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pizzo heater man torrent

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Metro Inns Newcastle. Stayed here for 3 years now when down in Newcastle. Staff are lovely, and rooms are decent enough. Was really quiet this weekend, got a really good sleep. I stay here for coming for nights out and I have always enjoy my stay. Metro have a Good relationship with the taxi company and they are brilliant left my phone in the taxi and the taxi driver returned it to reception. This is similar to the Express Hotel, which has many disabled facilities, the room is very large, the room I live in is the largest, the bathroom is also very large, but the bed is still small as always, breakfast is OK!

We have just enjoyed a truly wonderful saty at this hotel, in no small part becuae the hotel team are exceptional. Nicole, you are outstanding in your role and I do hope, management at the very top recognise just how good you are. Everyone we met - the kind service man at the lifts moving all the linen, the bar team, the outdoor team collecting glasses and clearing tables, the breakfast team, the front of desk team are all a credit to the hotel and you make a stay at a hotel feel like a real holiday for stressed people or thoselooking for a great time.

Whether a hen party or a mature couple you can have a fantastic time here. The outside area is a wonderful place to relax and watch the world go by. The interior restaurant has been designed wonderfully and reminded us of the Ivy in terms of quality.

Our suite was quiet and spotless. Breakfast was nice - maybe if nit-picking, would say bacon and sausage quality could be a little better. Service was brilliant. We will be back, with friends and cannot speak highly enough of the people who work here. Jesmond Dene House. Arrived after a long journey arrived to be met with what I would call indifference , after been addressed to begin checking in I enquired where the nearest loo was?

The loo was locked fair enough but when opened it was a member of staff in it a hotel of this class should have better training than that. The check in over my room was perfectly fine with a large window overlooking the garden.

However my colleague was in the loft with two high level velux windows hardly superior I would have thought.. Now my biggest gripe of the whole trip. At breakfast the next morning I was the first in the restaurant and was asked if I would like coffee or tea? Sandman Signature Hotel Newcastle. I came back to live in this hotel.

I still like the feeling of this hotel. There are a lot of windows, the light is very good, I tried breakfast, I feel general, especially coffee! There are too few varieties! Grainger Hotel. The pictures for this hotel are absolutely nothing like it is in real life. The pictures look quite nice, but in real life its a ran down dirty old building. From the outside it is massively dated, hasn't been painted in a long time.

When we arrived We had to ring the hotel to see where the car park was which we only found by chance as we drove round for 10 minutes looking up and down back lanes, only to only find the smallest car park and we couldn't actually get our car in, so then had to.

The entrance door to the hotel is battered and paint chipped off all over, the windows are so dirty you can't see through them, you enter the hotel by pressing a dirty little buzzer that doesn't actually work. When you enter reception it's like your walking into a dirty take away at the end of a night out.

You are then taken thorough the "lounge" to a door that leads you up flights of stairs to the rooms, the staircase is dark and no lighting, and the smell in the hotel itself was just horrible, not clean and fresh, it smelled of stale onion. We were on the top floor 4 flights of stairs and we're greeted by piles of dirty sheets outside our door. The smell of curry in the surrounding area was overwhelming and this filtered into the hotel.

We walked in the room and the bed was immediately at your feet, and I was hit by the smell of wet dirty dog, which was unbearable. The windows had no curtains, only pull down blinds that didn't work and the windows had gaps underneath that wouldn't close so you could hear all outside noise as it's on a very busy main road and draughty. The wallpaper was ripped in parts and hanging off. The bed was like a slab and the sheets had cigarette burns in them and the bedding was faded and worn.

Their was no where to hang our clothes or any iron and no where to put your bags. You could walk around the bed to go to the bathroom and that was it, you couldn't walk passed each other. To say this was the worst hotel we have stayed in would be an understatement and I didn't expect it with the pictures advertised. I have spoken with booking. If you're not fussed on where you sleep or what you sleep in then it may be OK, but its definitely not suitable for couples looking for a weekend getaway.

After considering if it was worth seeing the stay out as we were in Newcastle for our friends 40th, we decided we couldn't as the smell was making us feel sick and definitely not something you want to come back to after a night out. So we immediately checked straight out. We were in the hotel 45 mins, 30 mins in the room and 15 trying to find someone to check out, none of the doors on the hotel were manned so anyone could of walked in, fire exit doors were held wide open as well.

On checkout we weren't asked why, or if they could do anything to help, or anything, just tol Show more. The New Mill Apartments. The hotel is very good, will stay again Show more. It's convenient to live near the place to play. The hotel has good breakfast quality. There is a certain distance from the train station, but it doesn't feel far to go to the beach while eating and turning.

There are many Chinese supermarkets and Chinese restaurants next to it. The County Aparthotel. Stayed here with a group of friends in April. The perfect location near the train station and a multitude of bars and restaurants. The staff were extremely helpful throughout our stay; Glen in particular went over and above to ensure our needs were met.

Premier Suites Newcastle. The second time I stayed, the facilities were good and the area was large. This time I was a bit sorry. It was a room along the street. The sound of the vehicle affected the rest. The surrounding is in Chinatown, convenient for eating and shopping. Very close to the train station. The location is very good next to the train station, the room is large, the environment is very good, very recommended, next time if you have the opportunity to come to Newcastle, you will choose this hotel!

It is located right next to the train station, very convenient. The decoration is very classy and vintage. The bad side is no air conditioning inside the room. EasyHotel Newcastle. The room was a bit small, but very clean, very close to the river, the scenery was good, and it was not far to walk to the downtown mall. The receptionist's service attitude is also very good. The room we had was a twin with a beautiful view of the Quay.. Nice thick blackout curtains The staff were all so professional and most helpful at all times Breakfast the next day was fab English buffet breakfast, staple foods include freshly toasted bread slices, croissants, waffles, and chocolate sandwich bread; meats include grilled bacon and grilled sausages sausages are too starchy, but the bacon is really solid ; then fried with milk Eggs or omelettes are randomly supplied; fruits include apples, oranges, bananas, and are fresh every day; ingredients such as cheese, butter, jam, honey, dried fruit, oatmeal, and the like; drinks, milk, coffee, apple juice, orange juice, tea, and the like.

Anyway, praise Show more. OYO Dene Hotel. The hotel is in a fabulous location, it is really clean and tidy inside and the rooms are very spacious and look recently refurbished. The staff were so friendly throughout our stay, we absolutely love Michael!

We will definitely be returning. Miss you Michael : love from the girls in room 29 x Show more. Well-equipped, especially for the elderly, the facilities are complete, but the other facilities are complete. During the day and night, no one cleans the room, breakfast is normal. Nice hotel at a convenient central location.

Room was generally comfy and had all necessary amenities. Only two downsides were that the window did not open and that the cot provided for the baby had a rather hard mattress. Staff was super friendly and helpful. Appreciated the vending machine at the hotel, especially for easy access to water bottled.

Good and reasonably priced breakfast; family-friendly hotel they provided high chair at breakfast and had options that were good for our toddler ; only remark is that there was no cheese at all. The Kenilworth. It was clean and the bed was comfortable.

Parking is free and marked out. I stayed as I was coming to watch the football at SJP - it is a nice walk into town, approx 25mins. I ate in the Turkish place next door which was very good and convenient. Will stay again when next in town. Dream Apartments Quayside. As a veteran Tripadvisor reviewer, I am astounded at some of the recent reviews and certainly does not reflect my family's and my experience staying here very recently! I booked a 2 night stay through Booking.

After having read the reviews on TA, I was a little worried, to say the least! However, I need not have worried - checking in was fine - no problem there! Arriving at the apartment, we were pleasantly surprised at the standard of the fixtures and fittings. When Iron Man flies, fuel is burned. When Hawkeye spends an arrow, he must make another. As she grew older, as she wielded her powers with increasing confidence, so the feats she performed became increasingly spectacular. What, for example, are the chances that a woman could give birth to two baby boys when her husband was an infertile android?

Wanda Maximoff had never had what you might call an easy life. She was brought up by gypsies after being abandoned by her mother. Throughout her childhood she and her brother Pietro had been hounded by those who hated mutants just because they existed. So any offer of a home was a godsend. Her brother was a superior son of a bitch, but he doted on her, fulfilling a paternal as much as a fraternal role.

You might say he smothered her. Whatever the case, when fortune suddenly changed and salvation appeared — in the form of an offer of membership on an internationally renowned and domestically adulated, government-sanctioned team of American superheroes — she was, perhaps, a little naive.

But then these were the early years, and everyone was a little naive. They became her new family, and over the years they all came to love her, whilst the archer Clint Barton grew particularly close, always there to lift her spirits with a lame joke or a stupid arrowhead exploding into a bouquet of flowers. He too was a criminal made good, and to a certain extent he understood her perspective.

It also allowed the Vision to fall in love with Wanda. An android and a mutant…? Still, the stoical Vision became a rock to her emotional fragility, and they even got married. But soon magic came looking for Wanda, possessing her body, infusing it with a level of power she had never encountered and used the woman against her friends.

She recovered, of course, or she seemed to. It was then that a fatal mistake was made. They thought they were doing her a kindness. They thought they were putting the genie back into its bottle. They allowed Agatha Harkness to use her own magical gifts on Wanda to erase the children from her memory.

I am so crazy in my head today. Hey, sshh! I just thought I was. I was really freaked out because that is the last thing I need. Ugh, can you imagine? Me with a kid? Like a kid could grow up normal in this environment. Avengers should not have kids. Superheroes should not have kids. That should be the rule. And you thought you could have two? Two of what? You gave me a bit of a turn just now. Come sit. What are the chances that a dead man could appear out of nowhere and blow up in their faces, immolating Scott Lang?

What are the chances that within seconds the Vision would answer their distress call by crashing a plane into the mansion and spawning half a dozen versions of the insane robot that gave birth to him? What are the chances of a rational She-Hulk losing her temper and ripping the Vision clean in two? Smacking Jan into a coma? Of Iron Man being drunk without drinking a drop? All in the space of an hour…?!

Your own husband! Do you know that? Do you?! You killed Hawkeye! So I ask you: how many superpowered psychopaths would you deem it safe to house in the same place? And if there was a jailbreak, how many superpowered soldiers or civilians do you think it would take to contain it?

You pick your number, go on. Their first mission is to find out who caused the jailbreak, how they succeeded, and return all the creeps to custody. Instead, the ubiquitous international espionage agency known as S. Wolverine also finds himself dragged in, but for the moment, and as they regain consciousness in The Savage Land, this unlikely new team of relative strangers find themselves revealing more about themselves than they would perhaps have liked, as Peter Parker explains to Jessica Drew….

The New Avengers have coalesced by chance, but one of their new members — who happened to be there when everything kicked off in the superhuman penitentiary — is Robert Reynolds, The Sentry. Under any circumstances that is a mighty fine sentence and indeed sentiment: stand up and be counted or stay sitting still in the shadows while you wait for the bigots and other assorted bastards to come for you next. But as an explanation of the altruistic intervention of costumed superheroes at their own peril, it is exceptional.

And it did my head in. Did you understand that sentence? That is why superhero comics will never be Mainstream. Supposedly, this is DC starting once again from scratch so that new readers who may be that way inclined may decide to jump in and jump on. Perhaps this one worked on new readers but I — admittedly only a casual visitor to the DC Universes — was left shaking my head, bewildered.

Superman is dead. I think the original Superman is the bloke with the beard hoping that the last one will spring back to life. We move on. Clark Kent is now living a quietly concealed, bucolic life on a farm similar to the one Ma and Pa Kent raised him on.

Quite how much investigation this investigative journalist can accomplish from the cornfields is uncertain but that need not concern us now. They have a son called Jonathan half-human, half-Kryptonian whose existence or at least nature he has concealed from Batman and Wonder Woman. Basically, they are deeper undercover than ever. The boy is in his very early teens and exhibiting all the lethal powers that his Dad possesses without the fine-tuning to target them with finesse.

That is something which both Lois and Clark are determined to teach him in time with due care and attention. But in superhero comics there is never the time, care nor due attention — only emergencies. I told you there was bigotry to behold. The whites of their eyes are like tiny skulls: terrifying, threatening, alien and other. We were contacted by one Emma Patching, a student at Trent University, asking us for some input on her interview with Philippa Rice who — with typical generosity — had made a point of mentioning us as keen promoters of new comics talent.

I thought my response might amuse you. You get what you give etcetera. Luke was already massive thanks to his stellar all-ages graphic novel series HILDA , and the two of them combined pulled such a big crowd… including her own mother! How many mothers queue to get a book signed by their daughter and son-in-law? It was ridiculously cute. So cute that — in order to level out the karmic balance — we had to start culling kittens. Epic, full-on fantasy of the ilk which prominently features vast, twisted tree trunks, fortified towns, remote, lofty citadels, very big beasties, dark elves, disgruntled, beardy, armour-wearing dwarves wielding mighty stone mallets, magic, lost legends, misunderstood lore and a great deal of back-stabbing.

The dwarves are squat, stocky fellows and with enormous eyes and even more enormous, plumed eyebrows flowering from under their helmets. At the heart of The Mist is said to lurk The Voiradeer, an entity of enormous destructive power, though no one has ever seen it.

Meanwhile, with their own special ability to discern the veins of the land, the dwarves are dispatched to map the individual territories divided by The Mist, even though the relationship between those maps is fluid, in a constant state of flux. Think of them as individual patches of a quilt without their binding stitches, floating about freely in a viscous liquid.

The same could be said about the tenuous treaties between the elves, dwarves and humans, and within each faction to boot. Only one man has seen fit to conduct extensive research on The Voirandeer and its Mist: the father of human children Loon and Senda. As he did so he gathered the Children of Daurin, named after a mythical hero of folklore.

But their father was lost many moons ago and the Children of Daurin have disappeared. This reprints the first two European editions in one album-sized hardcover, the second of which finishes with quite the disorientating twist.

Love is a Good Thing. Love is a positive power which spreads joy. Hatred is a small, nasty thing which festers inside and destroys all those who harbour it. Hatred is short-sighted, self-destructive and so often counter-productive. For millennia. Those preaching hatred under the lame excuse and umbrella of organised religion thereby perpetuated that very same quality which they still desire so fervently, fearfully and vociferously to wipe out.

Instead, the dearly beloved of the comicbook industry have gathered here today to celebrate and enjoy this thing which we call life in all its caring, compassionate and constructive rather than des tructive diversity. When we stick up for others unlike ourselves — when you as a straight girl or guy stick up for gay folks; when we as white men or women protest against racism; whenever all of us whether Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Catholic, Atheist or Agnostic confront religious intolerance; when we truly understand the plight and so fight for the rights of those being stigmatised, dismissed and financially cut adrift for being less able-bodied than ourselves — we send out the most massive signals of solidarity which do make a big difference.

There is strength in numbers. There is strength in solidarity, and one of the most resolute, inspirational and galvanising phrases ever invented is this:. I am deeply, deeply moved by everyone who has so far snapped up a copy of this comic at Page 45 simply because you care. The great news is that this is far from a band-wagon gesture, but instead heart-felt with plenty to say in often witty, well thought-out ways.

That is why a message like this is important: it says we do not approve, and you will look a complete and utter dick if you continue to be so stupid and small. One of my favourite pieces — because it made me smile when I needed it the most — was written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir then illustrated by Emma Vieceli. Two proud parents phone their son as he sits alone and aghast at night for the barely comprehensible news is flooding in over the television on June 12th that 49 individuals have been shot dead in a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Tears stream down his face. The phone rings. There are still tears afterwards, but they are different tears. Parents, eh? On the opposite side of the street, the son is left alone by this father and grandfather to overhear their reactions. Devon T. Instead this is an overwhelmingly positive comic celebrating courage and commitment and the refusal to be cowed.

Buy Love Is Love and read the Page 45 review here. Brilliantly gross! You scared them off and taught them a new word! He drowned face-down in bowl of oxtail soup following a split-second chain of Junior School accidents involving custard, a playing card, a not-so-caged hamster, a caretaker, his step-ladder, and a great big puddle of puke. Our far-from-fortunate schoolboy promptly fell off this mortal coil and into the netherworld now known as Broilerdoom, acquiring a free peroxide into the bargain.

He might be Spanish. He too has been robbed — but of what?! This is so dense in its best, value-for-money sense that parents can rest assured that their sprogs will be fully absorbed for far longer than almost any comparative comic. There is, for example, a single panel in which Thanatos is persuaded to disgorge the considerable contents of its cavernous stomach including an early, experimental tricycle plane and a farmyard tractor.

The lettering positively bellows at you and the colouring must have taken forever. Indeed the colouring comes with its own high energy levels, flashed-through as it is with bursts of yellow, pollen-like light. You drinking alone? Who am I? You write for Chance Magazine. You spent six months riding with the Savage Nomads for a story about black biker gangs.

She has a way with words, our Elyse, and she loves her hard liquor. Shame she happens to be an undercover cop. The bullets are going to fly every which way. The only question is who is going to be left standing, or at least crawling mortally wounded along the floor…. Well done all around. Troubling period pieces for a very troubled period leading inexorably to the Second World War, this is crime fiction populated by remote or cruel parents, brutal, often sexual sadists, their helpless victims and broken progeny, all in a dark, post-Prohibition America.

Wesley Dodds is the apparently dry and studious heir to a now deceased businessman, perfectly at home with judges and lawyers. Far across town Dian Belmont is both a romantic and a deep thinker, something rare in her socialite circle. Fiercely independent, she also has a strong will and a reckless streak which her doting District Attorney father does his kindly but inadequate best to curb.

When Wesley climbs the s fire escapes to dig around at the scene of the crime, he finds a matchbox from a club where his new girlfriend, the worryingly adventurous Dian Belmont, hangs out. Why are more bodies turning up with similar, increasingly brutal wounds, and is there a connection between the victims? Further acts of slaughter compel Wesley Dodds to stalk the streets and sewers, whilst both he and his girlfriend Dian adjust to the fact that she now knows what he does, if not quite why.

Oh, and if you imagine that Dian is the only who will find herself falling short in her inclusivity, future developments will find Wesley taking a long hard look at himself — and other men — too. One of his others was quiet conversation which he could make so nuanced and riveting that I would have happily enjoyed a page graphic novel drawn by Steve set entirely down a pub.

There are very few quiet conversations here, except perhaps that particularly tender scene between a father and his daughter as he lovingly straps her into a vest rigged with dynamite. The psychopaths are as usual all present and correct. For goodness sake do ignore the back-cover blurb which is so inaccurate in its claims of psychological examination that I can only imagine it to be the result of a long, drawn-out game of Chinese Whispers, whipped together at the last minute by an underpaid, corporate hype-monkey.

Enjoy the glorious grotesquery instead. Instead I saw a man with a Max Wall haircut which I cannot un-see. And now, nor can you. So much so in fact, that has been expanded from a mini-series into an ongoing one. Dapper, grizzled, humourless, veteran cop Inspector Nightingale and his amusing, hardworking sidekick Peter Grant fight crime in the big smoke. Except the twist is the crimes are all of the supernatural variety. This arc once again involves a relatively complicated plot involving not one, not two, but three kidnappings, and one other attempted one.

Well, two I suppose, ostensibly by Russian mobsters intent on extorting hard cash from a London-based former Oligarch. She therefore reaches out to an intriguing new magical character with a familial connection, introduced here in her own very strange circumstances, one Varvara Sidorovna Tamonina, a Russian WW2 female soldier from the mystical Night Witches brigade not to be confused with the real-life Night Witches pilots who, much like Inspector Nightingale, shows remarkable powers of longevity.

It is, of course, not remotely as simple as that, with multiple twists and turns provided by the various magical characters and, of course, some good old fashioned detective work from Peter Grant. I shall say no more for the avoidance of spoilers. Lee Sullivan returns on the art, and once again reminds me of Chris Weston. And… what do you mean, possibly dominant? Now, what else is Somalia renowned for…? Ah yes… pirates.

There follows a hilarious sequence where the cabin boy, a local lad, is interpreting between the pirates and crew. Very amusing. Nope, not Hookjaw yet, though rest assured he is following verrrry closely behind, and it seems this shark already has developed a taste for seal. Navy Seal, that is…. One thing I am a bit puzzled about — and I have had the exact same comment from a customer already — is that Hookjaw himself seems to have had some unnecessary cosmetic dental work.

Whereas before the hook projected out of his skin just below his bottom row of teeth, in the middle, hence the name, now what he has is a long, straight harpoon that is stuck through the side of his head protruding directly out of his mouth. It looks as though, were the barb to catch on anything, the harpoon would pull straight out. It was a fairly limited premise forty years ago.

So I shall enjoy the nostalgia dip whilst it lasts. Now, where did I leave my can of shark repellent…. Buy Hook Jaw 1 and read the Page 45 review here. New Avengers: A. Pretty eerie, eh? Making new sense is more important. I tried asking Dad, but she confiscated him and locked him in a kitchen draw.

They are fashioned by their children before they are five in the Motherless Oven itself. They can be quite complex and caring. Certainly they are sentient. Her Dad is a can opener. The sort with a bayonet blade you have to thrust in to puncture whatever it is you want opening, then wrangle the lid off by force. You will find everything here so very familiar, yet looked at anew, askew or turned on its head.

Words may have multiple meanings depending on intonation or a minor adjustment. Almost every panel demands a quotation, so dense is the wit on display. As mechanical objects, most are dismissively pigeon-holed in their parental role rather than regarded as individuals, then consigned to the scrap head once that role is over.

They exist to deny your freedom so they can make you believe it is theirs to give. And it is most definitely a great big book of rebellion. Not everyone is content to be constrained by their roles. Most parents choose to have children. There was nowhere else. There were plenty of parents, but no brothers or sisters that I can recall. Instead of birthdays, everyone had a deathday.

In St. You choose your fate. Vera Pike chooses not to have one. She hides her graph, unplotted, under the mattress. The art is deliciously British with nods at St. Talk about enabling. The animation of the Ink Gods — the glass, stoppered jars sat on small pedestals — is exquisite and all the more remarkable for being accomplished purely by the lettering. Castro, you may recall, has Medicated Inference Syndrome kept in check with a surgically implanted Brain Aid which stops all the signals becoming noise.

It is Castro who can see all the connections. So how do we get there from here? What is a Book of Forks and what can it offer me? It explains deathdays, how weather works, where Gods came from, why the Immortals died out and how to repair a kettle.

At the time of typing, thanks to Sam Humphrey at SelfMadeHero, all our copies come with beautiful, free bookplates signed by Rob Davis. After a quick flashback to High School, the second book picks up almost immediately after the first. The cast are constantly checking themselves out in the mirror and pawing themselves, changing hair styles, and then occasionally changing back based on approval or disapproval or anticipation of either. But what about the horror hinted at last time? What is up with all that?

As I wrote last time, Campbell has an eye for the more interesting female body shape, and relishes big, fleshy pierced lips and scowls. Her lines grow softer as she grows into the series, the eyes widen to become pools of doting and doubt, while her command of tones becomes rich and delicious. Now we pause for reflection. Good old humans, always tarnishing and sullying stuff with their selfishness, disregard or outright viciousness. Ten years ago a cataclysmic disaster also struck each of the nine Core Planets, in retaliation to which all robotic life forms were outlawed and as many as possible have been hunted down to be thrown into furnaces while still functioning.

Not everyone concurs with this, while some of the most passionate anti-bot bounty hunters are those you hope would most be not. These two paragraphs may be related. Eventually we met Tim on the cover, as did Tim, and they seemed to hit it off immediately until things took a worrying turn for the worst. But to some extent or another we are all the products of our past, humans and androids alike, and once again Nguyen and Lemire have here in these flashbacks imbued Tim with far more tender humanity than those around him.

It is very, very, very upsetting. I particularly admired the three almost identical panels which moved forwards first then days, then ten months, then ten years. Buy Descender vol 3: Singularities and read the Page 45 review here. This is a truth, for which I apologise to all our loyal postmen and postwomen in a trade rather than evolutionary sense while truly appreciating all your pre-dawn delivery diligence.

Too many of us take our Royal Mail maestros for granted, including myself until I typed both those sentences which have no bearing whatsoever on this comic. It is a bright and beautiful thing. Kate Bishop is focussed. Kate Bishop can see what few others see.

In righting wrongs master-archer Kate Bishop will take care of business meticulously, efficiently and without warning whilst wearing purple and counting abs. Where there are lots of… pecs. She has no license, she has dubious investigative skills, but what she does have on her side is a certain chutzpah and the ability to improvise swiftly.

The art by Romero and coloured by Bellaire is a mischievous dream which is ever so light on extraneous clutter and ever so sharp on sequential-art subtlety which is perfectly apposite for a clue-based drama. I cannot believe it would be intentional but in one panel I even got whiffs of Jack Kirby romance comics ask me. Buy Hawkeye 1 and read the Page 45 review here. Being a MAX title, however, we are well into the realms of the outrageous, almost as O. Artist Howard Chaykin done good there.

A book is being written about Vietnam and certain soldiers who served there at the time of the Valley Forge Massacre where Castle was the only man left standing. But one of them discerns a weakness they can exploit: Frank will never knowingly fire on American soldiers. He fitted the Punisher into the story in a manner which made perfect sense. He is the definition of gritty while Ennis provides the grim. Veteran Marvel artist John Severin proved that he had not just maintained his power, but improved his craft and was perfect for this piece.

I was in awe. Because justice to Frank Castle is a very different affair, involving kitchen utensils and a monkey wrench. Patsy Walker A. Other than that, it is wallet-whipping, credit-card-crucifying, sterling-snaffling business as usual!

Possibly the most beautiful bookplate I have ever beheld, signed by both Antony and Steven, for which we are enormously grateful. Planes are not flying, roads are impassable, and almost no trains are operating. Besides, Lubimov is badly injured.

He is still in West Berlin, and they cannot hide him forever. West Berlin, , and the entire continent of Europe is frozen in the icy grip of the coldest winter for over three decades. For a single night in January Dr Lubimov has been released by Russia to address a science conference in West Berlin for the first time in ten years and possibly the last, because Kremlin doctors have given him but two years to live.

His condition is believed to be a side-effect of very nasty nerve toxins the doctor has developed for Mother Russia and which Britannia would like to get her dirty hands on too under the disingenuous excuse of developing antidotes. Not only was it cut off by the Berlin Wall from the east side of the city occupied and administered by Soviet Russia, but it was completely surrounded on all its extremities by both the wall and by the communist German Democratic Republic itself.

Difficult, much…? This graphic novel begins in West Berlin on January 20th , nine days after the conference, with a phone call between Dr Lubimov — sequestered but also trapped in a British safe house — and his aged, already defected wife Olga, desperate to see him again. By the end of that prologue Dr Lubimov has a gun to his head. We then retreat to East Berlin on November 25th The class deference, old school ties, the grudges and period tensions are all captured perfectly, with no one trusting anyone — even on the same sides — as are the semi-derogatory dismissals.

Unfortunately I cannot possibly tell you why, for I have signed our own Page 45 Official Secrets Act which means spoiler-free reviews. I have never seen a starker graphic novel. Have you ever done that? You skin sticks, and it is impossible to free it without tearing some tissue away.

So much of this is spot-lit from above, casting impenetrable, black brow shadows which make seeing eyes — and so reading minds — impossible. Spectacles are rendered as blank glass screens. That is precisely what is required in a graphic novel wherein the dogmatically, diametrically opposed, prideful protagonists are playing dare-you games with each other: games on which real lives so depend.

With barely any purchase on the compacted snow, you can feel the car tyres skidding in the opposite direction to the steering wheel, and you can experience for yourself the insane adrenaline rush when attempting to lose your murderous pursuit. Here he addresses his opposite, Comrade Aleksander Grigori Bremovych of the KGB, as he leaves a room in which they have both been debriefed by their superiors:.

Set in , it starred MacKenzie, Tiffany, KJ and Erin, four twelve-year-old paper girls at a time where delivery routes were predominantly the sole province of boys. The first three had banded together a while ago for mutual protection while Erin joined them just in time for time itself to go tits-up.

The power grid failed, the sky went well-wonky, locals began to be disappeared sic and their quiet suburban neighbourhood was invaded by cowl-covered, incomprehensible, mutated teenage boys on the run from reactionary futuristic knights in shining white armour, riding giant, prehistoric flying lizards. There were lots and lots of apples including an Apple phone which was obviously way ahead of its time even if it was one of those old-skool affairs with a circular dial and cradled handset.

In this volume it will start working for Erin, but not our Erin or the space-suited Erin; it will start working for other Erin on the front cover who is forty years old. Her house has certainly been spruced up. Cliff Chiang once more provides all the vital grounding a science fiction series like this one needs in order to contrast the temporal disturbances — which are once more substantial, startling, enormous and delightfully ugly — with the everyday, out-of-their depth protagonists attempting to survive them.

Similarly her mouth hangs agape naturally, even when not speaking, with a certain degree of weariness. So much of the background detail is subtle but makes all the difference, particularly in the closed-down, deserted and dilapidated shopping mall: lots of detritus, particularly cardboard, scattered on benches or blown up against shop windows and doors; the grass between its parking spaces overgrown. Ograph puts us smackmid of… Poor bastards have no idea The Problems are about to begin.

Ah, the glories of nature, sprightly coloured by Delphine Rieu and as crisp as a Blu-ray disc or a PS4 console screen! Tied to an ancient cult led by insurrectionist General Akuma, the puzzle is a prophetic compass, and this single act will bring the Three Shadow Ladies down on their heads and herald the launch of an unstoppable army towards the gates of the Imperial Palace. For something unspeakable lurks in the stygian depths of The Tomb of Sei-I-Otsuka, and it craves the blood of the puzzle-solver most of all….

So nice to see you again. Indeed it is, as self-proclaimed best pilot in the galaxy Mr. Dameron was one of the few highlights, for me anyway, of the recent Star Wars film. This, however, has a fresh, exciting feel to it, and thus succeeds in actually adding to the canon rather than just being propped up by it.

Oh, and he positively loves torturing and killing people, dear boy. We get two stories for the price of one here, the first of which neatly establishes the characters, involving a strange egg-like artefact and a missing explorer who may know the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, but also allows Poe and Terex to perform the first of no doubt many a deadly pas de deux and competitive verbal one-upmanship. The second story has Poe and his Black Squadron crew popping along to the most heavily secured prison in the galaxy to have a word with one of the lovely Hutts, who may have a lead on the errant explorer.

Guess who else has decided to pay their respects…? What follows is a neat twist on a jail break story as Grakkus the Hutt pits Poe and Terex against each other by offering to reveal his information to the side that can somehow spring him and get him off-world.

Let the game begin! We have no idea why. Christmas Shopping at Page 45! Not sure what the book you want is called? We know our stuff! Come, conjure your friends in our minds! We can find books for difficult Dads, all-ages beauties to make young eyes shine, and Young Adults excellence for the most discerning. A beautiful book about stories, storytelling and story spreading, this is riddled with mischievous wit — parenthetical asides and slapped-wrist remonstrations — addressing the reader directly.

Architecture lovers are in for a blissful experience as an artist visits Paris and its Louvre for the very first time. Read the Page 45 review of Guardians Of The Louvre and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Jean-Jacques Audubon was so obsessed with the feathered miracles of nature that he abandoned his wife with her blessing to travel throughout the perilous wilds of early 19th-Century North America and draw them in all their vivid glory.

Told in the second person singular, a young woman casts her mind across her life. Read the Page 45 review of A City Inside and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! A perfectly formed, poignant little book, this is set amongst snowflakes, staring out at the stars. Lydia is a mouse of a certain age, homely in a long, pleated skirt, cardigan and glasses.

She has many family portraits on her walls. Burt is a young, blue bird. To be honest, it never really happened. There are very few landmarks. Read the Page 45 review of Mooncop and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! A book of neuroses all the funnier for being delivered deadpan, these are succinct Notes To Self satirise bad behaviour, warped priorities and consumerist claptrap like editorial advertisements.

Read the Page 45 review of Hellbound Lifestyle and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! These moments of theatre are painted in contrasting colours then lowly lit, as you might find them in a museum, to create harmonious wholes. Inspired by Inuit art, they are mysteries for you to discover like ancient artefacts and unravel for yourselves.

Each visual tale in turn is accompanied by an artfully edited extract to form a specific, evocative vignette, while elegant synopses of the stories as a whole are provided in the back. Read the Page 45 review of The Singing Bones and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! You belong here. You really do. Here is a brightly shining beacon of hope just when we need it the most, and it is beautiful to behold. It is in part a love poem with a gentle lilt whose personal refrain of constancy and commitment is interspersed by an ode to the natural order of things.

Free from fuss, it relies instead on its simplicity, its eloquence and its truth. What follows is an assurance that every living creature is in its right place, wherever it chooses to be. Read the Page 45 review of You Belong Here and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! This is a book so bursting with love that it will make your hearts soar! Teachers would now be farmers, and farmers would be teachers. Welcome to a great big book of behaviour, all seen through the eyes of a pre-school Riad Sattouf and lavishly sprinkled with the brashest and rashest of generalisations from his perpetually pontificating, pan-Arabist father.

Riad Satouff is your new Guy Delisle. See also volume 2. Read the Page 45 review of Arab Of The Future vol 1 and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Blisteringly powerful first-hand account of the American Civil Rights movement.

In the first MARCH books we witnessed the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee staging peaceful protests against segregation in schools, cafeterias and public transport. These were met with State-endorsed, governor-sanctioned, police brutality executed with relish.

What became shocking clear is the local refusal to obey federal law. Read the Page 45 review of March book 3 and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Fascinating insight into both the genial genius of Alexey Pajitnov — who truly could have had no way of knowing what RSI-inducing monster of a time-thief he was about to unleash on an unsuspecting world — and the greedy, grubby shenanigans of big business, including one Robert Maxwell who engaged in a frantic scramble for the various rights for different territories and platforms.

Read the Page 45 review of Equinoxes and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Prime period noir set in Hollywoodland when the studios were insular and their secrets closely guarded. It was famous for its writing and acting and myth-spinning slights of hand. The crisp, satin-sheen pages boast the most fluent storytelling through the most fluid choreography, and the tightest figure work rendered with loose, sweeping brush strokes. Jonathan and I loved it so much that we fought to review the graphic novel before colluding on a co-conspiratorial compromise.

Which is apposite enough — the conspiracy, rather than the compromise. Read the Page 45 review of Fight Club 2 and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Tim Bird is a master at making you stop and think. Which is a tad ironic because his comics are all about the fluidity of never-ending motion through time and space, with the emotions such journeys can invoke.

Read the Page 45 review of Grey Area: Our Town and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! A bright and beautiful comic full of fresh colours, ornate and organic designs, to read this is like being given glimpses through an open window. An elevating tale of learning, change and growth, but a sober reminder that colonists are only visitors.

Read the Page 45 review of Mirror and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! On a vast, once thriving cylindrical space station now barely maintained by reclusive engineers, the rest of population has devolved into survivalist tribes, no longer understanding the technology around them. The resultant, breath-taking environment, now overgrown with bamboo and trees, is resonant of Babylon 5, Mesomamerican culture and the Brutalist movement which spawned concrete multi-storey car parks and the tiered, balconied Alexandra Road flats in Camden Town.

Read the Page 45 review of Habitat and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Coming home and finding your pregnant wife murdered will do that to you. When the cops prove disinterested, Jack attempts to solve the case himself… unsuccessfully for 17 years. What follows as Jack is put through the emotional and temporal wringer, time after time, is as darkly comedic as it is disturbing.

Read the Page 45 review of Patience and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Writes Jonathan:. If you like the quasi-mystical malarkey going on in THE INCAL, you will love this, as it is undoubtedly the most philosophically inquisitive Moebius ever got in his own stories, covering pretty much all aspects of humanity, the structures of society, set against the backdrop of a so-called advanced civilisations and of course, the ever-enduring battle between omnipresent forces of good and evil.

Fantasy, folklore, witchcraft and deceit. An unfeasibly large Tolkien-esque fortress surrounded by minarets sits atop the base of an already gigantic, heavens-headed gothic cathedral, its architectural details bathed in brown shadow as the dawn behind it ignites in flaming reds, oranges, yellows and purples while the cold, spectral-blue shades of the challengers vying to rule the kingdom are whisked round and around then away.

Each copy comes signed and sketched-in, with unique song lyrics. Single-page four-panel comics in black, white and delicate grey washes, about Joe, his family and his surroundings, all astutely observed, endearingly individualistic and effortlessly funny.

Read the Page 45 review of Dogs Disco and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! All self-contained, just a pick a cover you like! Read the Page 45 review of Bobbins and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Key words: energetic, refreshing; thrilling and funny. Reputation is very much at the heart of this quick-witted, all-ages, action-adventure, dichotomous Delilah — as the cover suggests — having more than one to uphold.

Set in Portugal then Britain during , Tony Cliff delivers landscapes with perfect perspectives and period detail, including both rustic country mansions and more Palladian affairs. The only thing I would warn families about is that Daddy dies during the first ten pages. To give you some idea of how highly I rate this, we normally let a series sell itself after a couple of graphic novels, but I have reviewed each and every one!

Read the Page 45 reviews of Amulet and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! HILDA is a magical all-ages fantasy whose second instalment won the British Comics Awards as voted for by Leeds schoolchildren — and they are a mighty discerning bunch! It stars a fearless young artist called Hilda who adores exploration. There will be maps and, in book one, the most perfect evocation of a night camping out under canvas.

Set in the unspoiled wilds on the eastern shores of Stone Age Britain, the luminous art is breathtaking beautiful. There a boy called Poika takes his first tentative steps towards becoming a man, learning about hunting, survival and the balance of things.

This is a world rich in folklore, and the oral tradition of passing down stories from one generation is key. Since knowledge came so often at a terrible cost and survival depended upon it, preserving as much as possible in the form of fables was essential. A cover makes a promise, but only the contents can deliver. With its energy, its urgency and its two young twins, this fine-line cover promises a period piece of adventure and opposition. It certainly delivers. Read the Page 45 review of Compass South and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide!

It contains eight exotic tales from across the globe and throughout the ages brought to wit-ridden life with an engagingly conversational, often conspiratorial twang sprinkled ever so merrily with current colloquialisms to wring maximum mischief from their ostensibly traditional form. Read the Page 45 review of Lost Tales and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide!

A cautionary, all-ages fable, this has an elegant and eloquent simplicity, and a fearful symmetry whose missing element will haunt me for decades. The cautionary note lies in entrusting your dreams to those with less beneficent interests than your own and it boasts a specific, all too awful pertinence to our wider world today..

Read the Page 45 review of Carrot To The Stars and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! Of course they did. Of course they found a hat. Kind and considerate, brotherly love. We all know what a worm is.

We all know what a worm can do. We all know what a worm is patently incapable of doing. Like learning Mandarin. There will be screams, there will be squeals; there will be giggles galore and dodgem-car dashes in this all-ages outrage, full of the fun of the fair: a mad, moon-based fair, accessible by interplanetary spaceship only.

I howled with laughter throughout this book whose deadpan delivery is enhanced with immaculate timing. They cooked anything up to keep women in the kitchen and stitch-up the more privileged into leading a life of needlework bliss. There are also bits which are made up, which is an outrage. Read the Page 45 review of The Trouble With Women and buy for in-store collection or shipping worldwide! The human race has strived with all its considerable, intellectual and inventive might to leave itself at the mercy of machines.

Few institutions can function any longer if their computer systems crash. As every one of us knows it is enough for them to sit there in our homes and offices, wilful and recalcitrant on a daily basis. See News below for free, swoonaway signed Page 45 bookplate! A vast number of artists are currently drawing the even vaster number of different pages, hence some later bits of the story are finished and other earlier parts still in process.

Fans of AKIRA will still instantly recognise many iconic scenes portrayed here despite the radical re-imaginings. The multiple art contributions contained within even this version are eclectic to say the least. My one criticism would be I found myself wanting much more of those and less of a couple of the others, but I can well imagine in the final longer six-volume format, the endless rotating art styles will only add to the mayhem, of which there is plenty in AKIRA anyway, even before Bart and co.

I was too! This is positively freezing. Rick, Jules and Dagmar have been hired to retrieve a young woman who, her parents claim, has fallen under the influence said whack-job. Seduced her? I promised you spectacular and Mitten delivers on the very second and third pages in a landscape spread whose scale is phenomenal.

The script is relatively sparse but free from the false, forced camaraderie that irks me elsewhere. Often I just want my eye-candy, cheers. It is, however, exactly how Dustin Harbin first came to my attention, by observing some, which had quite the effect on me. Not the butler in this instance. Harbin esq. I decided to give them a go, absolutely loved them because the guy can really tell a story and draw as well as letter beautifully, and then found out there was a much bigger, albeit pocket-dimensioned compilation with both quality and width.

And that, dear reader, is how I came to be even more determined to get hold of this work. And, happy days, shortly thereafter Koyama Press books became available via one of our regular UK distributors! Having now digested it, I will boldly state that not only is Dustin one of the best letterers in the biz, but also one of the best comic diarists.

For whilst he might not actually get up to a great deal out of the ordinary, Dustin successfully makes the ordinary out to be a great deal. He also lays bare his romantic dalliances for our delectation, which he even chivalrously lets his girlfriend have the last word on, with an absolutely brilliant, skewering punchline!

Plus he bravely exposes his battles with the black dog of depression. I must say, he seems rather the stoic to me, though, with his ingenious myriad ways of combating, indeed staving off an unexpected, impending dip in the old psychological weather systems, rather than just giving in to it all and retreating under the duvet in a blubbering mess.

Bryan really is that tall. Buy Diary Comics and read the Page 45 review here. For a start, by the second issue there will be two young ladies on the team, while others will experience… trauma. Which of us knew ourselves, aged 16?

Probably because I never got over being a teenager myself. Every element Heinberg identifies there finds itself at the core of this book, and although Jimmy Cheung will dazzle you with the shiniest of big-battle superheroics fought by those you will be oh so familiar with and fondly attached to, what sets this apart from random costumed crime-fighting is that it comes with its own internal momentum.

Three of the individuals will be startled to learn who their parents actually are. As will you. On the surface this looked corny, not only to prospective readers but to J. But key to all that is this: they are indeed all connected extraordinarily closely to the Avengers and their history… just not in any of the ways it looked like above.

So he did. Similarly here their sexuality a complete non-issue, remarked upon by neither friend nor foe. They simply love each other. Also, I adore the art by Jimmy Cheung. Families matter. For yes, this has a heart of gold. I like Heinberg. All I know is I woke up this morning in this place, and I have no idea how I got here. I remember bits and pieces of different lives … before this… Moon Knight the vigilante, Jake Lockley the cab driver, Steven Grant the millionaire… I need you to tell me… Which of those really happened?

Which one was really me? None of it really happened. It is all an elaborate delusion. Fantasies you created to cope with the truth. I know Moon Knight was real. At least that. I know Khonshu was real. Well, here it is… There is a Moon Knight, Marc. But you are not him. However, Marc is certainly experiencing rapidly changing perceptions of reality whilst seemingly trapped in a mental hospital populated by old cast favourites like Bertrand Crawley, Jean-Paul Duchamp a.

Particularly after issue 5 where guest artist James Stokoe takes us for a quick trip to the moon to fight werewolves in spaceships. But luckily for us, Khonshu, if it really is Khonshu of course, is able to explain to Marc exactly what is going on, or perhaps tell him a huge pack of whoppers, which either way sounds exactly like the weirdest episode of X-Files ever.

Or perhaps Marc is subconsciously using the illusion of Khonshu to construct an ever more implausible explanation to justify his whirlamagig carousel of hallucinations. I honestly have no idea, but this is certainly one of the very few stand-out Marvel titles at the moment in terms of writing, which I personally think is suddenly at its absolute nadir in my living memory following another interminable round of unnecessary reboots post- SECRET WARS.

Main artist Greg Smallwood who has a bit of form with Moon Knight, illustrating part of the recent Brian Wood run is a real talent too, he had me at the very first page of nocturnal ambiguity with Marc stood outside a huge temple hearing the voice of Khonshu beckoning him in.

I really like his broad linework, use of shading as an illustrative instrument and some very clever page layouts with lack of defined panels and stark white backgrounds. It all adds very nicely to the discombobulated feel. Finally, most appropriate sub-title for a Marvel title ever?

I am so, so grateful for every beautiful bookplate designed for Page 45 over the years — they have all of them been exquisite — but Steven Perkins has just shot his to top spot. I am in awe! Speaking of Emma Vieceli, boy can she sing! Go back to the Page 45 Home Page.

Start shopping with Page See the latest blog posts. Find out more about Page Other Fun and Resources. See what's always recommended in the shop. Tell a friend about Page Author Archive « Older Entries. Newer Entries ». Not some nutcase he picked up in a smutty club. Thinking outside the box: you have never seen it done so demonstrably well. Fail better. Do they come through the cat-flap? Then finally at night, he is in the mood to reminisce and casts his mind back to the past.

That seems like the natural order of things to me. That, some dangling, and a great deal of wading. Mission accomplished. How do you feel about profiling? Body count high, if that means much to you. And already we know that it does. Clue: on the cover one of the co-creators is listed as Abaddon… Big, fat-cat package of occult crime fiction exposing investment banking as a deal with the devil, and in which conspiracy theory turns out to be decades of carefully constructed practice.

I do believe he love puzzles. Sorry, where was I? This is brilliant. Sometimes, however, as we shall see, the blood-letting is necessarily much closer to home. Then the Wheel would become broken.

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