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His government has spent 5. In the cow shelter in Bulandshahar, in Uttar Pradesh state, attendant Kumari is careful not to spill any of the golden liquid she collects in her bowl. The pungent-smelling booty is poured into a crude distiller to remove impurities. The distillate can be reduced further to a powder form or sold as a liquid concentrate to various makers of traditional medicines and herbal remedies.

A loophole in the policy encourages cows to be slaughtered and their meat passed off as buffalo, he says. One enthusiastic cow-urine buyer is yoga guru Baba Ramdev, whose budding consumer goods empire is challenging local units of Colgate-Palmolive Co. The saffron-robe clad yoga teacher and anti-corruption campaigner pays , rupees a day for a steady stream of the raw material that his company Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. In cow-worshiping India, the increased protection and reverence given to the hump-backed, droopy-eared creatures have become a source of inter-faith conflict, given its conservative Hindu agenda.

Two Muslim men were forced to eat dung by a cow protection group as punishment for allegedly transporting beef in the northern state of Haryana in June — one of the latest cases of beef vigilantism that turned deadly on at least three occasions last year. To prevent unproductive cows being sent to the abattoir, the government started the so-called Rashtriya Gokul Mission in mid, a national program that entails, among other things, constructing havens for retired, ailing and barren bovines.

India-trained veterinarian Navneet Dhand, who is an associate professor in veterinary biostatistics and epidemiology at the University of Sydney, points to three diseases prevalent in India that could potentially be transmitted to people in the raw urine of infected cows: leptospirosis , which can cause meningitis and liver failure; arthritis-causing brucellosis ; and Q-fever , which can cause pneumonia and chronic inflammation of the heart.

Virendar Kumar Jain, who founded the doctor practice in the central Indian city of Indore, said his center has administered urine-derived medicines to 1. His staff field inquiries from 4, online patients daily, Jain said. Consumers can also buy the products via e-commerce websites, such as Amazon.

Still, the value of cow urine is not a great incentive for keeping unproductive cows until their dying day, said Pankaj Navani, a former engineer whose cow Binsar Farms produces 2, liters of milk a day. The lifespan of a cow is about 15 years, though most stop producing milk years earlier. Source : Bloomberg. This award aims to recognize his numerous contributions to the Canadian dairy cattle sector during the course of his lengthy career spanning 44 years.

He then spent the next 24 years, from to , involved in dairy cattle research while employed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. From to , Dr. Key attributes contributing to being selected as the recipient of this major industry recognition include his vision and leadership in terms of dairy cattle research, combined with his technical capacity to develop programs to address important national issues such as food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity and traceability.

To highlight some of his many successes during Dr. Bouchard also played a pivotal role in establishing two federally funded geneticist research positions at CDN that were maintained for more than 10 years, which contributed to the implementation of various genetic evaluation services at the national and international levels.

Canadian Dairy Network is the national genetic evaluation centre for dairy cattle and provides services to Canadian dairy producers and member organizations including breed associations, DHI agencies, A. The award will be presented to Dr. Even with daughters in his proof, the great Dorcy-son, Mogul over the last 2 weeks is still the sire with the most registered offspring in the US In second place is the Nr.

We eavesdrop, can sometimes be nosey and are generally curious to our surroundings and people, especially when we dine alone. I live in a county where the combined milk production from commercial dairies exceeds milk production in most states. Finding someone who is paid by the hundredweight and buys his commodities and forage by the ton is easy; or at least it used to be. I checked one company that handles dairy dispersal sales. There have been about a dozen of them since the first of the year in the San Joaquin Valley that were handled by this company alone.

For dairy producers, and were a tale of gross opposites. California milk production fell 3. Arizona dairymen also produced about 1, pounds of milk per cow more than their California neighbors over the same period. There are fewer dairies to consume hay and forage, which have likewise seen a softening of prices. Almond hulls, a popular dairy feed component, are trading for less than half what they were a year ago.

The hull issue alone is only going to get worse as more almonds come into production in California. Source: Western Farm Press. Wisconsin is known as the dairy state and this weekend, some members of the dairy industry are making a difference and raising money for sick children in the state.

Source: Fox11News. Each year Sarah Pratt creates a cow from pounds of butter for the butter cow exhibit. This year standing next to the cow will be Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. The Iowa State Fair, which attracts more than a million people a year, begins Aug. NMC program honors producers who best exemplify quality milk production. Additionally, judges evaluate systems of monitoring udder health, milking routine, protocols for detection and treatment of clinical and subclinical cases, and strategies for overall herd health and welfare.

Dairy industry professionals, including veterinarians, extension agents, plant and co-op field staff, and consultants, are encouraged to nominate dairy producers. To nominate a dairy producer, complete the online nomination form found at: www. Dairy producers cannot nominate themselves or their peers.

Milk quality numbers are based on the month period June 1, May 31, Judges will select approximately 50 finalists from the NDQA nominees. The finalists, along with their nominator, will complete a more detailed final application. From the finalists, judges will rank the dairy operations as Platinum, Gold or Silver.

The Platinum winners receive national recognition and complimentary lodging, registration and a travel stipend to the National Mastitis Council 56th Annual Meeting, January , , at the Trade Winds Island Grand, St. Pete Beach, Fla. NMC is a professional organization devoted to reducing mastitis and enhancing milk quality. NMC promotes research and provides information to the dairy industry on udder health, milking management, milk quality and milk safety.

Founded in , NMC has about 1, members in more than 40 countries throughout the world. Markson ruled last week that Wisconsin can set limits on large dairy feedlots to protect water sources from pollution, overturning a decision of department secretary Cathy Stepp. Groundwater contamination in that area has created tension between farmers and non-farmers.

Sharp cattle population growth in the county has led to polluted wells, which environmentalists and others blame on excessive manure spreading. Farming interests have suggested that other causes are to blame in some cases. Markson ruled that the department must place a cap on the number of cattle the farm could keep, and require it to install groundwater monitoring equipment.

A state administrative law judge said that the farm could expand, but that the department must require a maximum limit on cows and monitoring. Kinnard appealed the decision, and Stepp denied their request in November Markson ruled that the law must be interpreted along with others that give the department the power to control wastewater.

The department said it was reviewing the decision and consulting with the Justice Department. Recently, a coworker showed me a website marketing a new product called FarmBot Genesis. A quick internet search reveals the name GardenBot is already taken. It will plant your vegetables for you and water them individually with an appropriate amount for their type, age, soil conditions, and local weather. It will even weed your garden.

You input what kinds of plants you want to grow on a website, and the robot takes care of almost everything else. You can pre-order your FarmBot now. I could see how a family passionate about fresh food but with little time and living in an area with not a lot of space would enjoy this device.

First, our current system of food production is not broken. While there are some things we might want to improve — such as how to pay our farmers so they remain in business, improving access to farmland, managing our nutrient runoff and protecting pollinators — the system is not broken.

There are tons of options in the market place these days. You want organic, grass-fed beef? You need large quantities of affordable food to feed your family on a budget? Walk into just about any grocery store and acquaint yourself with the generic brands. My point is this: we exercise our control with our wallets. We let the market know what we are willing to pay for, and the market responds with a solution.

We still make the management decisions for the food that ends up on our table — we just do it with our money. Third, we are not destroying our health with our current food production system, and we are finding new and profitable ways to protect the environment all the time. Now, I find it ironic that the makers of FarmBot decided to promote their product by attacking large-scale food production.

After all, they just invented a device that plants, irrigates and weeds crops autonomously. All a human has to do is touch a few buttons. Does that sound familiar? It should seem pretty familiar to farmers who program the seeding rate and varieties for each spot in a field and let a satellite drive the tractor and control the planter.

It should seem familiar to anyone who has ever seen a dairy run by robots that feed and milk the cows and can even tell when a cow is pregnant. I could foresee a future landscape potentially covered in farms managed by larger, more robust versions of this device. I think FarmBot is an intriguing invention with the potential to be important in our food production system, but the company could have chosen a better marketing strategy. Source: Farm Forum. His livelihood lies with some head of Holstein cattle which produce the raw milk he sells.

He recalls a particularly profitable period in the s. We never borrowed any money. We had enough coming in to build everything up. Kuzma and his family see their future threatened by the rising cost of producing raw milk. Kuzma sells nearly 10, pounds of raw milk every other day to Readington Farms in New Jersey. With no financial relief in sight, Mr. Kuzma and other dairy farmers like him are turning to an old senate bill to breathe new life into their farms.

The Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of sponsored by Progressive Agriculture Cooperative would change the financial formula for raw milk production. Tewksbury urges consumers to call Congress at and help save local dairy farms. You can reach Progressive Agriculture Cooperative at Source: PA Homepage. So many continue to ask about Reese and truly want to know how she is doing now that she is well adjusted at home…and we thin k she is doing great!

Reese has adjusted to her home schedule which during the summer is ever changing — she is one busy little girl! She partakes in the daily farm activities and chores each day — even in this sweltering heat, she loves to read, enjoys visits from friends, loves to sit on a soft blanket on the floor and watch movies with Regan and Brinkley while eating popcorn and enjoys pulling a quick joke or prank on anyone she can!

She has been to the movies, been to see her Uncle Zachie play baseball and visited the pool for the first time just today. She has been to visit Mimi and Gandy at the farm, won several goldfish at her county fair and had a few more interviews for TV. She loves to swing under the big shade tree in her yard, still enjoys a big breakfast and her favorite foods are still cheese pizza and chicken nuggets. Her absolute favorite thing to do is drive the Kubota around the farm — a truly hysterical site if you are lucky enough to be one of her passengers.

How much more normal can you be?! Medically speaking, Reese is continuing to heal at home and amazes everyone with her spunk and love for life. On the near horizon, Reese will undergo a cochlear implant surgery. Reese developed a great deal of hearing loss as a result of a very necessary medication to kill a harmful bacterium in her bloodstream while in the ICU.

While Reese has had several hearing aids, this hearing loss has shielded Reese from so many conversations and real life events. It should be no surprise to anyone that she chose the Bluetooth implant — one she can connect to any phone, any movie player in a car or speaker…oh the fun she will have with that!

We are excited for this procedure because we feel it will truly open up her world. Just this week, Reese was transitioned to a speaking valve on her trach and what a difference it has made. Talking and laughing just became so easy and effortless for her and she is quick to tell you stories and daily life happenings that have taken so much effort for her to spit out for months now.

We hope she continues to improve at this rate and can shed the vent all together and can be weaned to nose-canulated oxygen. Reese is still on dialysis at night and will most likely need a kidney transplant in the future, but for now we concentrate on her lung improvements. Reese still has therapy each week and has gained so much strength. She is learning to take long strides with her prosthetic and not the little half steps she is accustomed to. The most normal of all things we are focusing on…school.

At the end of summer on August 22nd, Reese will resume her elementary school career with her friends at school. She is so excited to rejoin her friends AT school and not through her ipad robot Double. Until then, she will visit the beach as she has longed to do, show her calf with Brinkley and Regan at the Clarke County Fair, enjoy a few more summer pool days and continue to laugh, love and live each day to its fullest. If there is anyone in the world who enjoys life and all it has to offer, it is Reese.

Thank you to each and every one of you have continued this journey with us all. We consider ourselves so incredibly fortunate to have had your support, your love, your friendship and your prayers. Please continue to lift Reese in prayer and pray that she continues to build her core strength, can have healthy enough lungs that she can shed the ventilator, and can continue to wean her oxygen.

Pray the insurance company approves her needed ear implants and that she continues to move forward with a smile on her face. Our steps seem a lighter each day and our smiles just a little brighter for we are so thankful and so blessed. Bred by Nobold Holsteins and out of Nobold Alexander Joan, Mr Morgan said he swapped some embryos for it as a calf after taking a liking to its great-grandmother while in Canada.

Reserve in the inter-breed and champion Jersey was again from the Morgan Family. It is a home-bred EX95 cow-in-milk, Erie Baywatch Grove, which is from two home-bred parents and naturally served. July born, it is a home-bred Cuthill Towers Autumn Gold daughter and out of Pylon Moppit 2, which they bought at the Pylon dispersal herd in It made up the winning inter-breed pair along with its herd-mate Willhome Modem Caroline, a October born home-bred third-calver.

Modem Caroline also won its class at the recent National Ayrshire Show. Last year, it won second senior cow at the National Ayrshire Show, held during the Livestock Event and champion Ayrshire at Pembrokeshire County, where they will return to next month. Source: FG Insight. DE , but said it was open to further talks with the German healthcare and chemicals group as well as other parties. The two companies have been in negotiations about a potential confidentiality agreement, Reuters reported on Monday.

Monsanto would like Bayer to sweeten its offer further, including increasing the breakup fee, before providing Bayer access to financial information, according to people familiar with the matter who asked not to be identified discussing private discussions. L , an investor in Bayer, has called for a vote on the proposed takeover of Monsanto, which it said threatened the long-term strength of the German company. Some other Bayer investors have also expressed concerns the company may overpay to secure a deal.

The seeds and agrochemicals industry has been jolted by several large deals in the past year as low crop prices and belt-tightening by farmers pressured earnings. N and DuPont DD. It cited a global glut of generic glyphosate, the active ingredient in its Roundup herbicide, and delays in securing European Union import approval for its next-generation biotech soybeans. We ate lunch and watched my newly mobile baby move in curious circles around the room.

For the last several years, Tina and I have provided each other with moral support as we have navigated the precarious balance of farm and family. On this particular day in February, Tina told me that she and her husband, Jim McManus, had decided to stop farming.

Though many of our conversations had touched on this as a potential inevitability, this time it was real. After five years of solid record-keeping, the numbers showed the farm operating at a net loss every single year. Since raising their prices, the farm had lost 30 to 70 percent of their client sales. The customers had spoken loud and clear. I have been that farmer who chose to step away from the farm, and though I chose it as surely as I chose the farm in the first place, it has been no less a loss.

Barring a catastrophic event, the decision to stop farming is rarely made overnight. Depending on how you look at it, it is either a steady erosion or a slow coming-to. Farmers spend years crunching numbers, tweaking production methods, and trying to stay ahead of market trends. There may be second or third jobs, a clambering for creative financing, or a reliance on government assistance programs such as SNAP the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or state health insurance.

Year after year, the decision to quit can be kept at bay by a successful season or the hope that next season will be easier. But at some point, for some of us, the scale just tips. The moment comes when the path forward is just too unsure—when it makes the most sense to quit. In the beginning, Walking J hit the ground running with a smattering of products for the marketplace, including chicken, turkey, pork, beef, eggs, and produce.

Year after year, they ticked off the micro-enterprises that did not pay the bills. The heritage pork did not make money, nor did the Thanksgiving turkeys. The laying hens required too much outside feed, as did the broiler chickens. Jim and Tina embraced a direct-market sales model, typical for a small-scale diversified operation.

They tried to establish a CSA in the nearby town of Tubac, opened up a Saturday farm stand, started an online store, and eventually made their way up to Phoenix markets. In , Walking J Farm received a U. Department of Agriculture USDA grant—which they had to match with a private loan from family members—to cover marketing costs, meat processing, and the purchase of butcher cattle.

When the farmers announced they were closing Walking J, it prompted a flurry of bewilderment and a general sense of shock among friends and customers. Someone suggested an emergency Kickstarter. But urgent Facebook posts and new Twitter followers do not save a farm. Jim and Tina were financially, physically, and emotionally tapped. No one wants to think about farmers calling it quits. It muddies the heroic glow cast around our food producers.

It cuts through all of the feel-good chatter about food systems and local economies. Each time a farmer quits, a little piece of our new agrarian dream dies. But however hard it is to discuss, the rate at which farmers are walking away from their farms—whether by choice or by force—may be the most important measure of whether or not our food systems are actually working. For farmers like Jim and Tina, who believe in producing food by stewarding their land responsibly and supporting biodiversity, a direct-market relationship with customers who support those production values makes sense.

But if our farmers cannot charge prices based on the cost of real production numbers, this model falls flat. The same study finds net farm income trends have been negative since , which means that our farmers have consistently lost money producing food. According the Census of Agriculture, farmers earned just 10 percent of their income from farm sales, while approximately 90 percent of their income came from off-farm occupations.

Nearly half or 1 million of the 2. Behind the scenes, farmers spend hours at the computer, wearily adding up market totals and expenditures. It is here in this solitary lamplit space that farmers visit some very dark emotional places. It is impossible to convey the deep anxiety for everything at stake, the fear that accompanies the risk, and the wounds that this stress inflicts upon a psyche or a family. Having spent years apprenticing with other farmers, the Moussallis were firm in their resolve to build a business that could support their family.

This priority forced the couple to be absolutely diligent in their expenses and calculations. Are we charging enough for eggs? Are cherry tomatoes and green beans worth the labor? When the Moussallis purchased their land, they planned to continue farming there for many years. Though Frog Bottom Farm was never technically failing, they were always just scraping by.

Lisa and Ali wanted to have a second child, and like any growing family, they craved financial stability. During a conversation in the fall of , the couple made the heartbreaking decision to sell the farm. Ali commutes to work as a full-time manager at Beach Plum Farm, where he and his crew work to provide produce, herbs, honey, eggs, and pork for three farm-to-table restaurants in the resort town of Cape May. And always the answer is: Love. They must do it for love.

I have an immense amount of respect for Wendell Berry, but I am growing tired of this answer. Certainly it would be a mistake to become a farmer if you did not enjoy being outside, if you were not fiercely independent, if you did not enjoy the physical labor involved in food production. But a farmer cannot survive simply on love alone.

Love does not pay the mortgage, put diesel in the tractor, or make up lost revenue after a late freeze. Love does not fix hands spent from years of milking goats or resurrect the CSA vegetables when the walk-in refrigerator goes out in the middle of a summer night. How do you shut a business down?

How do you do it? You just stop. There is no disputing the fact that communities love their farmers. When farmers call it quits it is not because they have failed—it is because our archaic food and agriculture system has failed them. Daily infusions with a chemical commonly associated with feelings of happiness were shown to increase calcium levels in the blood of Holstein cows and the milk of Jersey cows that had just given birth.

The results, published in the Journal of Endocrinology , could lead to a better understanding of how to improve the health of dairy cows, and keep the milk flowing. Demand is high for milk rich in calcium: there is more calcium in the human body than any other mineral, and in the West dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are primary sources of calcium.

The risk of this disease is particularly high immediately before and after cows give birth. Hypocalcaemia is considered a major health event in the life of a cow. It is associated with immunological and digestive problems, decreased pregnancy rates and longer intervals between pregnancies.

These all pose a problem for dairy farmers, whose profitability depends upon regular pregnancies and a high-yield of calcium-rich milk. Whilst there has been research into the treatment of hypocalcaemia, little research has focused on prevention. In rodents it has been shown that serotonin a naturally-occurring chemical commonly associated with feelings of happiness plays a role in maintaining calcium levels; based on this, a team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, led by Dr Laura Hernandez, investigated the potential for serotonin to increase calcium levels in both the milk and blood of dairy cows.

The team infused a chemical that converts to serotonin into 24 dairy cows, in the run up to giving birth. Half the cows were Jersey and half were Holstein — two of the most common breeds. Calcium levels in both the milk and circulating blood were measured throughout the experiment.

Whilst serotonin improved the overall calcium status in both breeds, this was brought about in opposite ways. Treated Holstein cows had higher levels of calcium in their blood, but lower calcium in their milk compared to controls. The reverse was true in treated Jersey cows and the higher milk calcium levels were particularly obvious in Jerseys at day 30 of lactation — suggesting a role for serotonin in maintaining levels throughout lactation.

We should also note that serotonin treatment had no effect on milk yield, feed intake or on levels of hormones required for lactation. The next steps are to investigate the molecular mechanism by which serotonin regulates calcium levels, and how this varies between breeds. But unlike nearly all its major agricultural competitors, Australia provides no subsidies for drought insurance.

The report was the first time Australian policymakers had considered a change in policy and spurred hope from insurers such as Allianz SE and Swiss Re AG, which see Australia as a new and lucrative agricultural market. But it rejected a change in policy, saying it was unlikely to displace current government assistance, such as concessional loans and farm household support payments during droughts. It said it came to its conclusion because 80 percent of government aid after a drought goes to livestock producers for whom there was no insurance product on the market and that insurers were unlikely to offer it if drought was expected.

Insurers rejected the report, insisting that drought insurance for livestock producers could be produced. Source: Reuters. Firefighters received a call just before a. Upon arriving at the farm, they found two buildings, which housed cows, in flames. Christine Aubin, wife of the owner, said she, her husband are the fourth generation to run the family farm.

They were able to salvage some equipment once they arrived, but the fire was too intense to rescue the majority of the livestock. Firefighters have ruled out any criminal activity but are still investigating the cause of blaze. The farm was home to cows. Source: CTV. As a leader in dairy innovation, DeLaval will take visitors to farms where state-of-the-art solutions meet progressive herd managers. The tour is limited to 40 participants.

E-mail Vicki Mayr at Vicki. Mayr delaval. A Holstein breeder is striving to clear her name after being stripped of her champion rosette at the Great Yorkshire Show. Shock swept through the dairy lines at Harrogate yesterday when Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody from Derbyshire breeder Yasmin Bradbury was disqualified for teat tampering.

But Mrs Bradbury told Farmers Weekly she was innocent. She said a waxy residue from products used on the tail had transferred onto a rear udder when the cow was lying down. Mrs Bradbury said the stewards currently had adhesive and wax products as evidence and could not remember the name of the products. This rule does not apply for Sterndale animals, she explained. She added that other exhibitors had said they would write letters of protest about the decision to the Yorkshire Agricultural Society.

Source: Farmers Weekly. As family members gathered on Sunday in the shade of massive trees beside the smouldering ruins of what was a massive barn, Terry Yungblut said his family has been left numb by the loss of 80 cherished cows born and bred right on the farm on Yungblut Lane. Thorold fire services Capt. Gary Coplen said the department got the call shortly before 5 p. People reported seeing the massive plume of black smoke from Highway and beyond. The Thorold fire service issued a call for help from the Town of Pelham fire department, as part of a regional mutual aid agreement on major fires.

Yungblut said his family rushed to the barn to try to save the prized Holstein cows, which numbered about 90 in total. Its ten hour-long films, drawing from the Ten Commandments for thematic inspiration and an overarching structure, grapple deftly with complex moral and existential questions concerning life, death, love, hate, truth, and the passage of time.

Shot by nine different cinematographers, with stirring music by Zbigniew Preisner and compelling performances from established and unknown actors alike, Dekalog arrestingly explores the unknowable forces that shape our lives. This monumental meditation on the Ten Commandments captures the spiritual undercurrents of life in late-Communist Poland. By Paul Coates. The Emmy- and Tony-nominated actor chooses a list of favorites with an emphasis on unforgettable female performances. The filmmaking duo behind Bloody Nose Empty Pockets share with us the movies they turn to time and again for inspiration.

On what would have been his seventy-sixth birthday, we look back at the incandescent, richly cinematic reveries of one of the most acclaimed Polish filmmakers of his generation. Mike Portnoy is one of the founding members of Dream Theater. Returning for its first theatrical run in fifteen years, this ten-part meditation on the Ten Commandments centers on the residents of a housing complex in late-Communist Poland, charting the moral and philosophical dilemmas that arise as their lives.

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Edward czesak kontakt torrent What If? I want you to meet a farmer. Africa is now definitely on the dairy map. Third, we are not destroying our health with our current food production system, and we are finding new and profitable ways to protect the environment all the time. Short Takes — Jun 27, The same study finds net farm income trends have been negative sincewhich means that our farmers have consistently lost money producing food.
Red hot chili californication torrent Farmers, even before the drought, have to spend a lot of source finding, testing and bringing in hay, she said. Edward czesak kontakt torrent received a call just before a. The results, published in the Journal of Endocrinologycould lead to a better understanding of how to improve the health of dairy cows, and keep the milk flowing. How much more normal can you be?! The ignition of so much straw and hay in the barn turned it into an inferno before the firefighters could arrive, said Yungblut.


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