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But this is the story, right? If you cover this part of the world, if the war in felt like the tectonic plates of history were shifting, now they're just erupting, crashing. This is the asteroid-impact event for this part of the world with effects that will last similarly long going forward. I didn't want this book to feel like bullshit…. I wanted to show enough that you could feel reassured that it's normal to feel conflicted about your life and the people in it. It's normal to feel anxious about how much people love you.

And it's normal to feel avoidant about how much people love you. It's normal to feel like a failure in the face of trying to stay with someone over the course of your entire life. Laura Shin is a journalist covering cryptocurrency and hosts the podcast Unchained. I was seeing through my other reporting how everything works now, and really understanding, whoa, this is not a good system.

And then getting this education on what bitcoin is, I understood right away: wow, this is going to change the world. Tara Westover is the author of Educated. I was afraid of losing my family. Then, after I had lost them, I was afraid that I made the wrong decision. Then I wrote the book and I was afraid that was the wrong decision. Everything made me frightened back then, and I just—I don't have that feeling now.

I'm gonna act like a human being and help my friend. That's the most important thing. You actually realize, yeah, now that we're in it together, the only thing that matters is both of us staying alive and staying safe and getting where we need to go. And whatever I have to do to do that, I'm going to do. And that was my mentality with each source and each interviewer.

I wanted the debate ended in the room because I didn't want commentary beyond it. I didn't want any kind of interpretation beyond it. I wanted the situation to be resolved there and then…. And without certain answers, I thought we weren't going to be able to speak about this matter in the way that I wanted to speak about it. And I thought that I had transmitted that to Hamza and that he understood that.

But as time went on, I realized that he had not accepted that as the likely outcome. And this is what was actually so energizing to work with you, Hamza. You never let your hope and desire and hunger to get that answer ever get dimmed. Like, ever. Chuck Klosterman is a journalist and the author of eleven books, including his latest, The Nineties. And I am now supposed to do all of these interviews and all of these podcasts promoting this book. And because it's a book about the nineties… it feels incredibly uncomfortable to me….

But that's not really how it was. I mean, what you were selling out was this idea of your integrity. And what your integrity was, was somehow not doing anything to make other people like you. Khabat Abbas is an independent journalist and video producer from northeastern Syria, and the winner of the Kurt Schork News Fixer Award. And this is how we end up having little gaps in the ways of covering in general.

It's not a matter of like, they shaped it in this way. How this industry is working, how this industry is deciding what they should cover. Michael Schulman is a staff writer for The New Yorker. He recently profiled Jeremy Strong of Succession. And then when you go to write the piece, you have to sort of take a breath and say to yourself, Okay, I'm not writing this for this person. I'm writing this for the reader.

Sarah Marshall is a writer and hosts the podcast You're Wrong About. I almost feel like I have preserved this a-little-bit-past version of myself, because I've been on this journey throughout the pandemic of becoming pretty cynical, and then deciding cynicism is a luxury and that it feels better, ultimately, to try to believe in people. Abe Streep is a journalist and contributing editor for Outside. That would be extractive in this setting, I think. If someone shares something personal with me, that is a serious matter.

Connie Walker is an investigative reporter and podcast host. Her latest show is Stolen: The Search for Jermain. And that kind of extractive, transactional kind of journalism really causes a lot of harm. And so much of our work is trying to undo and address that. There is a way to be a storyteller and help amplify and give people agency in their stories. New vocabularies of pleasure and disgust. But to Better Understand it, Turn to Fiction. Now It Sputters. George Saunders is the author of eleven books.

I really enjoy it. To get that on the page—to sufficiently praise the loveliness of the world without being a sap, and also lacerate the world for being so goddamn mean—to do those in the same story would be a great aspiration.

Emily Oster is an economist, professor, and author. Her new book is The Family Firm. I do much less reading of the comments than I did early on because I found that eventually I just got mad and that's not a productive way to interact.

And it affects how I think about what I write, and I would like what I write to be the things that I think are true, not the things I think will avoid people being angry. Kelefa Sanneh is a staff writer at The New Yorker. Anita Hill is a professor and author. And my responsibility really is to live out that purpose as much as possible. And that the issues will not depend on me entirely. What's nice about Substack is that we've come to this place that I hope lasts where we can have this sort of local restaurant relationship with writers, or I can have that with readers, where I don't have to be part of this big machine in order to do something that I really like.

Episode Mitchell S. He was the founding editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed News. I'm not sure that's a totally sane or healthy personality trait, but it is definitely, for me, a personality trait…. I think that in political reporting, certainly, there's a kind of reporter who thinks that their job is basically to pull the masks off of these monsters.

And I generally tend to think all these people—with some exceptions—are weird and complicated and often doing really awful things. But they aren't necessarily irredeemable or impossible to understand…. They're interesting. His new book is The Loneliest Americans.

What more does one want out of an intellectual life? It's good work. I'm kind of a bottom feeder. It's down there on the bottom where people don't want to go. But if that's what it takes to find interesting, new material, I'm fine with it. I don't care. I'm not easily grossed out. I don't feel that there's any reason why we shouldn't look at this.

And over time, I started to feel that Episode E. Alex Jung is a senior writer for Vulture and New York. I'll just absorb whatever's happening or going on, and I'll be down to do mostly anything. I was actually thinking recently about what my limits would be in a profile. I was like—heroin? I don't think I would do that. Max Chafkin is a features editor and reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek.

And there's also a tendency in the press to pump up these startups based on those stories…. It's worth taking a critical look at these stars of the moment. Because often there's not as much there as we think. Hannah Giorgis is a staff writer at The Atlantic.

We're talking about actors, we're talking about who are the lead characters, what are the storylines that they're getting. And I'm always interested in that. But I'm really, really interested in power Episode Sarah A. Sarah A. You always ask people to just tell you what they want to tell you about anything that has happened to them…. This event that happened to you, it doesn't define you.

Like, tell me about your childhood. Tell me about your life. Tell me about the things you think are important in your community. And by the time we get to the traumatic part, I hope they've seen enough of who I am and how I interview to feel comfortable telling me that they don't want to talk about certain things. Lawrence Wright is an author, screenwriter, playwright, and a staff writer for The New Yorker.

And yet, memories fade and people die. So those stories disappear and the job of the journalist is to go out before that happens and accumulate the kinds of stories that are going to help us understand who we are, why we are, where we are right now in time, and try to thread those stories into a coherent narrative.

In a way, you give it a kind of immortality. Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering are documentary filmmakers. Their latest miniseries is Allen v. Or those moments where someone is deciding to tell a story or is going through a process that they think is private… We think there's something about getting the moment before the first moment that people normally see.. Show notes: janedoefilms. That value of perseverance, of driving onwards. I believe life is about darkness and happiness.

I believe that nothing is given, you fight for everything. And how you operate in moments of doubt and darkness ultimately define you. So I talk a lot as a professional about tenacity. What I've never linked that to before was my own biography. What did surprise me when I read the book as not being about me, but just read it as a book, was how bloody tenacious I was in fleeting moments of real awfulness.

There are reporters who date and reporters who marry. I think both Cecilia and I are reporters who marry our sources and by that I mean they are lifelong sources. Episode Julie K. Julie K. Brown is an investigative reporter for the Miami Herald. But the one thing I know is that the authorities weren't going to do anything about this unless it stayed in the news and there was pressure. And I thought the only way to do pressure was to continue to write stories and to be in their face by going on TV.

So I took advantage of the fact that I am sort of a part of this story in the hope that it would pressure authorities to do something about it. The blog advertising market cratered. Because in my experience in media, nothing is ever good for too long.

Show notes: doree doree-shafrir. Jessica Bruder is a journalist and author of the book Nomadland. I want to go deep with people. So I hung out. But I stick around. If people just want me to fuck off, I fuck off, and I talk to other people.. Show notes: jessicabruder. Robert McKee is an author and screenwriting lecturer. And writers must have that. They can't possibly create excellent nonfiction or fiction if they're not aware of what is going on inside of other people, really, even subconsciously, while they go about saying whatever they do consciously in the world.

Because if you just recorded the surface, if you were just paying attention to the surface, you'd be missing the whole show. Show notes: McKeeStory mckeestory. Rerun: Ashley C. Ashley C. Ford is the author of Somebody's Daughter: A Memoir. That was my first realization that I did not just have to react to the world, that I could be intentional in the world, and just curious about what came back to me. Show notes: iSmashFizzle ashleycford. Early on, I was like, the pinnacle achievement is to solve this case.

But ultimately, I felt like an ambiguous ending was the most honest to what I actually experienced in reporting it. Megha Rajagopalan is a senior correspondent for Buzzfeed News. She won a Pulitzer for her coverage of the Xinjiang detention camps. And in the U. That lesson was indisputably crucial for me.

And that could be dangerous…. In the end, when the red light goes on, it's just you. You're by yourself. Katherine Eban is an investigative journalist and contributor to Vanity Fair. So imagine—if this is a lab leak—the earth shattering consequences for virology. For the science community, for how research is done, for how research is regulated.

Or if it is a zoonotic origin, we have to know how our human incursion into wild spaces could be unleashing these viruses. We have to know what caused this. Show notes: KatherineEban katherineeban. After you listen to this preview, tap here to read or listen to the rest of part one. Part two will be published on June 11, and part three will be available on June Subscription required.

New subscribers can try 1 month free. The curiosity index has to be high in order to make the rest of it worth it. I think we all have that within us. I wanted to bring my readers along. So I selected details that we all have in common I'm trying to invite you along on a journey that you yourself might have taken.

Episode Donovan X. Donovan X. Ramsey is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. But that meant the only way I was able to do that was I had to kind of do this really often depressing slice of Black life. Show notes: donovanxramsey donovanxramsey. Adam McKay is a film director, writer, and host of the podcast Death at the Wing. I let some of myself get in the way of that. And that just feels so good that it far outweighs the times when you make a mistake, or let something go wrong, or too long, or hit the wrong tone.

Which is going to happen. You can be with what's hard. Admit what's hard. That can be its own relief. Show notes: annasale annasale. We want to know why somebody would care so much about something that it could direct their whole life. When people care about something a lot, what can be more interesting than that to understand what drives those powerful emotions?

Part of why I do this work is that I am able to get temporarily obsessed with a lot of different things and then move on to the next thing that I'm temporarily obsessed with. There's always a new question that I want to follow. Show notes: brookejarvis brookejarvis. They won the George Polk Award for Health Reporting for their coverage of the meatpacking industry's response to the pandemic, including their feature "The Battle for Waterloo.

This is part four in a week-long series of conversations with winners of this year's George Polk Awards in Journalism. This is the third in a week-long series of conversations with winners of this year's George Polk Awards in Journalism. Together they won this year's George Polk Award for Business Reporting for their coverage of Facebook's handling of disinformation on its platform.

This is the second in a week-long series of conversations with winners of this year's George Polk Awards in Journalism. This is the first in a week-long series of conversations with winners of this year's George Polk Awards in Journalism.

There are so many people that I have written about who take a really long time with their projects, whether years or decades, and they might or might not work out. They just don't go along with what's received, and they—at a great personal cost—often do things that are very different.

And then those things are the things in our world that are the most fascinating or feel the most human. Show notes: danagoodyear danagoodyear. Albert Samaha is an investigative journalist and the deputy inequality editor at BuzzFeed News.

And being in journalism makes that even more so. Show notes: AlbertSamaha albertsamaha. Bonnie Tsui is a journalist and the author of Why We Swim. When I was an editor, I kind of hated it. Show notes: bonnietsui bonnietsui. Jessica Lessin is founder and editor-in-chief of The Information.

A lot of investors try to do this. And I think sometimes where the press gets in trouble is trying to make a call. I think many journalists, unfortunately, are more interested in that than in understanding, What is this company trying to do? Show notes: Jessicalessin theinformation. USPS data shows where they went" J. It should simply be the catalyst for the other story.

And the other story is the victims. And the other story is the political backdrop and the environment that they are walking through. Show notes: elongreen elongreen. So Did Their Killer. Jess Zimmerman is editor-in-chief of Electric Literature.

Her new book is Women and Other Monsters. If [my story] is out there, it's out there because in order to make the larger point that I wanted to make … I had to give this level of access. It does kind of feel more strategic than cathartic. Can a restaurant be good if it doesn't have wheelchair access? Can a restaurant be good if the farmers picking the tomatoes are getting sick?

How much do we consider when we talk about if a restaurant is good or not? That's what I worry about. That nothing will change. Show notes: tejalrao tejalrao. Her new show is Stolen: The Search for Jermain. And that kind of extractive, transactional kind of journalism that really causes a lot of harm. Vinson Cunningham is a staff writer for The New Yorker. If you're a person like me, where thoughts and worries are intruding on your consciousness all the time, it is a great relief to have something to just over-describe and over-pay-attention to—and kind of just give all of your latent, usually anxious attention to this one thing.

That, to me, is a great joy. Show notes: vcunningham vinson. And nobody has a nursing home correspondent. Nobody has an assisted living correspondent…. That's wild to me. As a journalist, someone tells me, Oh, there's an industry. It's hugely underregulated.

It's getting billions of dollars a year. It is not super-accountable for that money. Who wouldn't want to cover that? Show notes: katieenglehart katieengelhart. I think my approach is much more similar to photographers than other writers. I spend a lot of time with photographers and I feel like I've gotten pretty good at getting myself into situations where there's few or maybe no other writers around, but there's always a bunch of photographers…. I try to get in right behind the first photographers.

Mirin Fader is a staff writer for The Ringer. You make it, and every day, you have to keep making it. Show notes: MirinFader mirinfader. Her most recent article is "The Journalist and the Pharma Bro. Show notes: stephcliff stephanieclifford. Episode Kenneth R. Kenneth R. And then I have my personal notebook, which has all my fears and anxieties. And it invariably makes its way into the reporting … which is sort of an amalgamation of those two journals, of those two experiences, the internal and the external.

Episode Ashley C. Ford is a writer and podcast host. Her memoir, Somebody's Daughter, is forthcoming from Flatiron Books. Ed Yong spent covering the pandemic for The Atlantic. His latest feature is "How Science Beat the Virus. But I am trying to construct that platform while also being submerged in it. Show notes: edyong edyong.

Nilay Patel is editor-in-chief of The Verge and hosts the podcast Decoder. It just is. Also, a bunch of marginalized communities are able to speak with coordinated voices and make change very rapidly. Show notes: wrightthompson. Melissa del Bosque is an investigative journalist covering the U. Or they made a decision to do nothing. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation. Show notes: reeveswiedeman reeveswiedeman.

Latif Nasser co-hosts Radiolab. It takes a lot more courage to go up in front of everybody and be like, This is awesome. I love this. That takes a lot of guts, I think. Barton Gellman is a staff writer for The Atlantic. And sometimes they take it like grown-ups and sometimes less so. Show notes: bartongellman bartongellman. Latria Graham is a writer living in South Carolina. I really do try to dissect myself and my mistakes.

Take from it what you need. Show Notes: LatriaGraham latriagraham. You Just Don't See Us. Nicholson Baker is the author of 18 books of fiction and nonfiction. Show notes: nicholsonbaker8 nicholsonbaker. Elizabeth Weil covers California and the climate for ProPublica. Show notes: lizweil elizabethweil. Jiayang Fan is a staff writer for The New Yorker. It made me wonder, What should a person be? And how should a person be? And being a writer has been a lifelong quest to answer those questions.

Claudia Rankine is a poet, essayist, and playwright. This might be the only chance I get to stand up for myself. As Claudia. As a Black person. As a Black woman. As an American citizen. So what am I waiting for? What am I preserving when the thing I am supposedly preserving is also the thing that is on some level killing me?

So I Asked. Ta-Nehisi Coates is an author and journalist. Say something. Good things take time. You gotta let things cook. Show notes: ta-nehisicoates. The conventions of the thriller often smuggle in all of this really right-wing, pro-police propaganda that all of our cops were raised on—the story of cops having to crash cars and break rules in order to get the bad guys. We wanted to take that and subvert it, using its methods to blow it up from the inside while also being rigorously reported.

Jason Parham is a senior writer at Wired. Some days I think of myself as a journalist. But I essentially mostly think of myself as an essayist, somebody who is trying to bridge those two traditions. Show notes: nonlinearnotes jasonparham. Because anyone can do that.

Show notes: Mailchimp's By the Books jennykleeman jennykleeman. Hate means I do not like someone or I do not like something. I deplore it. I despise it. So it could be camaraderie, it could be power, it could be purpose, in some cases it could be money. Show notes: The Mastermind Chronicles of Now seywarddarby seywarddarby.

And Then She Left. Raquel Willis, the former executive editor of Out, is an activist, journalist, and writer. Rethink our idea of storytelling. We actually need to be democratizing this experience—sharing the tools of storytelling with other folks. Folks are hungry to tell their own stories and may not always have the tools.

McKinley Jr. An episode featuring Ashley C. Ford from "The Books That Changed Us," a new, short-run podcast hosted by Aaron and Max where authors discuss the books that made them who they are. The episode series is part of Mailchimp's By The Books, a summer-long virtual literary festival curated by last week's Longform guests, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman.

No one owes you to tell you their story. Show notes: aminatou annfriedman bigfriendship. The connections between the human mind and writing are in some ways the same thing. You have to understand people, observe them, and really figure out what makes them tick.

Not if you're talking psychology. Tessie Castillo, a journalist covering criminal justice reform, and George Wilkerson, a prisoner on death row in North Carolina, are two of the co-authors of Crimson Letters: Voices from Death Row. So I wanted this book to be a platform for them and for their voices. A lot of stuff we think are core, are just habits. This is core. This is who we are. Everything else is sort of up for grabs. Jacqueline Charles is the Caribbean correspondent at the.

But what you hope is that with your pen, with your voice, with your recording of history…somebody somewhere will feel compelled to do something. She is the former editor-in-chief of Ebony and Honey Magazine, which she co-founded at age Telling the truth about a particular slice of life is what my career has been. That slice of life started about young people who were partaking in hip hop culture.

Most of them were of color, most of them were poor. So that was a perspective. If you begin to tell the stories of those people at that time, that begins to have an advocacy feel and taste and touch. Not even with a consciousness to it. Because this is a lost voice. This is a lost point of view. It is not in the mainstream. It is not being centered. No one is telling it. So the mere act of shedding light journalistically in places where there has been no light before is advocacy.

Sorry, journalists. Sorry, all you impartial, fair-and-balanced folks. They are political and government entities who are the literal characters in the story. They are describing the actions of people who are protesting them. They have incentives. Philip Montgomery is a photojournalist. Just Rarely Onscreen. Isaac Chotiner conducts interviews for The New Yorker. They like to be asked questions, generally. It may be just as simple as that. David Haskell is the editor-in-chief of New York Magazine.

You can't ever take that for granted, but I think it's fair to indulge a long-term perspective. More than fair, actually — I think it's part of the job, for me at least, to be plotting and dreaming years out. And to be fashioning the magazine toward that long-term vision as gingerly as I can without it breaking.

DavidGHaskell davidhaskell. Her new podcast is Sugar Calling. I was goofing around and doing all kinds of things. But I was always writing. And I was always really sure and clear and serious about my writing. My ambition was this secret thing within me that I dedicated myself to. CherylStrayed cherylstrayed.

Bonnie Tsui is a journalist and author of the new book Why We Swim. Lulu Miller is a former producer at Radiolab and a co-founder of Invisibilia. How they get through this breakup. How they get through being disabled in a family that's crushing them. How they get through having a head that's poisonous. Every story is just, Oh, what's your trick?

All I know is there is a slim chance, a very slim chance, that we could make things a lot better than if we do nothing and just let it burn. NaomiAKlein naomiklein. Eva Holland is a freelance journalist and a correspondent for Outside. Her new book is Nerve: Adventures in the Science of Fear. Maybe I'll become a paramedic, who knows? Magazines I write for are already shutting down because of this. You can only freak out so much before you decide that if you end up having to find a new way to make a living, that's what you'll do.

His most recent article is "How the Pandemic Will End. The changes I hope to see, I hope to see immediately. Like right now. And that does create a massive sense of urgency, a sense of pressing, incredibly high stakes. Is America Ready? The stakes are just so high.

Then Step Up. They Came Back to Coronavirus. Jon Mooallem is a journalist, author, and host of The Walking Podcast. His latest book is This is Chance! This whole idea that society falls apart and everyone descends into madness and violence is just not true. And we know that. We have science that shows it. Jad Abumrad is the co-creator and host of Radiolab. His new podcast is Dolly Parton's America.

JadAbumrad jadabumrad. Mara Hvistendahl is a freelance reporter and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for her first book, Unnatural Selection. MaraHvistendahl marahvistendahl. It always comes from being on the ground. I was immensely relieved, and immensely grateful for the sources … and I was so grateful for those people at the New Yorker who had worked so hard.

But it was a strange, numb time for me that ended, at the end of that day, with me bursting into tears. And you better not abuse it or mishandle it, because you could put people in danger. Just being a decent person, and demonstrating that decency, goes a long way.

Andrea Bernstein is a journalist and co-host of Trump, Inc. And I feel that writing and documenting is an action. When I stop doing those things, I will be hopeless. But because I am still doing those things, it means that I still have hope… so long as we continue to be actors in the world, we can be hopeful human beings.

Kevin Kelly is a writer and a founding executive editor of Wired Magazine. Katherine Eban is an investigative journalist and contributing writer at Fortune Magazine. I hate to say that. On the other hand, I do believe there will always be whistleblowers.

Cord Jefferson is a journalist turned television writer whose credits include Succession, The Good Place, and Watchmen. Bravery does not come naturally to me. Jerry Saltz is a Pulitzer-winning art critic for New York. I mean fast. Before the demons get me. I got to get writing. My mom had left this vibrant community of architects and art people to live in this idyllic country setting with my dad, and she poured all of her art feelings into me.

She really praised me for being this baby genius, which I may or may not have been. But I grew up thinking I was an amazing artist. There were no art classes around. Andy Greenberg is a senior writer for Wired. His new book is Sandworm. My job is I think to be honest with the reader and to keep surfacing new ways for me and for other people to think about books. War is mostly waiting around for something to happen. Good Enough. As a journalist i was helping people to tell their stories, as a therapist I could help people to edit their stories, to change their stories.

I could be immersed in the human condition in both of these things. LoriGottlieb1 lorigottlieb. The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough E. Apply to the University of Pittsburgh's Writing Program lsjamison lesliejamison.

His latest film is American Dharma. Probably if I thought carefully about whether they made sense, I would stop immediately. I make them because I have a need to do it. I have a need to think about stuff. Writing and filmmaking for me is a form of thinking. And I enjoy it. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred. A Leutcher, Jr. Ashley Feinberg is a senior writer at Slate.

She recently uncovered Mitt Romney's secret Twitter account. That is who they try to project to the world. Jewels N' Drugs feat. Do What U Want feat. Kelly Swine Donatella Mary Jane Holland Dope Gypsy Three other albums have never been issued on CD in the U. In addition, a number of discs in the box set contain bonus tracks. He also made numerous other appearances as an in-demand sideman during this landmark early period. In , he moved over to Warner Bros.

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I'm faking glory Lick my lips, toss my hair And turn the smile on And the story's brand new But I can take it from here I'll find my own bravado. It's a switch flipped It's a pill tipped back, it's a moon eclipse, woah oh And I can tell you that When the lights come on, I'll be ready for this It's in your bloodstream A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes It's a marathon run Or a mountain you scaled without thinking of size.

I was frightened of every little thing That I thought was out to get me down To trip me up and laugh at me, but I learned not to want the quiet of a room With no one around to find me out I want the applause, the approval The things that make me go oh.

It's a switch flipped It's a pill tipped back, it's a moon eclipse And I can tell you that When the lights come on, I'll be ready for this It's in your bloodstream A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes It's a marathon run Or a mountain you scaled without thinking of size. Bravado Lorde. Nos avise. Legendado por Gabriel e mais 4 pessoas. Viu algum erro? Posts relacionados. Playlists relacionadas. Mais acessados. Todos Rock Gospel Sertanejo Mais. Molotov Cocktail Piano Bravado. Acoustic Soul Bravado.

Lorde Bravado Fffrrannno Remix. Lorde Andy Frozen remix Bravado. Kipp Stone Bravado. Buffalo Bravado Ridin' on Waves Lorde Royals. Lorde Yellow Flicker Beat. Lorde Team. Lorde Tennis Court. Lorde Flicker Kanye West Rework. Lorde Homemade Dynamite. Lorde Mood Ring.

Lorde feat. Lorde Glory And Gore. Lorde A World Alone. White Knight Instrumental Bravado. Fiona Laskaris Bravado. Lorde Andrade Rosas Ou Girassol. Lorde Andrade Minhas Meninas. Lorde Andrade Nobody Yes Door.

Jason Leroy Bravado 5. DoFo Lorde. Lorde Loki, Aprl Soundwave Flavours. Head of Light Entertainment Bravado for the Gauche. Bravado Bravado, Anders F. Lorde Loki, Aprl Soundwave feat. Mike 53 Bank. The End Of The Ocean bravado. Bravado Better Than Lonely. Big Foe Bravado. Lorde Loki, Aprl Soundwave Vibe. Bravado Where Have You Been?

The Yale Alley Cats Bravado. Bravado Wasteland. Bravado Return to Rock. Lorde Fredd33 feat. Travis Mendes Summer Breeze.

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It's a switch flipped It's a pill tipped back, it's a moon eclipse And I can tell you that When the lights come on, I'll be ready for this It's in your bloodstream A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes It's a marathon run Or a mountain you scaled without thinking of size.

Bravado Lorde. Nos avise. Legendado por Gabriel e mais 4 pessoas. Viu algum erro? Posts relacionados. Playlists relacionadas. Mais acessados. Todos Rock Gospel Sertanejo Mais. Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Bravado Bravado, Anders F. Lorde Loki, Aprl Soundwave feat. Mike 53 Bank. The End Of The Ocean bravado.

Bravado Better Than Lonely. Big Foe Bravado. Lorde Loki, Aprl Soundwave Vibe. Bravado Where Have You Been? The Yale Alley Cats Bravado. Bravado Wasteland. Bravado Return to Rock. Lorde Fredd33 feat. Travis Mendes Summer Breeze. Lorde Fredd33 Teen Angst. Floor Tracks Bravado. Lorde Rex Sra. Lorde Sanctus feat. Ramona Pax St. Elsewhere feat. Ramona Pax. Lorde Fredd33 Reparations. Eric Person Bravado. Bravado Cartel Seeking Chaos. Lorde Sanctus Direct.

Lorde Andrade Bernardo. Krocelot, Azurite Bravado. Bravado Past the Point. Bravado Ballad of Roxy and Tim. Lorde Fredd33 Jumper. SG Bravado. Bravado Cartel Lost at Sea. James Flowse Bravado. Bravado Look into Me.

Bravado Guilty. Wayward Line Bravado. Pomplamoose Lorde 2Pac Beck Mashup. Scotty Reeves Bravado. Lorde of All Desires Diablerie's Course.

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Lorde - Bravado

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