kind of weird. Matador kept sending me the sheets that say where the reviews are, what the number is in SoundScan, all that kind of stuff.

The basic idea was to include the Watery, Domestic EP and all the other songs from that era, because they were all over the place. And we had to burn the tapes to get them to play again [laughs]. But listening to all that stuff, it does sound really good. Gary would be, like, "Aw, yeah, I remember that How is he? He plays a big part in the documentary on the DVD. That guy could take so much abuse and still be the nicest guy in the world.

The DVD, on the other hand It was supposed to come out in He was reluctant to do anything. It was nice to get him to even talk about it. That was the problem, at least as far as getting the documentary stuff done. Most of that footage is from my garage. With all of the different releases that have come out in the last year and with you taking a break from music while you move in, do you have a sense of what direction you want to pursue once you do get back to making music?

I want it to sound surprising and weird. The randomness of it kept the sound from becoming boring. It might be. Or maybe it was more a return to a definition from the early days of punk when the Buzzcocks, Patti Smith, and Joy Division all fit comfortably within the category. How much life do you think the term still has? My version of punk is more the art school sort: Television, Gang of Four, Mekons, even the Replacements.

University Dr. Highland Ave. Pacific Ave. First Ave. Idaho St. Clark St. Algonquin Rd. Washington Blvd. Limestone St. State St. Front St. Columbia: E. O'Fallon: Hwy K St. Charles: Veterans Memorial Pkwy. Lexington Ave. Franklin St.

Prince St. Craig St. South Carolina Locust St. Center St. Two inches of dirty water covered the floor. Drops still fell from the ceiling pipes one at a time, hitting the surface and breaking into little rings before fading away. It smelled like the subway. His four-track was soaked; reels of tape were covered in sludge. It was all gone. But instead of folding up his dreams of being a recording engineer, Barnes cleaned up and moved on.

They were clearly ahead of their time. Flash forward to today: a full-fledged Wackies revival is underway. When and where were you born? Music was always coming over the fence. I did a couple of recordings with Prince Buster. I used to lis ten to a lot of Skatalites. You came to the Bronx in I first came here on a school visa. J First I built the sound system. In those days, there was a very small quantity of Jamaican people in New York.

But with more Jamaicans and Caribbean people coming, island politics started to surface in the New York area and the place started to get more violent amongst the young people. After playing at some party in the South Bronx, they had this shootout. So I was like the home away from home.

How did you break through that? Then if nobody picks it up, they do something else. But they were doing real good stuff, so I taught them the way. It used to be a two-track studio, so there was no overdub- bing like today. You play the rhythm, you sing same time—everything was done one- shot. You work out the song and then they say, "green light. By living in America with a sound system, playing the music, missing Jamaica, you begin to get ideas. You start looking back. So I figure, well, we get a four-track machine and start doing some production.

When I started, I was the only reggae studio in America. How did you assemble your Wackies team? And if you mailed out and you sold the other half, at least you got back something. It was good encouragement for the people I was working with. I was so happy just to know that it got there; that it was playing on the same radio station that major labels were playing on.

All the folks you worked with back then, do you still keep in contact with them? Yes and the good thing about it, I still have them as my friends. We talk frequendy and we all look back at that situation. The studio was like a place where all people—youths who have an interest in reggae creation that had left Jamaica—could really find to hang around with a group of guys with the same mentality.

It seems like you have been more interested in building a group of people that make music together. Yeah, and support each other. Some of the musicians are still here with us. When we record somebody, even if they are new, you find that Claudette from Lovejoys is giving them harmony or Shalom is giving harmony. It was a choice of love, of what you believe in.

Whatever you do, do the best of it. I could have given up many times. I remember working at Wackies and I had my house and my studio—and I had my electric bill for my home and my electric bill for my studio: I had to make a decision which one I was going to pay. I gave up the one at home! I remember once I had to give up the whole house.

So as long as we make the floor clean, we could sleep. Some people have their own homes, their own studios. I wanna do good things, I wanna live right. I want to be an example. I want to be remembered as one of the good ones. Voting is the crucial first step. We know that you care, now show it. Don't let history repeat itself. Instead, Fat has some of the best royalty rates in the underground for its bands and a full bevy of benefits for its workers. In fact, he rarely does interviews and was hesitant to talk to Punk Planet about his political work.

You guys were super nice folks, but I thought you were friendly idiots and that you were definitely not political. That was when Liberal Animation just came out and we were all vegetarians and vegans. So how did you get from Liberal Animation to PunkVoter. Well, actually we have always had political lyrics, but we have always had stupid, funny, and drunk lyrics too. And I have never been that political until Bush took office. Take Propagandhi, for instance. Their first album had some comedy on it alongside shitloads of politics.

Their witty lyrics make the political pill a lot easier to swallow than, say, a band like Crass does. One part of Punk Voter is to get Bush out of office. No, I agree totally. You have to be fun to have people watch you and enjoy your band. NOFX are fun live, but half the songs we sing about are serious subjects. But since we are having fun on stage, people think we are a joke—a Southern California skate band. But how do you balance being humorous with making a serious point?

The intent is to unite punk rockers and disfranchised people to vote as a force. The big problem is that voting Democrat is not cool and doing it through the system is not punk. They all want to vote Green, but Green is just not realistic. In what way? First of all, Gore won the election. Not according to the Electoral College.

According to the Electoral College, Gore won because he won Florida. Had they recounted Florida, he would have won. Nader ruined it. He went to all the swing states in the last months of the election and yes, I do believe he ruined the election. That was irresponsible of him because all he needed was five percent. But still, his point—and I have to agree with it—is that there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats.

I think there is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans. I want to see abortion kept legal in this country. And there is no way we would have gone to war with Iraq if Gore was president. Saddam Hussein was a terrible, terrible dictator, everyone hates him afid rightly so.

Clinton had a pretty terrible foreign policy too, but he was not hated around the world like we are now. The argument might just be that Clinton was a slicker tyrant. We are gonna try and gather allies and coalitions, but we are going to bomb whomever we want— Yugoslavia, Sudan, Somalia. I do not think Clinton would have acted unilaterally against Iraq right now. And he fired even more missiles when he got caught with cigars in strange places.

Democrats get away with a lot more because people assume they are nicer, friendlier, and more ecologically-minded because they have better rhetoric. The Republicans would have done the same thing. They all have big money interests, but they are different interests. Gore is an oil man as much as Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. No, I do not think that is the case in this country.

It is too powerful and too huge. Even if he only gets one out of the IO things he was trying to do, done it is still one thing that would not have gotten done with Condoleezza Rice in the cabinet. We are not going to get a Green Party president in the country. My point is that change did not come about because of who you did or did not vote for. No one voted for civil rights, no one voted to abolish slavery, no one voted to end the Vietnam War.

And I would rather have a slightly better party than what we have now. The Democratic Party is a little more for the working man than that. They used to be, but Nixon was actually more for the working person than the current Democratic party. Well that is why I believe we all have a lot of work to do. And we have to do that through the system. The tour is an anti-Bush tour, which is gonna be a couple months of free shows at colleges across the US.

NOFX will be on it the whole time and different bands will get on for different portions of it. Dillinger Four said they wanted to be on some of it, Anti-Flag said they wanted to do some of it, and some bigger bands too. Green Day said they would do some shows, so hopefully we will get 5, to 10, people a day. The more you start reading, the more you inform yourself and the more your life sucks. Getting big bands and small bands to all stand together against Bush is what is important.

Is this stuff you have been reading recently? I seriously have trouble sleeping at night because I read these books and get so pissed. When I was in college, I read a Chomsky book and I never finished it. It was just tough to read some of that stuff. But now I have been reading more Chomsky and Howard Zinn, and what they have to say bums me out. Sometimes it seems like ignorance is bliss. But it could also be argued that you have been energized by being bummed out by the Bush regime and now you want to do something about it.

You have to be positive. Which has been the rule of punk. Yeah, you have to feel you can make a change. If we had half a million people and they all vote together, we can make a huge difference. There is no punk rock lobby. We need one. We are supposed to be caring people and all we have are anarchists and crusties. That was why I was singing those anti-peace punk songs back in the early '80s, because I thought it was ridiculous. So how does Fat Wreck Chords fit in with your politics? One thing that always bothers me is that punkers somehow have the impression that we are some faux major label or that we are not really an independent.

Why does that bother you? We are a profit-sharing company, both with our bands and bur employees. Our employees get paid a lot and our bands get higher royalty rates than anybody. We pay our royalties on time and in full.

We let all our bands keep their own publishing. We only do one-record deals with bands and up until last year we never had a band leave. Who left? Less than Jake—they came here for a second and then went back to'a major. And Teen Idols just left. But besides that, we have never had any bands leave.

We pretty much do everything we can to make everyone happy: the kids, the bands, and our employees. We have great retirement plans and we have great medical care. So why do you think punks are suspect about your label?

Because a lot of our bands got popular. People do not like the fact that some of our artists have sold , records. I think we deserve a little a credit for that. Yeah, I always thought that you were. What you and your band and label do is critically important. Unfortunately, the average NOFX fan is a fucking asshole, which is probably where the problem lies. What do you attribute the success of NOFX to?

We have not done an interview in seven years. If kids have any respect for you, they may take your opinion and change theirs. It happens to me all the time—I hear someone talk about something different and it changes my life. Sometimes it goes the other way around. Fidt-length out Jvnr t? Automatic Spawnod from the same gene pool as. Sick it At! A piano. Beautifuly complex music with nothing to hide. But yeah, thanks for spending the time to discuss this matter here on your web site.

Here is my page — weight loss vs fat loss. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the problem fixed soon. This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your posts. Appreciate it!

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Well done. That is why people would want to know the multiple payment methods a seed bank accepts before buying the seeds. However, the issue that lies with PayPal is that it may suspend or ban your account for controversial products. What makes our Seed Selector so special is that you can select many multiple options at the same time, whittling down your selection only to those seeds which interest you the most. Those seeds that have been in stock for longer than normal are taken to White Label where they re offered to the public so that they have access to high quality marijuana at a lower cost.

This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. If you submitted your application to the EC, you will need to submit it to us, using our regulated products application service. Don t worry, you can t mess this part up As long as the seed makes it in there, you should be good. The company s stock also trades in the U. Thankfulness to my father who stated to me regarding this web site,this website is genuinely amazing Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts.

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Do you have any recommendations to help fix this problem? Hi, I would like to subscribe for this blog to get hottest updates, thus where can i do it please help. Cannabis plants can double in size in the early stages of flowering, so make sure you have adequate head space. They don t like for it to be too wet near the seed for too long, so make sure your Rapid Rooter or growing medium nevers looks shiny or muddy, as that means there s too much water.

The strain Orange Romulawi promises a trippy mix of citrus, sedative Romulan, and energetic Malawi. Its truly amazing article, I have got much clear idea about from this article. Sweet blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? Where else may I get that type of information written in such an ideal means?

Because she is in ongoing legal proceedings with her former employer, she asked to be referred to only by her middle name, Elizabeth. They know that they will be rewarded each time they can use the company. Paper Towel Method. A variety of Cannabis sativa L, hemp is a dioecious plant, which means it can be separated into male and female plants. These little leaves are packed with energy and will grow to about 1 4 in in size before eventually falling off. I truly wanted to type a simple comment to appreciate you for all the precious recommendations you are giving at this site.

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It has been suggested that gamma linolenic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid found in hemp, acts as an anti-inflammatory. If this applies to you, we advise purchasing cheaper seeds. Thanks for your whole effort on this web page.

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Our Romulan seeds are selling very, very well, said Megan L. Wherever there is a hole in regulation of the legitimate market, capitalism dictates that companies rise to slip through it in order to increase profits. The company has what they call a seed library. Or you can start them roughly six to eight weeks before your projected last frost date, and then transplant the seedlings into your garden once the weather warms. The only negative thing about this cannabis seed bank is that it s more expensive compared to the rest but its numerous discounts and promos help make it more affordable.

The current situation means you can legally get a cannabis seed from a dispensary in states where recreational cannabis is legal. Some rooms feature private bathroom facilities. Bitcoin cash. View abstract. A Netherlands based company that has been in business since It s important to note, though, that CBD oil shouldn t be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

We have taken the time to come up with a comprehensive list so that you do not have to waste your time and money on scam websites. The active ingredient in this drug is CBD. Green Roads has helped customers throughout the years by creating top-quality products. Less than 15ppm produces male sacs with little viable pollen. CBD oil. Some regular seeds grow very well outdoors but can grow over 15 feet, which would create a problem for anyone who s not an experienced grower with their own land.

There are plenty of online seed banks to choose from; it becomes difficult to tell who is trustworthy and who isn t. This is really fascinating, You are an overly professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and sit up for searching for extra of your magnificent post. You ve hit the jackpot with Amsterdam Marijuana, with 25 years of experience in quality seeds.

With cannabis seeds, it s actually no different. General Accountability Office. Most studies that have been done evaluating CBD as a cancer treatment were in mice or in human cells in the lab. Spain Spain has a similarly lenient policy as the UK. Experts and volunteers from all over the world are carefully collecting seeds for the seed banks in the field. Address S. This extraction method does not use any solvent, thus leaving you with no worries about finding residues in your cream.

My blog looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone If you have any recommendations, please share. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is valuable and all. However think about if you added some great visuals or video clips to give your posts more, «pop»! Your content is excellent but with images and videos, this website could certainly be one of the very best in its field.

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Good web site! I really love how it is simple on my eyes and the data are well written.

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