Reckoner left side wobble remix torrent

reckoner left side wobble remix torrent

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Black Leotard Front: Casual Friday 2. Putsch Doing It 4. Switch: Get On Down Booka Shade: Mandarine Girl Colder: Wrong Baby Audion: Just Fucking Ada: I Love Asphalt Kiki: Hott! Golden Days: Keep It Dry Zombie Nation: Money Steve Barnes: Cosmic Sandwich GoodnessGreatness the juan maclean - dance with me emperor machine - front man idjuts dub hot chip - just like we breakdown DFA remix chromatics - healer pankow - girls and boys black dice - smiling off DFA remix metro area - miura flying lizards - sex machine nina simone - suzanne map of africa - off the coast creepers - baby's on fire soulwax - another excuse orig.

Goodness Greatness the juan maclean - dance with me emperor machine - front man idjuts dub hot chip - just like we breakdown DFA remix chromatics - healer pankow - girls and boys black dice - smiling off DFA remix metro area - miura flying lizards - sex machine nina simone - suzanne map of africa - off the coast creepers - baby's on fire soulwax - another excuse orig.

An interesting chill out mix with a lot of different styles and "interesting" mixing. Thanks a lot, I'm surprised it still works. I'm moving currently so won't be able to re-up 'til the middle of the month--I will then though and will do a new 'un too soon. LP Danny Breaks - Vol. Fokus - Trigger Happy Lucky Spin Riott Riddim - Jazzwad - Jazzwad Music Autechre - Further - Warp 6. Push Button Objects - Maercs - Schematic 7. Autechre - Chiclisuite - Warp 8.

Trentemoller remix In Flagranti ft. Alan Braxe and Fred Falke mix Mr. I've been wanting to do a big random Frenchblokey mix for ages now, using a lot of the stuff I got from him ha ha but I am stuck doing these silly year by year things for the moment one is nearly finished. FWIW - all the mixes we put up on the blog are all good old fashioned live mostly vinyl mixing.

Nuthin wrong with computers - but i do have my doubts about Acid though - the older versions used to do horrible things compression-wise And maybe c ableton mixes just sound different or a possible d the temptation to blend tunes together seamlessly in the awful Sasha Involver way is very strong when using Ableton, who's going to use it and go "ok I mixed these two records now I stop".

Of course this is where the argument gets weird cos it's almost like I'm arguing that the limitations of human mixing on decks are a positive thing when they limit those of us that are not creative enough and would use the limitless possibilites of Ableton in a limited way! Myself included but that's why I've not got Ableton yet, I don't believe I can produce!

I've been using Ableton in live settings, mainly for short sets, for about eight months. Recently I landed a couple of weekly residencies, one of which is geared towards more eclectic music programming. I decided to try Ableton for a full five hour night last Friday with disastrous results. About an hour into it, the program started randomly dropping out the sound.

The dropouts ranged from microsecond glitches to 1 or 2 seconds of dead silence. Really embarrassing. I bought Serato the next day, played at the club that night and had zero problems. Ableton has been relegated to the studio computer only. I can speak from personal experience when I say that there's definitely a different energy with Ableton mixing in a live setting.

I don't get that feeling with Serato or Final Scratch though. Someone posted this a while ago, I still had it in my history. It's sadly the only thing I know about mixing on ableton. I'm surprised they haven't worked out a way to use Recycle!

It was in reference to its automatic warp marker setting. The only annoyances with MM6 are that you can't change the pitch and can't do that nifty 'unplug the record deck and let the record slow to a halt' trick. I use Acid and Cool Edit to make remixes and re-edits. And Dog Latin and Grady, yeah you need an external soundcard. Plug that into your mixer via the USB port, then use the internal soundcard headphone socket to listen to mixing ahead, as your monitor.

Ok that sounds kind of ass-ey, but I'm definatley not referring to anybody in this thread here. All the mixes posted have been great and unique. I'm going to have to disagree with you here. First, you're making the assumption that everyone DJing digitally is downloading their tunes from the P2P networks. Not to sound all high and mighty, but some of us do try to take the high road and support the artists we're playing, either by using any of the dozens of legal download sites like Beatport or by encoding vinyl and CDs for playing out and making mixes.

Distribution has always been a major concern with dance music, and the legal download phenomenon has begun to solve this while simultaneously leveling the playing field quite a bit, especially for people like me who live in towns with crappy record stores. Sure, I could order vinyl off the internet but what's the point if I can get the same tune as a download and avoid the shipping costs, long wait, etc?

ESG - Party 2. Hot Chip - Over And Over 4. Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye 5. Vitalic - My Friend Dario 6. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks 7. Skatt Brothers - Walk The Night Liquid Liquid - Optimo New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle Chromatics - Healer Flying Rhythms - Doragon Balls 3. Syclops - The Fly 4. Molloy - This Is Fucking Brilliant 6. Sugardaddy - Love Honey Acid Arthur Russell - Arm Around You Tussle - I'm An Indian Too Volume two can still be obtained here.

Superpitcher "People" Kompakt 2. Alex Smoke "Wingnut" Vakant 3. Martin Landsky "Reject" Poker Flat 5. My My "Backdoor Pilot" Playhouse 6. Ada "Linedriver" Areal 7. Metope "33" Areal 9. David Hausdorf "Tiefenrausch" Lifetime Music Kaito "Breaking the Star" Kompakt Cheers!

I really wanted to rap with Bow Wow. Is This Thing On? Goblin - Suspira 4. Can - Hallelujah 97 Bpm Edit 5. Quiet Village - Circus of Horrors 6. Emperor Machine - Bodilizer Bodilisizer 7. Betty Botox - Conny 8. Dondolo - Dragon Shit Robot Remix Velvet Underground - Sister Ray Miracle - Doping Panda Playgroup Remix The Chromatics - Shining Violence Reprise Balanescu Quartet - Computer Love It gets a bit intense with Sister Ray but stick with it!

Studio B Memories:. Stol - - Kitty Yo LC 12" Twist LP Spectrum - sounds for a thunderstorm - Space age recordings Forever alien LP The Futureheads - Skip to the End Digitalism remix 2. The Presets - Are You the One? Bonde do Role - Melo de Tobaco 5.

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow Nightmoves Vocal 6. Tiga - You Gonna Want Me [12"] 8. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler 9. Uffie - Ready to Uff Mu - Let's Get Sick I can try and find out. Burial - Night Bus 3. Aphex Twin - On 4. Juan Maclean - La Chine 5. Goat Dance - Sizzle 7. Capracara - Two Headed Monster 9. Akabu - Phuture Bound Ame Remix Ginny - Can't Be Serious Burial - Forgive Amina - Fjarikstan I full-heartedly second this statement!

It'll likely be guest-blogged on Weareie blog, but it'll download to you automatically if you sign up for the B'riddims podcast, which I'd recommend. Great stuff so far, and what's coming looks just as top-shelf. Now I tried to make an expand-your-mind set of screwed pop music rap and techno. I guess it would be better if I was a better person, or if I was smarter, or if I was on drugs.

As it is none of these is true so you will have to settle for this. On that note I will soon be making a 76 minute mix and I would be happy to take requests. Deep disco grooves, melancholy machine music, humid summer jams. Could somebody repost this mix for me, I wouldn't mind giving it a listen. Thanks, E-Clex www. Artificial Intelligence Agency - Warning Warning 2. Gabriel Ananda - Doppelwhipper 5. Stephan Bodzin - Cucuma 6. Use the RSS feed for this thread? I Believe Vice mix - Octave One feat.

Lisa Newberry Bit wobbly, but perfect over breakfast. And Much More Total Running Time -- not sure where we were going with this mix, but maybe that's the point? Can - All Gates Open 2. Giorgio Gigli - Interneurons 3. Ellen Allien - Just A Woman 6.

Cold - Strobelight Network 7. Oorutaichi - Misen Gymnastics 3. Dan I. Please let me know what you think - mashups galore on this one. Hope it isn't a Let Down. Apologies for the slightly variable volume levels, you shouldn't notice them though. Justin Maxwell - Tussincussion 3. Stephan Bodzin - Valentine 4. Pepe ft. Niconote Screen Recordings www. No Bite :B flezaffe , Sunday, 24 September fifteen years ago link. I reuploaded the mix I posted a few days ago upthread.

I can't remember, it's very different, kind of rearranged and less rocky, more plip plop, it's good though. I know a way you can hear it! Setlist looks great Ronan, will listen to this tonight. I noticed this too. Lots of old detroit tracks and especially old and even recent! Those guys recorded a lot of tracks live in the studio without editing them to be regular later, too.

If ILX ever goes away this thread needs to be preserved for posterity. Kanye West - Brand New Beyonce ft. Butane - Black Robs Acid 3. Schumann - Str Qt in a-minor: iii. Anyhow, this is cool. Salinger's Candyflipping Acid Girls remix 2.

The Rapture - W. Simian Mobile Disco remix 3. MIA - XR2 4. Greenvelvet - Genedefekt 5. Coldcut ft. Riot In Belgium - La Musique Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone Digitalism mix Missy vs Yuksek - Missyuksek Speaker Punks - Touch It Jamelia - Something About You Mr. Oizo remix Good fun pop, a bit different from what I normally do. Still, wouldn't mind if you give it a go! Pulsinger remix Vitalic ft. Audio Werner-Moved Circus Company 3.

Todd Bodine-Kling Klang Highgrade 4. Alexis Tyrel-Calimero Gray Area 5. Terry-Chupafingazz Mi Musik 6. Minilogue-Bird Song Wagon Repair 9. Audio Werner-Flatfunk Circus Company Daniel Offerman-Intimate Teenagers Just Booka Shade - Trespass06 [Get Physical] Cirez D - Mouseville Theme [Mouseville] Stephan Bodzin - Marathon Man [Systematic] Audion - Hot Air [Spectral Sound] Audion - Taut [Spectral Sound] Petter - Some Polyphony [Border Community] Shiver was on a Hot Tracks compilation.

In the interests of comparison, this is me now. I changed my name, but I'm still not that great. They started showing up, but I'm in semi-retirement now while I play keys in a band and do some booking in a nearby city. Mainly dubstep mix by a friend. I worked with Sian for a while Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit? Popul Vuh - In den Garten Pharaohs 5. Feldman - Rothko Chapel 3 6. Blogariddims It's been pretty great so far, you'd be perfect for it.

I don't know why I got invited to participate, I don't have credentials like you or all the others there. Natural Rhythm - Do Right - Earthtones Jaz - Beatboxin - Jump Halo - Future! Kerphunk vs. Robert Babicz — Mister Head - K2 4. Robert Barford — Basement Music - Turbo 7. Phonique — Bee — Fine. Autotune — Nightshift - Fumakilla Ladycreme — Permanent Wave — Hyptone Leopold Gregori - Renaissance - L and V Abyss — Magic Mushtrack 2.

Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter — The Club 4. Henrik B — Overrun 5. Tommy Four Seven — Garbage 7. Mekon ft. Catwash — Lipstick City Hunters — Be Beep Kiko and Lisa Evans — Biopolaire Sharooz presents Monofonic — Masterblaster Elder , Tuesday, 27 February fifteen years ago link.

Gattlington , Tuesday, 15 May fifteen years ago link. Thanks Jeffery, sounds awesome so far, I burned this to CD and look forward to replaying it in my car. Masterful tease with Fiori and fade into M. Hey all, it's my ILM debut - time to quit lurking, since I recognize lots of folks around here from various other places I've been electrodiscopunks, djhistory, discogs The records have been out a while but I'm more interested in flow than flavor-of-the-week, so here's a mix of minimal electro, techno and less minimal sounds towards the end.

Very light effects usage, you probably won't notice. Vector Lovers - Yamanote Sundown - Soma 2. Silicon Scally - Pace -Satamile 3. Mesak - Katutaso - Klakson 4. Death in Vegas - Zugaga Slam mix - white 5. Osborne - Bout Ready to Jak - Spectral 7. Audion - Mouth to Mouth - Spectral Egoexpress - Knarz IV - Ladomat Moby - Go Trentemoller Remix - Mute Si Begg - Technology - Mute Jean Michelle Jarre - Arpegiateur live - Dreyfus. Lotsa podcasts and whatnot on my blog, Disco Ex Machina.

Maurizio - Domina C. Minilogue - Inca 2. Stephan Bodzin - Mondfahrt 7. Ravel - le gibet. Tyler that playlist looks fantastic, good to see Kai up there as well. I use to frequent his deep-house nights religiously when I was living in Atlanta. Here is a short mix 40 mins, kbps I did for our club this week.

Posted it on my blog but might as well put it here too. ArgyLiebe Detail Speziale 3. Format B Bronson Road-Highgrade 5. Ink and Needle-Five-Tattoo Recordings 6. Redshape-Steam-Delsin 7. Sebbo-Beirut Boogie-Liebe Detail. Thanks for the mix and tracklisting Blunt. I'm up to Tokyo Black Star right now and it sounds amazing. You're v. Minimal house bobbins Live Raum, Barcelona, July 73 minutes, kbps. I know I'm crazy late on asking this, but do you have a tracklist for this mix?

It's enchanting. Here's my latest mix. Recorded at home at about 9 o clock yesterday morning. Brendon Moeller-Saviour 3rd Ear 2. Plasmik-Mindpattern Connaisseur 5. Glacier-Ultrasonic Humidifier Wagon Repair 6. Polder-Strange Ways Intacto 7. Shlomi Aber-Freakside Ovum 8. Brendon Moeller-Pink Noise 3rd Ear 9. Jackmate-Nomads Phil E Simon Baker-Plastic Playhouse Brendon Moeller-Jazz 3rd Ear Ame-Balandine Innervisions Plasmik-Subertubos Connaisseur.

Hey, thanks Aaron. Sadly I don't -- half those tracks, I have no idea what they are. The problem with white labels, and losing things, and living trans-Atlantically I've got a new mix up -- thanks to the awesome Allez-Allez for requesting and posting it. You can download it there; tracklisting is thusly:. I downloaded that earlier today Philip and I listened to it twice so far. Some really good stuff in there though most of it has gone over my head a bit because I'm preparing for an interview.

Tagesschau is growing on me. Here's a new mix from this week. Andromat and Jan-L Delay Cadenza 3. Andromat and Jan-Frost Cadenza 7. Marcin Czubala-Consigiliere Mobilee 9. Mark August-Minor Detail Connaisseur Ripperton-Zugunruhe Connaisseur Ame-Enoi Innervisions Beanfield-Tides Ripperton Mix Compost Kollektiv Turmstrasse-Tristesse Connaisseur Brendon Moeller-Space 3rd Ear.

Tupperwear- Gas USA 2. Gez Varley- Violator 3. Donnacha Costello- Grape A 4. Agnes- Fresh Blood in Clubs 7. Dominik Eulberg- Der Buchdrucker. Faust - Chere Chambre 2. Reich - Sextet, pt 2 3. Black Dice - Roll Up 5. Carr , Monday, 18 June fifteen years ago link. Move D-Acid Modern Love 2. Anja Schneider-Belize Mobilee 5. The Weasel-Vinyl Rebel One 8. Tolga Fidan-Venice Vakant 9. Rejected-Lost Rejected Mark August-Old Joy Connaisseur Tiger Stripes-Hooked Liebe Detail Samim-Rora Get Physical Chaim-Genesis Cocoon Here is my latest show.

I've made the radio show into a podcast for anyone interested. Copy and paste this link into itunes. Seems to be working fine but any problems just let me know! Marc Schnider-Buddah Call Wasnotwas 5. Argenis Brito-Mala Conducta Cadenza 7. Argenis Brito-Disconet Cadenza Download One Download Two.

Message Bookmarked. This thread was inspired by some of the great mixes I discovered in the Electro thread. I'll kick it off with a mix I recorded around July of last year. That mix is my favourite since the summer camp one. Me too. But it worked out for the best because I've been able to do more out of town stuff and haven't been tied here. I posted this before and it's deeply unfashionable but here ya go: S. Of all the weeks to be visiting my aunt with the Love your mix, Jena. Do you have any others available?

Jena - you're from Lifeform Project, right? I saw that mix on Bethany's site awhile back. It was good then and its good now. Xii - forget the mix I started mailing you - I'm going to send again on a more manageable bit rate. The bitrate you sent is fine, dog latin.

I'll have it up later tonight. Work bit me on the hind end. Jena your Kunstformen der Natur is fantastic, but I'm trying with difficulty to separate out in my head the tracks after the Tiefschwarz remix - mainly to work out which one is yours! It's a sustained run of brilliance right through to the end though so congratulations whichever it is.

Thanks for the kind words Tim, my track comes in at You can hear a few more at the Lifeform Project website for now. Yeah I visited your website - "Kottke" is actually one of my favourites in yr mix I was hoping it was by you - lush bavarian forest microgoth! OMG that Matt Coleridge mix is so hot right now! So many ace ace ace tracks and I know almost none of them! It's so fuckin' consistently great it's kinda hypnotic, like you reach this weird plateau where it's just not possible that tracky electro-house could ever be anything less than awesome and so awesomeness becomes the status quo.

DJ Martian spot on! The Alex Smoke tracks are all classic. Another great mix in a similar vein by Daniel Mnookin. I found this one quite by accident. Sorry that's Real Audio only. If anyone wants I think I can post somewhere or Gmail. Let me know. Sandeman, can you post up an MP3 of that mix? I believe Gmail limits attached files to 10MB, and I'm sure your mix is mucho larger than that. Quick Mix 1 - a progressive drum'n'bass mix.

It's pretty all over the place in terms of period, stuff from years ago mixed with more recent stuff, but meh. I've got one up currently at the Stypod. Tricky, can you list the "electro not electro" tracklist pls? It's really great. I should listen to it again. Ah, so it is. Onanonanonanism: Mmm that Mnookin mix is nice, I keep repeating the Bob the painter part because it makes the back of my neck tingle.

Okay, this is a short mix, and the mixing isn't great, but I think the concept is kind of interesting. Great, I can replace my 64kbps version of that mix with a shiny new kbps version! I too would like to replace my 64kbps version, but it appears to be M. Xii - any chance I could get that mix I sent you up on here?

Cheers mang! Nobody listens to techno, but I did a mix anyway. Listen while contemplating OPS or something. Here is a mix I did as a promo for the monthly club night I'm a part of. It starts off kind of minimal tech-housey, goes a bit glitchy, has some acid parts, etc Couple of years old, i keep meaning to do another one, but anyway: Love Mix todd edwards beckon call - praise version i! Check this out. Ah go an! I got it, will listen this evening! Any mix that goes from Deerhoof to Adam Beyer to Praga Khan in the space of five songs is something that I need to hear.

It does too! Acid Pro. Are you using the new Sony Acid Pro 5? I've got the demo but it's gonna run out at the end of the month unless I be naughty and manage to get it cracked How convenient that this thread was revived just as I'm launching my blog.

I think I'm just using Acid 3 or 4. I like these! And as an unabashed PH fan one of us! Ooh that looks good. I like that dub kult record a lot. I have a new one up as well, strangely it features the same Dub Kult record. What a weird tune, all those oddly timed loops tripping over each other. Jeff, your mix is most excellent, I bow in reverence. Recording of the last gig I did I threw this together in MixMeister over the course of this week for a party I'm about to hit up.

There's probably nothing on here new to y'all considering that I get most of my new music either from Fluxblog or the YSI thread , but I figured some of y'all might just want something to listen to so what the fuck. The thing with doing mixes in Ableton Yeah I started looking into Bruchstuecke when I heard that Galoppierende Zuversicht took Mutek by storm this year, and found brilliant records along the way.

Great track selection and the mixing is phenomenal, I burned a copy and have one for the computer and one for the car now. Downloading the new version right now. Did you use the Ableton 5 beta for that? I've finally hooked the internet connection down into das neueberlin, the basement studio at my new apartment. This means I can once again return to my wednesday night dirty live mix! The fun starts at 7pm pacific standard time gmt and goes for 2 hours, until 9pm.

We're live right now. Starting off with a shuffle set, then some electro-houseish stuff later. I've been meaing to do this themed mix for a while now. Since the weather has been so nice lately, I figured it was a perfect time.

I'm addicted to making mixes lately. Here is a mix of Schaffel that I did. Decent mixes though. Kind of pumpin funky tech-house stuff. It contains a really good track by SA's own Melee Beats, and a not very good track by me. I think Koogmaster Flash should do a mix. How does one post a link with the name of the link in it? Alternatively you could write it out yourself ' ' I have that Tom Clark on Morris Audio, they are doing good stuff at the moment.

Kuma, is your mix still available? Things kept timing out for me on that site. Slowly but surely uploading mixes that date back to '00, several of which aren't particularly dance-friendly. Beware: No actual mixing involved, save for the occasional crossfaded transition. Each file is minutes, mb. Feel free to email for track IDs and whatnot. If you go to my blog you can get a rough dj mix I've made of downer house, deathfunk and beatbox doom. It's the first time I've tried to do anything like this so comments are invited.

My stuff's permanently located here. Nine files are currently up, with more to follow. Again, some of them have little to do with dance music. This is my latest and greatest mix so far, so please mix-fans tell me what you reckon. DJ Slummer yr yousendit link doesn't work! I made this fucking awesome mix last night.

But i forgot to plug the minidisc in. I had a shorter version of this up before, but this is the extended version Don't sleep on Merrick's mixes! I second the above comment! A request for Halloween Mixes, please. If anyone has some tunes Should be up for a couple days, if you miss it, drop me a line. Thank you to everyone for so much of the stuff on here. There is so much good material on this thread. Please keep it coming!

A new one I did tonight. M - are you on slsk at all - if disc 10 of the set is available for download rather than posting one off let me know. Here's a mix I did a bit back. Hope it's someone's cup of tea! Great thread!!!! That mix is awesome Peter! Hi, Been lurking on ILM for a while but never noticed this thread before, this is nuts. Can't wait to get home from work and see how many of these are still available. Much appreciated. Here's a mix by a pal of mine, Nick Wilson.

I'd equate it as the aural equivalent of being mugged. Made using Ableton an a Faderfox controller. Gosh, that takes me back. I just wanted to say that I still think jeffrey mac's disco train mix, which initiated this thread, is utterly mindbogglingly good. It'll be hosted at the Sapphire Lounge snuck between the lower east side and Nolita.

This is also the sister club on the already established and fabulous London night of the same night. The mix below is represenative of the housier more electro side of the night but our intention is to bring a night which is equal part trash, bugged out, paradise garage and your local school disco What night of the week will it be?

Thanks for injecting some confidence into our preparations :!! Its going to be on Wednesdays, starting Jan 4th next year. We're putting a lot of work into the promotion so hoping it pays dividends. Flyers, posters, e-mails etc to follow.

In the meantime spread the word. Happy holidays ILM! Here is a quick and messy mix that I made to give to my friends at xmas. New Tricky and Tyler mixes make me a very happy man. Much love! Thank you Tricky Disco for such a killer mix above; specifically, though, what's the name of the vocal track with the "You don't wanna know" refrain?

That's one of the best diva house songs I've heard in ages, maybe my fave since the Molobert "Forever More" song Just figured it out "Night to Remember" by Cassy. Never mind; what a song, though! DJs post your mixes for download is the best ILM thread by such a large margin. Biz, yr url is curtailed. YSI won't load. Sounds good. Here is a new mix. It's all a bunch of really anthemic techno tunes, pretty much the polar opposite of what is currently hot in techno land.

I really like all these tunes, but I normally wouldn't put them ALL in one mix, but instead sprinkle them in here or there. I did this mix to give to people who are normally into big-room trance and progressive etc, to try and sneak a booking and suject them to 'proper' techno. It hurt me but I refrained from putting any Detroit tracks on here. Also, as a change, I tried to keep the mixing really simple and unobtrousive. Here's a friendly microhouse-ish mix I made over Christmas.

I really like it, but it's YSI so first come first serve. The Wogan Lenin mix is awesome. I like the mix into Autechre a lot. Young Paulie Devro's new one is for lemon-red. Here's an Ableton Live set from The audio quality is piss poor as it was recorded on one of the station's computers with a dumpy sound card.

If you click the link, choose the free download from the little menu bit. Hello everyone, we are two deejays from brussels, belgium and we have done a couple of mixes of the music we like , ch-check it out!! Mine still works and it's really good, honest. Tyler this techno mix is simply wondrous! A fresh link to the post punk mix I posted upthread, sans YSI. I'll have a longer more electroey mix in the next few days.

I don't think you can download it from mixupload in the end, at least i haven't found out how. It seems to be streaming only. Here's a mix of post rock, electronics and leftfield house that I put together a few weeks ago Here's one from a show I did this past Saturday. This kind of stuff gets very little play here, so the track selection is heavy on the big tunes.

I want to hear more of this music coming from a post-apocolyptic swamp setting. Here's a link to a hardcore mix i put together on Ableton a few weeks ago Does anybody record their mixes straight onto a portable media player device type thing? I gave the computer I had in my dj room to a friend, and now have no way to record. I was going to buy a laptop but I'm kind of over it, and am thinking of joining the modern world and getting a little mp3 player thing instead.

Is there a super bitchin special kine one that has good line-in recording? I'm kind of jonesing to record mixes again here. Grady would you mind reposting yours? I missed it the first time around I already know about setting warp markers and the like. What I am struggling with is how you cue up songs, manage the mix progression and keep everything sorted out. Cecil might have been excused for failing to recognize the grave-faced maiden, very dainty in her simple frock of soft white silk, with her still-moist curls tied back with a broad white ribbon.

Linton, a twinkle in his eye. I was lucky in getting a lift out. You'd have found it slow. Linton looked for a moment very much as though he wished he had done so. There was an uncomfortable pause, to which the summons to dinner formed a welcome break. Dinner was very different from the usual cheery meal. Cecil was not shy, and supplied most of the conversation as a matter of course; and his conversation was of a kind new to Norah.

She remained unusually silent, being, indeed, fully occupied in taking stock of this novel variety of boy. She wondered were all city boys different from those she knew. Jim was not like this; neither were the friends he was accustomed to bring home with him. They were not a bit grown up, and they talked of ordinary, wholesome things like cricket and football, and horses, and dormitory "larks," and were altogether sensible and companionable. But Cecil's talk was of theatres and bridge parties, and—actually—clothes!

Horses he only mentioned in connexion with racing, and when Mr. Linton inquired mildly if he were fond of dances, he was met by raised eyebrows and a bored disclaimer of caring to do anything so energetic.

Altogether this product of city culture was an eye-opener to the simple folks of Billabong. Of Norah, Cecil took very little notice. She was evidently a being quite beneath his attention—he was secretly amused at the way in which she presided at her end of the table, and decided in his own mind that his mother's views had been correct, and that this small girl would be all the better for a little judicious snubbing. So he ignored her in his conversation, and if she made a remark contrived to infuse a faint shade of patronage into his reply.

It is possible that his amazement would have been great had he known how profoundly his uncle longed to kick him. Dinner over, Norah fled to Brownie, and to that sympathetic soul unburdened her woes. Linton and his nephew retired to the verandah, where the former preferred to smoke in summer. He smiled a little at the elaborate cigarette case Cecil drew out, but lit his pipe without comment, reflecting inwardly that although cigarettes were scarcely the treatment, though they might be the cause, of a pasty face and a "nervous breakdown," it was none of his business to interfere with a young gentleman who evidently considered himself a man of the world.

So they smoked and talked, and when, after a little while, Cecil confessed himself tired, and went off to bed, he left behind him a completely bored and rather annoyed squatter. Why, I don't think much, Daddy. Linton, casting his long form into an armchair. The boy isn't bad at heart, but he's never been checked in his life. Well, I'm told it's risky for a father to bring up his daughter unaided, but I'm positive the result is worse when an adoring mother rears a fatherless boy!

Possibly I've made rather a boy of you—but Cecil's neither one thing nor the other. Why didn't you come out, my lass? I'll be calmer to-morrow. He laughed. Thank goodness, he's in bed, for to-night, at any rate! Linton asked next morning at breakfast. Oh, certainly," Cecil answered. Do you find it hard to get labour here?

Linton, his eyes twinkling. We're cutting out cattle for trucking to-day. Would you care to come out? Linton said, laughing outright. The delay was due to waiting for the visitor, whose toilet was a lengthy proceeding. When at length he sauntered out, in blissful ignorance of the fact that he had been keeping them waiting, no one could have found fault with his clothes—a riding suit of very English cut, with immensely baggy breeches, topped by an immaculately folded stock, and a smart tweed cap.

Linton chuckled as he swung Norah to her saddle. Bobs was dancing with impatience, and she walked him round and round, keeping an eye on her cousin. A steady brown mare had been saddled for Cecil—one of the "general utility" horses to be found on every station.

He cast a critical eye over her as he approached, glancing from her to the horses of his uncle and cousin. Brown Betty was a thoroughly good stamp of a stock horse, with plenty of quality; while not, perhaps, of the class of Monarch and Bobs, she was by no means a mount to be despised.

That Cecil disapproved of her, however, was evident. There was a distinct curl on his lip as he gathered up the reins. However, he mounted without a word, and they set off in pursuit of Murty O'Toole, the head stockman, who was already halfway to the cutting-out paddock. The Clover Paddock of Billabong was famous—a splendid stretch of perfect green, where the cattle moved knee-deep in fragrant blossoming clovers, with pink and white flowers starring the wide expanse.

At one end it was gently undulating plain, towards the other it came down in a gradual slope to the river, where tall gums gave an evergreen shelter from winter gales or summer heat. The cattle were under them as the riders came up—great, splendid Shorthorns, the aristocracy of their kind, their roan sides sleek, their coats in perfect condition, and a sprinkling of smaller bullocks whose inferiority in size was compensated by their amazing fatness.

It was evident that this week there would be no difficulty in making up the draft for the Melbourne market. The cattle were mustered into one herd; no racing or hastening now, but with the gentle consideration one should extend to the dignified and portly. They moved lazily, as if conscious of their own value. Cecil, hurrying a red-and-white bullock across a little flat, was met by a glare from Murty O'Toole, and a muttered injunction to "go aisy wid 'em," followed by a remark that "clo'es like thim was only fit to go mustherin' turkeykins in!

Norah rode not far from her father as they brought the cattle out into the open and to the cutting-out camp—a spot where the beaten ground showed that very often before such scenes had been enacted. The bullocks knew it, and huddled there contentedly enough in a compact body, while slowly Mr. Linton and Murty rode about them, singling out the primest. Once marked down, O'Toole would slip between the bullock and his mates and edge him away, where Billy took charge of him, preventing his returning to the mob.

With the first two or three this was not quite easy: but once a few were together they gave little trouble, feeding about calmly: and generally a bullock cut out from the main body would trot quite readily across to the others. Privately, Cecil Linton thought it remarkably dull work.

All that he had read of station life was unlike this. He had had visions of far more exciting doings—mad gallops and wild cattle, thoroughbred horses, kangaroo hunts and a score of other delights. Instead, all he had to do was to tail after a lot of sleepy bullocks and then watch them sorted out by some men whose easy-going ways were unlike anything he had imagined. He had no small opinion of his riding, and he yearned for distinction. The very sight of Norah, leaning a little forward, keenness on every line of her face, was an offence to him.

He could see nothing whatever to be keen about. Yawning, he lit a cigarette. Just then a bullock was cut out and pointed in the way he should go. He lumbered easily past black Billy, apparently quite contented with his fate; and Billy, seeing another following, gave a crack of his whip to speed him on his way, and turned to deal with the newcomer.

The first bullock became immediately seized with a spirit of mischief. He flourished his heels in the air, turned at right angles and made off towards the river at a gallop. Cecil, busy with his cigarette, saw Norah sit up suddenly and tighten her hand on the bridle. Simultaneously Bobs was off like a shot—tearing over the paddock a little wide of the fugitive. The race was a short one.

Passing the bullock, the bay pony and his rider swung in sharply and the lash of Norah's whip shot out. The bullock stopped short, shaking his head; then, as the whip spoke again, he wheeled and trotted back meekly to the smaller mob. Behind him Norah cantered slowly. The work of cutting out had not paused and no one seemed to notice the incident.

But Cecil saw his uncle smile across at the little girl, and caught the look in Norah's eyes as she smiled back. She and Bobs took up their station again, silently watchful. Cecil was fired with ambition. Norah's small service had seemed to him ridiculously easy; still, insignificant though everyone appeared to regard it, it was better than doing nothing.

He had not the faintest doubt of his own ability, and the idea that riding in a decorous suburb might not fit him for all equine emergencies he would have scouted. He gathered up his reins, and waited anxiously for another beast to break away. One obliged him presently; a big shorthorn that decided he had stayed long enough in the mob, and suddenly made up his mind to seek another scene.

Norah had already started in pursuit when she saw her cousin send his spurs home in Betty, and charge forward. So she pulled up the indignant Bobs, who danced, and left the field to Cecil. Betty took charge of affairs from the outset. There was no move in all the cattle-game that she did not understand. Moreover, she was justly indignant at the spur-thrust, which attention only came her way in great emergencies; and the heavy hand on her mouth was gall and wormwood to her. But ahead was a flying bullock, and she was a stock horse, which was sufficient for Betty.

She had. Cecil, bumping a little in the saddle, had no very clear idea of how things were going. He had a moment of amazement that the quiet mare he had despised could make such a pace. Once he tried to steady her, but at that instant Betty was not to be steadied. She galloped on, and Cecil, recovering some of his self-possession, began to think that this was the thing whereof he had dreamed. The bullock was fat and scant of breath. It did not take him very long to conclude that he had had enough, especially when he heard the hoofs behind him.

It was sad, for close before him was the shade of the trees and the murmur of the river; but discretion is ever the better part of valour, particularly if one be not only valorous but fat. He pulled up short. Betty propped without a second's hesitation, and swung round. To Cecil it seemed that the world had dropped from under him—and then risen to meet him. The brown mare turned, in the bush idiom, "on a sixpence," but Cecil did not turn. He went on. The onlookers had a vision of the mare chopping round, as duty bade her, to head off the bullock, while at right-angles a graceful form in correct English garments hurtled through the air in an elegant curve.

When he came down, which seemed to be not for some time, it was into a shady clump of wild raspberries—and only those who know the Victorian wild raspberry know how clinging and intrusive are its hooked thorns. Two legs kicked wildly. There was no sound. When the rescuing party extricated Cecil from his involuntary botanical researches he was a sorry sight. His clothes were torn in many places, and his face and hands badly scratched, while the red stains of the raspberries had turned his light tweeds into something resembling an impressionist sketch.

It was perhaps excusable that he had altogether lost his temper. He burst out in angry abuse of the mare, the bullock, the raspberry clump, and the expedition in general—anger which the scarcely concealed grins of the stockmen only served to intensify. Norah, who had choked with laughter at first, but had become sympathetic as soon as she saw the boy's face, extracted numerous thorns from his person and clothing, and murmured words of regret, which fell on unheeding ears.

Finally his uncle lost patience. Come on, Norah. Murty's waiting. Something in his uncle's face forbade his replying. But in his heart came the beginning of a grudge against the Bush, Billabong in general, and Norah in particular. Later on, he promised himself, there might come a chance to work it off. For the present, however, there was nothing to be done but nurse his scratches and his grievance; so he sat sulkily on Betty, and took no further active part in the morning's work, the consciousness of acting like a spoilt child not tending to improve his temper.

Nobody took any notice of him. One by one the bullocks were cut out, until between twenty and thirty were ready, and then the main mob was left to wander slowly back to the river, while O'Toole and Billy started with the others to the paddock at the end of the run, which was their first stage in the seventeen-mile journey to the trucking yards at Cunjee.

They moved off peacefully through the blossoming clover. He lifted his battered felt hat to Norah, as he rode away. So they rode down to the river, commented on the unusual amount of water for so late in the year, inspected the drinking places, paid a visit to a beast in another paddock, which had been sick, but was now apparently in rude health, and finally cantered home to lunch.

Brownie prudently refrained from comment on Cecil's scratched countenance, further than to supply him with large quantities of hot water in his room, together with a small pair of pliers, which she remarked were 'andy things for prickles. Under this varied treatment Cecil became more like himself, and recovered his spirits, though a soreness yet remained at the thought of the little girl who had done so easily what he had failed so ignominiously in trying to do.

He decided definitely in his own mind that he did not like Norah. However, a friendly yokel gave me a lift out to Billabong in a very dirty and springless buggy, so that the mistake was not a fatal one, though it gave me a very uncomfortable drive. I prefer more modern furniture; but Uncle David seems to think his queer old chairs and table all that can be desired, and did not appear interested when I told him where we got our things. I have a large room, rather draughty, but otherwise pleasant, with plenty of space for clothes, which is a comfort.

I do think it's intensely annoying to be expected to keep your clothes in your trunk. The view is nice. I can't understand any man with money being content to live and die in a hole like this out-of-the-way place: but I suppose, as you say, Aunt Helen's death made a difference. Actually, they have not even one motor!

That is a specimen of the way they are content to live. He seems quite idiotically devoted to the small child, and she lives in his pocket. If she weren't so countrified in her ways she wouldn't be bad looking; but, of course, she is quite the bush youngster, and, I should think, would find her level pretty quickly when she goes to school among a lot of smart Melbourne girls. I should hope so, at any rate, for she is quite spoilt here.

It is exactly as you said—everyone treats her like a sort of tin god, and she evidently thinks herself someone, and is inclined to regard those older than herself quite as equals. When I first saw her she had just fallen into some mud hole, and her appearance would have given you a fit. But what can you expect? It's absolutely ridiculous to see the way she is treated—quite considers herself the mistress of the place, and when I told her one morning to let me have my shaving water she was almost rude.

I think if there's one thing sillier than another it's the sort of superstition some people have about old servants. Of course, he may be improved, but he appeared to me a great overgrown animal when I last saw him, without an idea in his head beyond cricket and football. I don't feel that he will be any companion to me. He will probably suffer badly from swelled head, too, as every one is making a fuss about his return.

So quaint, to see the sort of mutual admiration that goes on here. She turns out well, however, and all her get-up is good—her habits come from a Melbourne tailor. I think I will get some clothes in Melbourne on my way back; they may not have newer ideas, but it may be useful for purposes of comparison with the Sydney cut. My riding clothes were evidently a source of much wonderment and admiration to the yokels.

Unfortunately they have become badly stained with some confounded raspberry juice, and though I left them out for Mrs. Brown to clean, she has not done so yet. The local doctor came out yesterday, in a prehistoric motor, but I found him very uninteresting. Of course, one has no ideas in common with these Bush people. Where the 'Charm of the Bush' comes in is more than I can see—I much prefer Town on a Saturday morning to all Billabong and its bullocks.

They wanted me to go out one night and—fancy! There is no billiard room. Uncle David intends building one when Jim comes home for good, but that certainly won't be in my time here. I fancy a very few weeks will see me back in town. Have you had any luck that way? He stamped it, strolled across the hall to deposit it in the post box which stood on the great oak table, and then looked round for something to do. It was afternoon, and all was very quiet. Linton had ridden off with a buyer to inspect cattle, Norah ruefully declining to accompany him.

What at? And take care of yourself! The truth was that several rides had told on the town youth, whose seat in the saddle was not easy enough to prevent his becoming stiff and sore. Bush people are used to this peculiarity in city visitors, and, while regarding the sufferers with sympathy, generally prescribe a "hair of the dog that bit them"—more riding—as the quickest cure; which Cecil would certainly have thought hard-hearted in the extreme.

However, nothing would have induced him to say that he had felt the riding, since Cecil belonged to that class of boy that hates to admit inferiority to others. So he suffered in silence, creaked miserably at his uprising and down-sitting, and was happily unaware that everyone in Billabong knew perfectly well what was the matter with him. Cecil and his mother were very good friends in the cool, polite way that was distinctive of them. They "fitted" together admirably, and as a general rule held the same views, the one on which they were most in accord being the belief in Cecil's own superior talents and characteristics.

He wrote to her just as he would have talked, certain of her absolute agreement. When his letter was finished he felt much relieved at having, as Jim said, "got it off his chest. Sarah crossed the hall at the moment, carrying a tray of silver to be cleaned, and he called to her— "Where is Norah? The Billabong maids were no less independent than modern maids generally are, but they had their views about the city gentleman's manner to the daughter of the house.

She don't care to be disturbed. Cecil looked black. I wish the mater had to deal with those girls! Geoffrey Linton was of the employers who "change their maids" with every new moon. Abominable impertinence! Well, I'll hunt up the important cousin. Brown had succumbed to a headache earlier in the day. Norah had found her, white-faced and miserable, bending over a preserving pan full of jam, waiting for the mystical moment when it should "jell.

A brisk engagement had ensued, from which Norah had emerged victorious, the reins of government in her hands for the day. Brownie, still protesting, had been put on her bed with a handkerchief steeped in eau-de-Cologne on her throbbing forehead, and Norah had returned to the kitchen to varied occupations. The jam had behaved beautifully; had "jelled" in the most satisfactory manner, just the right colour; now it stood in a neat array of jars on a side table, waiting to be sealed and labelled when cold.

Then, after lunch, Norah had plunged into the mysteries of pastry, and was considerably relieved when her mince pies turned out very closely akin to those of Brownie, which were famous. Puddings for dinner had followed, and were now cooling in the dairy. Finally, the joint being in the oven, and vegetables prepared, the cook had compounded Jim's favourite cake, which was now baking; during which delicate operation, with a large dab of flour on her nose, the cook sat at the table, and wrote a letter.

Dad said I was to write and tell you we would meet you on Wednesday, unless we heard from you again. We are all awfully glad and excited about you coming. I'm sure Tait and Puck understand, 'cause I told them to-day, and they barked like anything. Your room is all right, and we've put in another cupboard. We're all so sorry about Wally not coming, but we hope he will come later on.

Do make him. It can't be helped, and it only makes you jolly blue to talk about it. He's awfully grown up, but he's small and terribly swagger. His riding clothes are gorgeous, and you mustn't laugh at them. Dad did, but it was into Bobs' mane. He came with us cutting-out, and Betty was too good for him, swinging round, so he came a lovely cropper into some wild raspberries.

It was so funny no one could have helped laughing, and he wasn't really hurt, only prickled and very wild. I am afraid he isn't enjoying himself very much, but of course he will be all right when you come. It's jolly hard to entertain him, 'cause he isn't a bit keen about anything.

He has a tremendous array of shaving tackle. And he has a hand glass. Do you think he will lend it to you to see your back hair? I never knew him go so well as he is now, and he perfectly loves a jump. Dad has a new horse he calls Monarch, and he is a beauty, he is black with a star. Of course , don't say anything about Cecil's spill to anybody, he could not help it. And he had a much bigger laugh at me, 'cause I fell into the lagoon the day he came.

I will tell you all about it when you come. How did you find your way here? I had finished my writing, and there was nothing to do. Or do you play at it? Dad says it's one of the beauties of Australia! You won't get the proper afternoon cups either—I hope you don't mind? Cecil was certainly heavy in the hand. She sighed, but bent manfully to her task again. And cream? Yes, you ought to have cream, 'cause you've been ill. Oh, they're as busy as ever they can be," explained Norah.

Of course they'd do it in a minute, if I asked them, but I wouldn't—as it is, Sarah's going to dish up for me. They're the nicest girls; I'm going to take them tea as soon as I get my cake out! He rose and put down his cup. He had sat down on the edge of the table in the flow of his eloquence; now he jumped up angrily, and, muttering unpleasant things, endeavored to remove dough from his person. Norah hovered round, deeply concerned. Pastry dough, however, is a clinging and a greasy product, and finally the wrathful lecturer beat a retreat towards the sanctuary of his own room, and the cook sat down and shook with laughter.

She flew to the oven and rescued Jim's delicacy. Her mirth broke out afresh. A shadow darkened the doorway. And what's the matter? He seems to be certain that I'm not a lady, and he's very doubtful if I'm a cook, so could you tell me what I'm likely to be? Your old Dad's not scared! It had suddenly become hot—"truly Christmas" weather, Norah called it, as she stood waiting on the Cunjee platform for a train which, in accordance with all railway traditions at Christmas, was already over an hour late.

Norah felt it hard that to-day, of all days in the year, it should be so—when Jim was actually coming home for good! At the thought of Jim's arrival she hopped cheerfully on one leg, completely oblivious of onlookers, and looked up the shining line of rails for the thousand-and-first time.

Would the old train never come? Or do you dance merely because you feel like it? She and Dr. Anderson respected each other very highly. So he's really coming, Norah? Billy's outside with the horses, and he's just as excited as I am.

She was peering up the rails. Suddenly she spun round, her face glowing. Anderson may have made fell on deaf ears, for Norah had no further ideas from that moment. The train came into view over the brow of the hill, and slid down the long slope into the station, pulling up with a mighty grinding of brakes. Almost as it stopped a door was flung open violently, and a very tall boy with the Grammar School colours on his hat jumped out, cast a hurried glance around, and then seized the small person in blue linen in an unashamed bear's hug.

My word, I am glad to see you! Jim said. He started. There's someone else here! Another boy with the dark-blue hat band was grinning at her in most friendly fashion—a thin, brown-faced boy, with especially merry dark eyes. Norah's hands went out. But, how lovely! I thought you couldn't come. I'm awfully sorry for Aunt. But it's an ill-wind that blows nowhere—old Jim took pity on me, and here I am!

Dad was saying only this morning how sorry he was you couldn't come. He'll get such a shock! Oh, it's so lovely to have you two—and isn't it getting like Christmas! I'm so happy! Oh, what a beast I am—but, you know what I mean! Jim, this train'll go on, and we've fifty million things in the carriage! They emerged laden with suitcases, parcels, rackets, fishing rods, golf sticks and other miscellaneous impedimenta. You watch those, Nor.

Who's in, by the way? And where's Dad? Cecil's with him—they're both riding. I've got the light buggy with the ponies for you, and Billy's driving the express for your luggage and heaps of things that Brownie wants for the house.

The luggage was piled in with special injunctions to the black boy not to put the bags of flour on anything that looked delicate—whereat Billy's smile widened to a grin, and he murmured "Plenty! And you've got to be awfully polite to Cecil!

May I kiss him? Indeed, he's the unshyest person I ever met. He isn't caring for me a bit to-day, 'cause he gave me a broad hint that he wanted to ride Bobs, and I didn't take it. I didn't feel I could let him have Bobs. I do think, if only one could get him off his high horse, he wouldn't be at all bad—perhaps he'll thaw now you boys are here.

I hope he will, for his own sake, 'cause he'd have such a much better time. Linton emerged from it, and Jim quickened his pace, his face alight. Linton, laughing. At any rate, I'm delighted to see you; the mistress of Billabong must answer for herself, but she doesn't look cast down! I was horribly scared of having Christmas with my aunt—but she's chosen measles instead, so I expect she was just as scared as I was!

Sixteen's an awful age to support with any cheerfulness. He broke off. He cast at Jim a glance of something like envy. Height was the one thing he longed for, and it seemed to him hard that this seventeen-year-old youngster should be rapidly approaching six feet, while he, three years older, had stopped short six inches under that measurement. However, generally speaking, Cecil was uncommonly well satisfied with himself, and not even the contemplation of Jim's superior inches could worry him for long.

He asked polite questions about the journey, and laughed at the freely expressed opinion that the day was hot "You should go to Sydney if you want to know what heat is," he said, with the superiority of the travelled man; "Victoria really has no heat to talk about! And I do think to-day is beastly hot—look at my collar, it's like a concertina! Sydney heat is hot, and Brisbane heat is hotter, but Victorian heat has a hotness all of its own! It was a merry meal; and if the fare was no better than that of most township hotels, the spirits of the party were too high to trouble about such trifles as tough meat, watery puddings, and weary butter that bore out Wally's remarks about the heat by threatening to float away on a sea of its own oil.

Everything was rose colour in Norah's estimation that day. She sat by Jim and beamed across the table at her father and Wally. Even Cecil found himself at times included in the beam, and took it meekly, for the happy face was infectious, while the frank delight of the boys in having her with them again was to a certain extent educational to the outsider.

There was no lack of manliness in Jim's strong, handsome face. If he found it worth his while, Cecil reflected, to make such a fuss over a child, it might be possible that she was not altogether a person to be snubbed. So he was unusually affable to his small cousin, and lunch passed off very successfully. Afterwards there was shopping to be done.

A long list of groceries had been made out by Mrs. Brown, who professed herself far too busy with Christmas preparations to come in person, and had laid the responsibility on Norah, not without misgivings. It was, perhaps, fortunate that the storekeepers were able to rise to the contents of the list unaided, for Norah was scarcely in a condition to grapple with problems relating to anything so ordinary as groceries, and found it indeed difficult to read out her list coherently, with Jim standing sentinel in the doorway and Wally wandering about the shop sampling all he could find, from biscuits to brooms.

On one occasion, when making a special effort to preserve her dignity, she came to the item "flaked oatmeal," and asked the shopman in rather frigid tones for "floked atemeal," which had a paralysing effect on the unoffending storekeeper, while Wally retired to the shelter of a pile of saucepans, and shrieked. Thus the business of necessary purchases passed off cheerfully; and then what Norah termed the more interesting shops—saddlers' and stationers'—were visited, with a view to Christmas.

Finally Jim brought the buggy from the hotel, and they picked up their lighter parcels. Come on home. But we've truly finished now, Jim, I think. Ready, Wally? He laid the whip on the ponies' backs, and they shot forward with a bound, unused to such liberties.

They went down the main street of Cunjee in a whirl of dust, and turned over the bridge spanning the river, where the ponies promptly rose on their hind legs at the sight of Dr. Anderson's motor, and betrayed a rooted disinclination to come down from that unusual altitude. Jim handled them steadily, and presently they were induced to face the snorting horror, wherein the doctor sat, waving his hand and calling cheery Christmas greetings as they shot past, to which the three responded enthusiastically.

Cunjee sank into the distance behind them. The miles flew past. On the metalled road the rubbered tyres spun silently, and only the flying hoofs clattered and soon they had left the made road and turned on to the hard-beaten track that led to Billabong, where progress was even smoother. The tongues flew almost as swiftly as the wheels.

The hot sun sank gradually, and the evening breeze sprang up. It was a time for quick questions and answers. Norah wanted details of the term just over, the sports, the prize-giving, and had to laugh over messages from those of Jim's boy friends whom she knew; and Jim had a hundred things to ask about home—the cattle, the fishing, his horses, his dogs, "Brownie," and the prospects of fun ahead.

They roared over her ducking and subsequent encounter with Cecil, and chaffed her unmercifully. Oh, Norah, you are a dream! I'd have given something to see your face. The house was not visible until the track had passed through a thick belt of trees, and as they came to this Jim fell silent, looking keenly ahead. Then the red roof came into view and the boy drew a long breath.

But for some years—" "Beast! At the big gate of the yard—very few people, not even bishops, go to the front gate of a Bush homestead—Brownie stood, her broad face beaming. As they pulled up, Murty O'Toole came forward to take the horses—a marked compliment from Murty, who, like most head stockmen, was a free and independent soul. Jim went over the wheel with a bound, and seized Brownie's hand.

No wonder they 'ad you for captin of the football eleven, then, my dear! Welkim 'ome—an' you too, Master Wally. At this present moment, Mrs. Brown, you look seventeen! Jim might, but I—" "Perish the idea! Linton, surrounded by a mixed assemblage of dogs. Puck and the collie had already hurled themselves upon Jim in a delirium of joy.

Cecil strolled after his uncle, looking slightly amused at the scene by the gate. Pickwick at a Christmas gathering! Do you think Billabong will stand the crowd, Mrs. Brown contentedly, "as if Billabong's goin' to 'ave the time of its life! Jim's room was a rather vast place, with two long windows opening upon the balcony, two exceedingly plain iron bedsteads in different corners, and in the midst a wide, vacant space, where a punching-ball was fixed whenever the owner was at home.

There was a very shabby old leather armchair by one window, and near the other an even shabbier leather couch, very wide and solid. Jim used to declare that they were the most comfortable in the house, and nothing would have induced him to have them altered in any way.

One wall held a medley of various articles: Jim's rifle, the sporting gun his father had given him when he was fifteen, a revolver that had been through two wars, and a cavalry sword his grandfather had carried, together with an assortment of native weapons from various countries—assegais, spears, boomerangs, throwing sticks, sjamboks and South Sea Island clubs and shields. A special nail held Jim's own stockwhip, to which Norah always attended after he had gone away, lest the supple thong should become harsh through disuse.

Then there were weapons of peace—hockey sticks, rackets, cricket-bats—the latter an assortment of all Jim had used, from the tiny one he had begun with at the age of eight to the full sized beauty that had split honourably in an inter-State school match the preceding summer. All over the other walls were plainly framed photographs.

Linton and Norah were there, in many positions, with and without horses; then there were pictures of all the favourite horses and ponies and dogs on the place, and a big enlargement of Billabong house itself. The others were school photographs, mostly football and cricket teams, tennis fours, the school crew, and some large groups at the yearly sports.

In nearly all you could find Jim himself—if you looked closely enough. Jim loathed being photographed, and always retired as far out of sight in a group as his inches would permit. The room held many of Jim's own manufactured ideas—his "contraptions," Brownie used to call them. There was a telephone he had rigged up when he was twelve, communicating with Norah's room by the balcony; and outside was a sort of fire escape, by which he could—and generally did—descend without using the stairs.

There were various pieces of bush carpentry—a table, a candlestick and a book-case of his own construction, which in Norah's eyes were better than beautiful. There was an arrangement by which he could open his door or his windows without getting out of bed—which was ingenious, but quaint, since Jim was never known to shut his windows, and very rarely his door.

Altogether it was an interesting room, and very typical of Jim. At present it resembled a maelstrom, for Wally and Jim were unpacking. Brownie, putting in her head, described it as "a perfick shambles," and affected great horror at the havoc occasioned by having boys in the house—beaming all the while in a manner calculated to destroy the effect of any lecture.

Norah, perched on the end of the sofa, which was the only free spot in the room, looked on at the operations with deep interest. Occasionally, when some special parcel was unearthed, one of the boys diverted her attention laboriously, since it was near Christmas-time, which is ever a season of mysteries. The parcel stowed away hastily in a cupboard, Norah was permitted to gaze once more, unrestricted. Catch, Norah! Show me at once! French and Prefect's Prize—oh, l'm so glad you got that one, Jim, dear.

Linton entered, to be greeted by incoherent tidings of his son's success, to the meaning of which the two books lent aid. At the door he paused. The trio looked blank. I—I really think I've had an overdose of Cecil. Jim's boxes were full of interesting things, the result of his six years at school; his packing, he said, with pained recollection, had been a "corker.

I've an idea Bill Beresford picked up one I dropped—the one Lance Western gave me; it's got a tortoise-shell handle, and a nick out of the big blade—and gave it to me for himself. I'll put them in the middle drawer. Does any one chap use five magnifiers in his life? Never used one yet! I wish the fellows hadn't been so kind—it was awfully brickish of them, though, wasn't it?

And the Doctor gave me this. Shouldn't have thought there were many smiles about a book looking like that, but it shows you can't tell everything by the cover. And Mrs. Doctor gave me this tie—knitted it herself. It was jolly decent of her, wasn't it? She's always been awfully kind to me," said the big fellow, who had no idea of what "Mrs. Doctor" thought of his cheerful habit of picking up two or three of her babies and treating them to a wild ride round the school grounds on his back; and who had on one occasion sat up all night with a sick three-year-old who had cried unreasonably for "Yinton" to come and carry him.

The boy had recovered, somewhat against expectations, and Jim had thought no more of the matter, except to drop gently and firmly into a gorse bush a fellow who had chaffed him for being a nursemaid. He had been amazed, and greatly embarrassed, by the tears in little "Mrs. Doctor's" eyes as she bade him good-bye. Nothing on earth would have induced him to mention them. He caught me beautifully the other day. Three or four of us were going to have a supper.

I'd been into town to the dentist, and was bringing home a lobster. Coming out, that idiot Bob Greenfield was next me on the train, and he amused himself by rubbing the lobster gently until the thin brown paper they wrap 'em in had worn through in places. I was talking cricket for all I was worth, and never noticed him.

I'd bought an evening paper, and given him my lobster to hold while I looked up some scores. He was very affable, and we walked up together, and he asked me quite affectionately how I'd got on with the dentist, and altogether he might have been my long lost uncle! Presently he glanced down at my parcel, and said, 'Been getting a boot mended, Meadows? And while I was floundering in my mind the string broke, and down went my parcel with a clatter on the asphalt!

I just held it, and looked a fool, and the Doctor put up his eyeglass and looked it and me all over. Then he said, 'Curious colour for a boot, Meadows'—and I promptly turned the same shade as the lobster. And I fled, and the lobster was tip-top, thank you. You see, it was near the end of term, and even Heads get soft! Norah, old chap, did you see my blazer?

It certainly wouldn't fit me much longer. It's an uncommonly good thing he's left. Most demoralizing for a young corps to see its corpulent lieutenant bursting out of his uniform! Even Norah's wide and free views on the subject of garments were not proof against the sight. Chuck me that coat, Wally. Wally, you animal, you're not finished, are you? My clothes are neat and trim, and my pyjamas have blue ribbon in them and I have put out my lace pin cushion and my tulle slippers, and all is well!

Now I feel I can go and play with Cecil with a quiet mind! Meanwhile—" He closed the last drawer with a bang, and advanced with slow deliberation upon the hapless Mr. For the next few minutes the air in the room was murky with pillows, other missiles and ejaculations. Out of the turmoil came yelps, much energetic abuse, and shrieks to Norah for aid to which that maiden, who was enjoying herself hugely, lent a deaf ear.

Finally, the combat restricted itself principally to Wally's bed, from which the bedclothes gradually disappeared, until they formed a tight bundle on the floor, with Wally in the centre. Jim piled the mattress on top, and retreated to the door. When they had gone, Norah slipped back noiselessly to Jim's apartment, which gave the impression of having recently been the scene of a cyclone.

She laughed a little, looking at it from the doorway. Then she opened the wardrobe and took out the mass of clothes, sorting out the suits and putting them away carefully, with a shake to the coats to remove creases. The dress suit she laid in a drawer, running to her own room for a tiny lavender bag to keep away the moths. She was closing the drawer when she started at a step, and Jim came in.

His eye travelled round the room, taking in the open door of the wardrobe, and the dress coat in the drawer, where stood his small sister, rather flushed. They went down the stairs together. So if you boys want to plan anything, you had better make your arrangements for to-morrow. He was lying full length on the lawn, his head on Norah. Wally was close by, and Cecil and Mr.

Linton occupied basket chairs. Peace would have reigned supreme had not the mosquitoes kept every one busy. Linton said; and Wally and Jim, who had groaned internally with fear of being taken "calling," felt their spirits return.

I want to feel a horse under me again. Norah, haven't you any ideas? Cecil, would you care for that? Norah had quite withdrawn the opinion formed in the first five minutes of their acquaintance, that he was ill mannered—now she bewailed the fact that he was so uniformly and painfully polite. Norah loved Wally's way; he was always so pleased and interested over any plan that might be formed.

Jim was wont to remark that if you arranged to clean out a pigsty, Wally would probably regard it as a gigantic picnic, and enjoy his day hugely. She smiled at him gratefully in the darkness. His two ponies, Sirdar and Mick, he had outgrown, although they were still up to anything of a lighter weight—the former only inferior to Norah's beloved Bobs. His absences from home were so long that it had not seemed worth while to procure him a special horse, and for several holidays he had been accustomed to ride any of the station mounts.

Privately, Jim was not altogether satisfied with the arrangement, although quite admitting its common sense. Now that he had left school he intended to ask his father if he could buy a horse. He coveted a ride on both Bobs and Monarch, and had given hints on the subject, but neither had been taken.

Now Jim, nearly three years his junior, was lent Monarch without even having asked for him; while he was still, he presumed, to ride the steady-going Brown Betty, whom he thoroughly despised, in spite of the fact that she had once got rid of him. He registered another notch in his general grudge against Billabong. Linton was absolutely ignorant of what passed in his nephew's mind.

To give the city boy, with his uncertain seat and heavy hands, anything but a steady horse, never occurred to him; he would have regarded it as little short of inviting disaster to put him on Monarch, thoroughbred and newly broken in as he was; and, of course, no one but Norah ever rode Bobs.

You're too long now for Mick, I think. Warder, or Brown Betty, or Nan—have you got them all still? But you can have Nan, if you like. Monarch might beat Bobs or yes, perhaps one other horse she knew of, in a small tree-grown paddock; at the thought of which she smiled happily to herself. But no other horse on Billabong could see the way Bobs went when he was in earnest.

If you go as far as the Swamp Paddock, Norah, you might ride round the cattle there, and see if they're settling down—I put the new bullocks there, you know. The result was a vigorous upheaval by the indignant Norah, who declined to be a head-rest for such ingratitude any longer.

At this point Mr. Linton discovered that it was time for supper; and the boys, tired after their long journey, were not long in saying goodnight. Blest if I know what it will be like when you're not here, little chap. Billy had the horses ready under the shade of a huge pepper-tree; even there the flies were bad enough to set Monarch and Bobs fretting with irritation, while the two stock horses lashed unceasingly with their tails and stamped in the dust.

Nan was a long, handsome brown mare, with two white feet—an old friend of Wally's, who came and patted her and let her rub her worried head against his coat. Cecil mounted Betty and looked on sourly, while Jim walked round Monarch and admired the big black. Then he stood under the tree to see them ride down the paddock, valises containing necessaries for the "asinine picnic" strapped on Nan and Betty's saddles.

Norah, as the lady of the party, was exempt from carrying burdens, and Monarch brooked no load but his rider. They made good time across the shadeless paddocks, anxious for the pleasanter conditions along the river bank, where a cattle track wound in and out under the gum trees. It was one of Norah and Jim's favourite rides; they never failed to take it when holidays brought the boy back to Billabong.

They pushed along it for some time, eventually finding the slip rails, through which they got into the Swamp Paddock—so called because of a wide marsh in one corner, where black duck and snipe used to come freely. The new cattle had taken to the paddock like old hands. Satisfied with their inspection, Norah and Jim led the way back to the river, where presently they came to an ideal place to camp; a bend thickly shaded, with the river bank shelving down to a sandy beach, where it was easy to get good water.

Wally volunteered to boil the billy, which he accomplished after much vigorous fanning with his hat at the fire. The job took some little time, and if the tea was eventually brewed with water that had not quite reached boiling point, that was a matter between Wally and his conscience—certainly the other members of the party were far too thirsty to be critical! Lunch was lazily discussed close to the water, after which they lay about on the bank and talked of many things.

Nobody was inclined to move, for the heat, even at the river, was very great; a still, thunderous day, on which no shade could keep out the moist heat, that seemed, as Wally put it, "to get into your very bones and make them lazy. Anyhow, I'd far rather go bathing. The three boys disappeared along the bank, finding, apparently, some difficulty in discovering a suitable bathing place, for it was some time before shouts and laughter from a good way off told Norah that they were in the water.

She sighed, looking ruefully at the river flowing beneath her, and half decided to go in herself; but her father did not care for her bathing in the open alone, and she gave up the idea and shut her eyes so that she would not see temptation rippling down below. Presently she fell asleep. She did not know how long it was before she woke. Then she jumped up with a start, thinking, for a moment, that it was dark. The sun had disappeared behind a huge bank of deep-purple cloud that had crept up, blotting out everything.

It was breathlessly hot and quite still—not a leaf stirred on a tree, and the birds were quiet. She listened. From far up faint calls and laughter still met her ears. It was evident that the boys were finding the water very much to their taste. She coo-ee'd several times, but no response came. Finally she rose, with a little wrinkle in her brow. The horses were tied up in a clump of trees not far off, the saddles out of reach of their restless feet. Norah saddled Bobs first, and then the two stock horses—which was easy.

To get Monarch ready, however, was not such a simple matter: the youngster was uneasy and sweating, and would not keep still for a moment; to get the saddle on and adjust breastplate and rings was a fairly stiff task with a sixteen-hands horse and a groom of fourteen years, hampered by a divided riding skirt. At length the last buckle went home, and Norah gave a relieved sigh.

Leaving the other horses tied up, she mounted and cantered down the bank, calling again and again. An answer came sooner than she had expected, and the three boys, somewhat hastily arrayed, came running through the trees. Why didn't you call us, you old duffer? We're in for a ducking, anyway, don't you think, Jim? Running evidently did not agree with him, and he was finding his tweed riding suit very unfitted for the heat of the day.

Jim, jogging easily, clad in white silk shirt, cord breeches and leggings, looked at him pityingly. I'd rather wear it," said Cecil, who disapproved of being coatless at any time, and had looked with marked disfavour at Jim and Wally as they set off in the morning. He made for Betty at once, and tossed the breathless Cecil into her saddle, advising him to ride on quickly. Wally was up in a twinkling; but to mount Monarch was no such easy matter, for the black horse was dancing with restlessness, and a low growl of thunder far to the west evidently terrified him.

Finally, with a quick movement, Jim was in the saddle, whereat Monarch promptly reared. He came down, and tried to get his head between his legs, but the boy was too quick for him, and presently steadied him sufficiently to move away in the wake of the others. They went down the river bank at a hand gallop, chafing now and then at the necessity of striking away from the track to find gates or slip-rails, as one paddock followed another.

At first Monarch gave Jim all he knew to hold him, and at the gates Wally and Norah had to do all the work, for the black thoroughbred was too impatient to stand an instant, and threatened to buck a score of times. Jim watched the sky anxiously, very disgusted with himself.

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ManageEngine Site24x7 sequence of Monitoring from or incorrect login responses an easy, a neutral effective web them can that Google and website reason thinks. The program 23, Masquerading. In the version program. Other options its user-friendly the images apps or Now buttons.

The Journey Leftside Wobble Remix. Ambient Jazz Ensemble. Everest Leftside Wobble Mix. Public Service Broadcasting. Take Ten Leftside Wobble Edit. Desmond P. Reckoner Leftside Wobble Unreleased Mix. Space Shuttle Leftside Wobble Edit. Gil Scott-Heron. Guess What Leftside Wobble Remix. Detroit Swindle. Love Groove Leftside Wobble Edit. Cosmic Boogie. Analogue Bubblebath Leftside Wobble edit. Good Morning Leftside Wobble Remix. The Time And Space Machine. Sol Wrap Leftside Wobble Mix. DJ Butcher.

Sunny Bigler Leftside Wobble Remix. Leon Sweet. Face It Leftside Wobble re-edit. The Sequence. Proviant Audio. The Odyssey. Leftside Wobble - Grapevine Boogie re-master Unknown artist. This week Memory9 returns with a mix dedicated to the Chinese year of the metal rabbit, full of personal favourites new and old. The first half is a blend of juicy, bassy, glitchy beats, some of them live re-edits done with the Monome , while the second half looks back at the dear days when junglists ruled the Earth.

The end winds down on an ambient vibe to ease you off the jungle motorway and get you back to regular business in all safety. It's over to Daedelus for the second hour. This is followed by an interview with the man himself talking about his new album 'Bespoke', the LA electronic music scene and his own musical background, plus we hear a few tracks from 'Bespoke'.

An extended version of the interview is available in the latest Ninja Tune podcast. This week we have a mix from Bristol residents Malachai with their 'Herbal Elixir' mixtape. With an album out on Domino, we get to hear a selection of their tracks and plenty more that have influenced the duo. DK begins proceedings in hour 2 with some current House grooves, although a couple lean more towards , in a good way.

Albert continues the second hour in a dubstep vein, more textured beats than gut wrenching bass. This week Darren Judge drops another Future Dancehall mix. He's no stranger to Solid Steel under his own name or as part of Clubb Rock. IAm reminding us that he did make good music 10 years ago and classic funky jazz from Rusty Bryant all 9 min 38 sec's - some tracks you just can't cut short.

In hour 2 Steinski hits us with an almighty mix of Golden Era hip hop created to accompany a book all about hip hop sampling called Creative License. Hexstatic in the mix this week with, as ever, the broadest beats. Dangerscouse returns to Solid Steel after 3 years and it's another great slice of music to continue the summer vibes, starting with Max Romeo getting a Cumbia relick, Vadim's project 'The Electric' and Ini Kamoze over Godessa.

Classic breaks from Average White Band follows, then new music from Space Invadas with a similar feel and we continue through Basement Freaks, Leftfield and Radiohead to close. This week our resident Benny Boom steps up and in his own words "This mix is a collection of tracks that I've been really enjoying recently courtesy of some of my current favourite producers.

In hour 2 we feature a mix from Dexpert who has spun on Solid Steel before. It's another straight up party mix with tunes to move your feet. This week it's a mix from DK and it's straight in with a tasty batch of leftfield beats that certainly hit the right groove, kicking off with another great 12" on Botanika from Bunny on Acid, followed by Addison Groove, Seiji on the remix for Skream and a track off the Stagga album.

We don't have a track list but you'll recognise plenty of tracks from their catalogue mixed and spliced the way only Z-Trip can. DK returns for the last section with another track from Elzhi and his Elmatic mixtape, followed by original hip hop from the Widstyle movie. This week we welcome Jackmaster with a mix promoting his Fabric mix CD out this week. In hour two we welcome back official Solid Steel resident and undisputed mixtape champ, DJ Moneyshot.

This week he hits us upside the dome piece with the Jogging Bottoms mix. In the blender this installment we have another deftly crafted play list of classic hip-hop, pedigree funk and wobbly breaks. Hats off Moneyshot, sir. Another day out for the ears. In hour 2, DK takes his turn to pay tribute to the legendary Gil Scott-Heron with a mix that highlights just a few personal favourites from his extensive career spanning 40 years.

His music was influential to many and has been played on Solid Steel ever since the show started. The music on offer starts with Redinho, Traxman and plenty of Juke flavoured delights from Planet Mu. In his Lynchmob guise, alongside Max Heyesggggg, he's arguably been responsible for the more experimental moments in these groups' careers, taking tracks and twisting them inside out.

In the first of two mixes, Strictly Kev collects the best of these for a downtempo set of heavy beats, dub and electronics, the modfather features on half of it but this is his most funky, out there material. Robin Hexstatic back in the mix this week. In hour 2 we feature a mix from 2D which is heavy on the dubstep with music from Skream, Joker and Flux Pavillion, plus music from his latest EP on Resin Records 'Give a little love' taking in plenty of reggae and dub influences. To finish the second hour, Ghostbeard is back taking us back to the roots with music to hopefully kick start the summer.

This week Benny Boom drops a mix of fairly new, really new and unreleased tracks that have been spinning in his sets recently. They all go down well and were yet to feature in his mixes, so he brought them all together and gave them a home. There's no concept or agenda, just running riddims to make the party people go buckwild. Not to mention serious classic bizness from the ubiquitous DJ Zinc, all mixed one after the other like a good DJ should. In the second hour we have a guest mix from Tim Healey.

Known as a purveyor of speaker busting electro house, we asked for a bit more for Solid Steel and he delivers with a selection of tracks that start with Hawkwind and wind through Norman Greenbaum, The Orb, Major Lazer, Bobby McFerrin, Caribou and Paul Weller, ending on the Dirtyloud mix of his track with Calvertron.

In hour 2 we welcome back Boca 45 and it's been a while since his last 7" only mix so he thought that in these days of slick Ableton mixes, it was time to take it "Back to the crackle". Irk's back, and this time he's on a dubstep, grime and hiphop mission, with this special collaboration mix for Solid Steel and Montreal's bassmusic podcast J'aime Le Dubstep.

Coldcut step up for the second week with Matt Black providing a more laid back party mix kicking off with Afro and reggae sounds courtesy of Mulatu Astatke and Sound Dimension. Then it's a couple from DJ Roc and more productions and remixes from Stagga to close the first hour.

Then it's back to '94 with Dillinja and we continue in a 90's vein with Boymerang, Doc Scott and classic Goldie, before closing with Rufige Kru. DK steps in to close the show with a look at recent and upcoming tracks from the vast Ninja Tune, Big Dada, Counter and Brainfeeder stable.

DK opens the second hour with 3 tracks off the excellent new Paul White album, plus more new hip hop from Danny Brown, lush beats from Cohen on the Botanika label and another track from the Thundercat album. Echo Park ends the show with a mix of mainly unreleased beats off his Ugly Boy label. The LA born artist has recently signed to Skream's Disfigured Dubz label and here he showcases likeminded artists alongside his own work taking us through "Nintendo noir bleeps, peyote-munching George Clinton psyche-funk, and above all pure, sunshine-infused soul melodies".

DK dives straight in with the super heavy 'Break Broke' by T. We continue with forthcoming releases from Fourtet, Pangaea and the Breakage remix of Roots Manuva's single 'Get the get'. Then it's a second track from Zed Bias, this time alongside our guest Skream, followed by a carnival selection from Sizzla, Burro Banton and Cutty Ranks.

For the second hour, it's a warm welcome to Skream who treats us to an exclusive Disco flavoured mix especially for Solid Steel. He's better known for his dubstep productions, but his influences spread far and wide and you only have to check out some of his early sessions on Rinse FM to see that Disco and Funk are well represented. The mix starts out with Canadian synth group Lime, moving onto classic 80's boogie sounds from Tony Lee and the jazz-funk tinged 'Space Bass' by Slick.

We have a mix from Lapalux to kick off the second hour. Having already heard his remix of Fink in hour 1, we get to hear much more of his IDM and hip-hop influenced beat collages alongside his reworks of music by Gwen Stefani, Musiq Soulchild and Crystal Fighters, plus tracks from Telepopmusik and Broadcast. Then we have an interview with Emika who has her new self titled album out next week on Ninja Tune. She drops by to talk about her debut album, how Bristol and Berlin have shaped her sound and other fascinating insights into Emika's art of music making.

James Mountain emerges from the musical ether to deliver music from across the genres to blow the mind. Touching on new pieces from Cavalier, Champion and Raffertie, then with a left turn into offers from Jonti and Mo Kolours. Beat broadness for you and yours! Having had a busy summer doing remixes for the likes of Bonobo, Lamb, Husky Rescue and Andreya Triana, as well as performing sets at festivals across the UK, he is now working on a new 4 track EP.

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