Liimanarina discography torrent

liimanarina discography torrent

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Jon C. Terrones March Hi, 7 PM! Send us a 60 or 90 minute cassette and we will send you back a 7 PM! Plus we send schpoo, and stickers too. Also include the 7 PM! We implode on October 8th, , so participate in our little schpooey group while we still exist. Thanks again, have a wondeful time in whatever you do. Scott Tuffiash January Indie rock label located in Houston, TX.

Releases include 7"s and full lengths from schrasj, Celindine,Clouded and Blueprint, among many others. Lo-fi,slo-fi and bedroom pop. Mark Caperton May Distribution company specialized in hard rock, heavy metal and progressive music. We are the owners of the label Elevate Records, specialized in progressive Metal. Pino Magliani March Voice Mail: Our first release is scheduled for June For any inspiring artists, D. Please Note: All material received from artists will not be returned.

My guess is that either the label is run by somebody in MX or is a part of the Ralph Records pile-up. For latest information on these artists and what their albums sounds like -- visit their homepages. Eyeless In Gaza have been important for many other "indie" bands and was one of the biggest in the beginning of the 80ies. Jerry Nilson December Basically if you like the band Headbutt then this is label heaven. Records 5 Purdue Rd. Bristol, CT U. Connecticut-based label with two 7" releases, one by The Differents, the other by Boston duo Piewackit.

Brett Larner August Box Chicago, IL wthouse housedog. He has formed his own band recently, The James Young Group, in addition to playing with the reunited Styx. Fellow Styx bandmate Tommy Shaw has also re-released two of his solo efforts on Absolute. Hard rock and intelligent songwriting highlight Absolute Records' artists.

George Milas February Accretions P. Box S. Not really sure about how prolific this label is. To my knowledge, all they've released so far is a record by Marcelo Radulovich, which is apparently really freaky drug music. Ryan Schreiber April Small Boston label, trying to do something with the scene there the newer scene, not the old, lumpy, Del Fuegos, bar-band scene but not particularly successful to date.

Ace of Hearts Records P. The back catalog is great even though all the Burma stuff went to Taang and Ryko but their recent releases are a bit weak in comparison. Punk Rock Damage Factor: 7. A label specializing in African music. In preparation, a "Various Artists" release of Tanzanian pop music. Douglas Paterson September Aggressive Records P. Also records by Kronik and rotten bob.

Mosher March Ajax Records P. Box Chicago, IL ajax ripco. Ajax has been many things to date, but it's currently the re-release headquarters for the Jefferies brothers, Peter and Graeme. Up to 16, one of the consistently best mail-order catalogs in the US and probably the world, with lots of New Zealand imports to keep the masses happy.

Catalog is free for the asking, but send Tim a couple stamps or something - make his life a little easier. Unfortunately, a catalog is not available on-line; perhaps in the future. AAJ is a co-op label of Tallahassee bands.

They have combined resources for college radio mailouts, press and touring information. The label has put out approximately 20 releases, including 15 7-inches and 3 cd's. The styles of music range from low-fi to punk to indie-pop and ecletic rock. They have a catalog available and will be releasing a compilation cd for Fall of Jon Lammers June Records from Drag Racing Underground a.

Mailorder is handled by: Downtown Music Gallery E. Burbank, CA input alias. While they started slow, Alias has recently been doing a bunch of good stuff, signing lots of bands and trying to establish a good reputation for themselves.

A small interesting indie-pop label based in Bordeaux France. Be quick though some of their products are already out of print. By the way, they are all very nice people so send them candy if you wish. Jean-Marie Morvan April Box Burbank, CA U. Extremes from every genre. Also is releasing for the first time some never-before heard MC5 material. Alive releasing material from new bands like L.

Chris Barrus November An independent, commercial dance label from the UK. N-Trance have just had a number 2 single in the UK charts - the 3rd biggest selling single in the UK in Since its inception in , AATW has released approx 17 singles of which 6 have been top 40 in the UK or higher - What a happenin' label we are!!

Matt June I like a lot of their stuff, my friend Jen loves them. A recent series of singles called "Emergency Broadcast Systems" has been great, as have earlier comps and singles featuring Fiddlehead, Phleg Camp, and Fuel. Alligator Records P. Box Chicago, IL Bringing back the blues. Catalog on request by calling This is the hottest Blues label in the USA! Gary Hawkins May AlternaKids is certainly a well placed indie in the thriving Chapel Hill area, but not quite another Merge, at least it wouldn't appear so.

The label specialises in alternative music for kids, rather than the stuff that gets churned out by dinosaurs , of the purple variety I guess. Box San Francisco, CA alttent aol. Founded by Jello Biafra, AT has had problems finding worthwhile bands of late but anyone with that kind of a back catalog all the DK's stuff, for example is going to do just fine.

But, this label really seems to be working hard to establish itself as the worst indie-label in America at the present moment, though new LPs from Neurosis and Zeni Geva might be turning it around again. New York, NY greggm panix. ASR is a cyber-label, making their music available only on the Internet. The ordering information is on the web site. Gregg Mangiafico February Amalgamated, a new LA based label, has so far released one amazing album by Antioch Arrow, and I know has some equally fine heavy ominious sounds up their sleeves.

Valentina Andreetta October BaltiMORE punk rock to pop rock. Write for a free catalog. Michael March If youre interested, send us an E-mail. Minna Forsman March David's guitar style has been compared to the late Stevie Ray Vaughn and many others. Texas' wealth of musical talent is known throughout the world for it's soul, diversity, influence and spirit. David is one of nearly songwriters which makes Texas home and whom seeks to share his view of life with with a world of Music fans.

Online ordering world wide or US toll free at 1. Rick Hollowell July Independent label internationally known for it's high quality catalogue of traditional and contemporary world music, new music and ambient music. Matteo Silva December Of interest: Amish Records has sold almost as many T-shirts in forest green, featuring the silhoette of Amish children as 7"s. The guys who run this label, Matt and Brian, live in New York, and will soon be putting out a 7" by N. Very cool guys; send them censored pictures, not candy.

Jeannie McCabe December Not just an "olympia label". Check out their single with Dissent Amity 6 - it makes me jump around the room even at 3am with no caffeine in my system. Amoebenklang St. Petersburger Str. Record Label and Mail Order Company in the eastern part of germany. They mainly keep punk and hardcore stuff in store and have released three albums on CD. They are very keen to promote the releases straight punk and to get in contact with radio-stations etc.

Nice people! Ralf Siegel February Am Rep has succeeded in rebuilding a noisy scene in Minneapolis and elsewhere with its collection of bands - Halo of Flies, Hammerhead, Tar, Surgery, Vertigo, Cosmic Psychos, and more I realize that most of the named bands aren't from MN, but bear with me There is most definitely an AmRep sound - angry, heavy, downtrodden, but don't take my word for it, listen and learn.

Looking for any bands who use guitars, bass and drums, but no keyboards or brass instuments which seem to be the fad at the moment. Alex Kravec October Box League City Texas stvitus mail. Analgesic is the "painless"studio and label. We have concentrated on a very small group of artists, mostly Slow Children and Bone Simple. We do cater to the artist as much as possible and are interested in damn near anything.

If you send anything don't expect it back please, not that we are trying to be rude or anything but we can't even afford that cost to our meager budget. Send Us Candy, and good junk and we will listen. Winky the sleep boy August Winky the sleep boy August WOW!!

They are working on a new bone Simple Release in late '98 and a comp of great outtakes, offbeat stuff and out of print junk from the studio, I've heard the rough's and they are simply great. Jay Colson, editor: Skuz January Angry Seed P. Also, two compilation CDs are available. Angry Seed also has the "Reload" newsletter, with tons of info, and the mainman at Angry Seed Rich Horton also publishes "Big Load", which is an indie 'zine which consists solely of indie music adds Marty E.

May The label carries early Pain Teens' cassette-only recordings and Pain Teens t-shirts. And probably does other stuff too! Independent label specializing in Punk records, tapes, cds, and videos. Casey Morgan July Ant Records is a very small label located on the east coast of Canada, responsible for a number of cassette only releases by the Motes, Sixtoo, Dr. Jonhut, and more. Write them for a catalog and you'll probably get some other free stuff too.

Sir Francis Chichester April Antelope Records P. Antelope records is a small indy label in the mountains of Colorado. We are hear to help the talented bands of the Colorado High Country. Our first realese is from a very talented band called Drift. This is a band that makes you think of 10, Maniacs, Widespread Panic, and Phish all in the same show. The labels new realese is called "till the sun cries moon" and is available all thru-out Colorado and thru our own mail order system.

If you are interested please, write, call, fax, or email us. Jamie Mefford May Antfarm Records is a small Australian indie label committed to releasing and promoting compilations and albums of talented, young, unsigned Australian Artists. We are happy to recieve demo's from anyone. Quality material that we are unable to release we have often passed on to other more suitable record labels. World Famous Blues indie lable. Todd Dunbebin April Focuses on music done by artists who do music.

We release their music. Per Gisle Galaaen July Pretty nice do it yourselfers. Free patches and stickers! Adam Strom August John J. DeGaetano May Schneider Walkmuehlstrasse 87 Wiesbaden Germany johschne stud. German P! Mahler January Home of the Pebbles series of 60's garage, psych, acid, surf, and punk music that you've never heard. The label are also doing distribution. Curt M. Sigurdsen October Ardent is the old home label of the infamous Big Star. They seem to lean toward the pop area of the musical bell-curve.

Adventurous bands need not apply Steven Conn September I wouldn't be surprised to find Erik Lindgren on the internet one of these days There are also some compilation albums floating around, and Lindgren made a fine contribution to the Voxx compilation "Beyond The Calico Wall" under the name "Demons of Negativity". Not so sure if the label is still active, but I'm pretty sure you'd get a response for writing in.

Please visit our page for ordering info to look at our catalog, and to join the mailing list. Erik Lindgren June A great source for this material, much of it dating back to the s and s. The music is eclectic, you just have to hear it. Jim L. Papandrea December Michael Droste November A label focused on intellegent, eclectic rock and spoken word. Fantasy and bardic magic abound! Check it out! Bill Ryan February Small indy based in New York, founded in by Dan Karpf.

Currently has two signed artists: the Jenerators, an alternative acoustic rock band out of L. Product from both artists are available from ASIL by mail. David Cooper September Also, ambient imprint label. Strange and beautiful. Jessica Wing June Erik Gilbert February Assault is a label run by the band The Cooters. We started out in as a fanzine, but we don't publish regularly. Check out our homepage for more details. A Newt August Their best band to date, Tonka, has split and reformed as Ass Factor 4.

Au-Go-Go Records G. Box D Melbourne Australia 61 3 61 3 Australia's oldest and most respected "true" indie. They have one of Australia's largest and most comprehensive back catalogues dating from c. Aaron Box Roswell, Ga. Aucourant Records is an innovative indie label dealing exclusively with ambient, experimental pop and computer music expressions.

Robert Scott Thompson December There might be a brit-pop scene in eastern Michigan yet Aureus Records is a new American record label founded in offering most popular music forms with a leaning toward dance music. The label's president is veteran record producer former major label Sr. First artist released under the Aureus label is The Outhere Brothers.

The label offers links to their artist's pages including the popular and fast rising Outhere Brothers, Executive Profile Pages, Press Pages, Distribution Pages, and a page providing information on how to submit your demo material to Aureus Records. John McDonald October Now relocated to Chicago, but they still have stuff from Drumming on Glass, along with some newer stuff from the Glories and one of many one-off singles from Silkworm. Autoworkers Music P. Box Traverse Cty MI na na automusi javasitemail.

Autoworkers Music is part of Autoworkers Musical Industries. Please contact before you mail any product. Coast, Europe and beyond. For sales in foreign countries licensing is sought with foreign labels. Phone and Fax are available to those who first write or e-mail. Independent music lives! Tom Autoworker February A random track record, but they're trying Aztek Records St Rt. Aztek records is a new lable gearing up for the trek into the year Alot of exciting new artists have been starting their journey here.

Look for an Upcomeing project with a band from What's Next Productions guanteed to bring down the walls. Ron Pease December B5 has signed three other bands and will soon begin work on a Clash Tribute album. Kapil Mathur June If you can still find this, pick it up Backburner Records Inc.

Backburner Records is a small Indie label originally set up by The Kitchen Boys and some friends to help produce and promote their albums. Jay Bigam April Bacteria Sour is a brand new label created by Pushead an album illustrator! They have only one release to date called Felicia by a band who call themselves So there you have it!

Bad Taste is Iceland's only alternative label. It was formed in by the people that some weeks later formed the supergroup The Sugarcubes. The label runs a mail order service where you can buy BT stuff plus other cool stuff. Write or email for catalog. Soon an USA dept. Bad Vugum are "the most independent label in Finland" and probably one of the noisiest and freakiest labels in Europe at the moment.

During their six-year existence they've put out close to 40 releases, some of them by the likes of Radiopuhelimet, CMX, Liimanarina, Dr. Gunni, Circle, and Sweetheart. Styles range from punky funk and thrash metal to guitar noise to avant-garde synthesizer minimalism; anything goes as long as it's a bit extreme.

Sami A long overdue update: The label just celebrated their tenth anniversary, and '98 will see the number of releases exceed the 80 mark. Styles, too, seem to reach even further to choir shouting! But don't take my word for it: "Bad Vugum is probably the coolest, weirdest, and most exciting record label in Finland" Miettinen, Ratbeat , "--nah, in the world" Insample, New Zealand , "One of the most interesting labels in Europe - and that's a fact" Zap, Germany , "If it's innovation you want, go for Bad Vugum Heikonen January A label predominantly based on rough, garagey, power chord rawk.

Notable bands on the label? Small indie-label in Hoboken, NJ founded in Jimmy W February They launched the most popular Brazilian indie band, Raimundos. They mix hardcore with brazilan rhythms plus explicit lyrics. The label is directed by one of the most important gurus of indie rock, Miranda, and also by the members of Titas, one of the top hit bands in Brazil.

Roberto Maia September Bar None P. Box Hoboken, NJ barnonerec aol. Decent, quirky poppish stuff from around NYC. Bar-Do - the Tibetan word which describes the condition which one falls into as the soul transcends into the so-called "after life" As the body still has the capacity to hear shortly after death - as described in the text Bardo Tudul - we have been inspired to capture that trance-like sound into our music.

The music itself is based on electric-pop as we start on foot with a "creature alternative" vibration. We have begun and will continue to create other forms of exposure to allow our souls to enhance into this Bar-Do state; a multi media creation from Tokyo for all to experience!

Our first artist, "Takeyama", originates from Tokyo, which is the root of the world wide techno scene. This unit has been working in the Tokyo underground indies scene as remixers and session players. Barking Dog Records specializes in classical guitar-vocal projects, acoustic music, and singer-songwriters from the Upper Midwest Minneapolis - Fargo region. Our affiliated recording studio, Raptor Studios, has produced music by regional artists in genres including alternative rock, funk, country, new age and ska.

Linda Coates January Know nothing beyond that. Dougal McKinnon April Distributed by Priority Rec. The only two bands that I've heard on Basura! Both of which are excellent. Milk Cult is a side project consisting of a few members of Steel Pole Bathtub and features guest musician from groups such as Thinking Fellers Union Local , Neurosis, and many others. Bakemono is also faily noisy, with a strange sense of humor to boot. Sheridan, Rd.

Russo-American music, art, and ideology homepage. Alex May May Maarten van den Berg December BCN May The group Universal Joint has their first album out. It's a self titled disk with 8 songs on it. I can't seem to put a finger on what they sound like, it's hard to describe.

It's rock with a twist, it's good. They are very nice people, very relaxed, very talented. Lots of very's. Anyway, write to them for more info. Chris Chapman March Beat Butchers is a small label located in Stockholm, Sweden. The people working at the label are doing so without pay, so it's really what Id call an "independent" label. The label has been in business for over 10 years, which I find is pretty fantastic myself.

And yes, they are nice people! Vidar Hanssen June Box Washington, DC info bedazzled. A pretty cool, pretty small label. Their big band is Strange Boutique, who sound a lot like early- to mid-range Siouxsie and the Banshees. Run by some nice people, too. I cannot say anything but good things about Elsa! To be honest, I've never heard any of the 5 cassette releases on her label; but her zine, Ice Cream Star, is the best I've ever seen!

Bee sure to put her on your Christmas card list! Chris McFarlane June Possibly the Midwest's most eclectic label! While their Fire In The Kitchen LP was great, releases from the past year and a half have not been up to this caliber. Still trying, and as a one man outfit, it can be hard to keep everything runing smoothly. Behind The Black Door, Inc. Box Bridgeview, IL stalker sprynet. Andreterre Greer July Promotes events nationally with Gothika magazine and releases are on CD and cassette.

An August Part 1: The Journey Into Clubland, and much more. Wagner Bucci February Box Briceland Rd. Redway, CA pjimydur northcoast. This includes popular dance music or salsa , Latin jazz, and folkloric music from both sacred and secular traditions. Although this music draws its origins and inspiration from Cuba, our artists will come from around the world.

We will only release the best: exceptional music by top musicians. We have an extensive and varied experience in the record and music businesses. We are musicians ourselves. Jimmy Durchslag April Benjamin Records P. Gospeljazz Label Kevin Smith September NW Washington, D.

Established in Based in Baton Rouge, with a branch in D. Accidentally, the label grew into a closely-knit school of bands from the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area. New releases on the way! Prepare yourself! Dan Black January Founded in Vienna, Austria on the 1. Within the last half year they had to expand from 3 to 7 employees. Helmut Preissner.

B, 2 New York, NY berlap ix. Small startup label featuring "rural music with a swank Northeastern sensibility" from Mink Shoals. Zelig January Betty Page Records long Bank ct. Do you know who Betty Page is??? She is a B-movie star!!!! Anyhow, Betty Page is the place for garage sounds. BP does not want, support, condone technically perfect music. BP wants to hear and release your garage sounds!!!!! Barbarella 7" 'Where the Boys Are' will be our first release!! BP is run by one personit's still in the beginning process but it will get there.

That person happens to be Barbarella too!!!! Barbara Cheskini. Cassette kings with a couple 7"s, too - really good ones from Beat Happening and the Cannanes. Yes, they are very nice people and they would LOVE it if you sent them candy!!! Susan Arhelger October Jim Arhelger January Big Blue Dolphin Records is a production label for the purpose of recording profession product in Nashville to lease to major labels! Josh Noland July They also carry many Pavement recordings, including stuff they claim is UK exclusive.

You should be able to find their stuff in your better record stores. I am unsure of any connection between the US and UK versions of the label. Started in by Dean Brownrout and his partner Dave. Their 15 or so releases as of this writing have been exceptionally high quality. Distributed by Caroline. Big House Records P.

Box Chicago, Illinois Promoting original Chicago house flavor. Sal Navarro August Big Mo is a label specialising in Blues, Jazz and Progressive material. George October Importers of lots of neat things Stereolab singles, for example but I can't remember any of their own releases at the moment.

They do a good bit of direct mail-order; write for a catalog and enclose a couple stamps. They still exist and I have them marked as an important label but don't remember why. The released an early Wig Torture album. Box Nashville, TN bigworld hotcc. BigEnormous Records is an independant label based in Seattle. Established in and dedicated to releasing music by the loudest, meanest, noisiest bands around. The guitar is god.

When the noise gets loud enough, you don't have to think anymore. Chad Baker March Peter Zirschky. Black Et Noit loves music before money. They also have 2 record shops, one in Angers, France same address as above and one in Bordeaux, France 31 place Ferme de Richemont Bordeaux; phone : 33 56 51 22 43; fax : 33 56 51 09 62 where you can still find many vinyl records yes, you read it well :VINYL! Jean-Marie Morovan. Box River Edge, NJ bigmeene carroll.

Julie February Originally started in by the band Shoes to release their vinyl debut, "Black Vinyl Shoes" and revived in by the band to re-issue old and new releases on CD. Dedicated to the power-pop genre the label has expanded to include other pop releases and also includes a Pop By Mail catalog of 32 different titles.

Jeff Murphy March Blackhorse records E. MacArthur Sonoma, CA transvsn community. They have a new release from a band called Whirl. English alternative, mixed with American Pop. Josh Duckworth October Blackjack Records Brain-bombs, Liquorball, etc has started a cheapo mailorder catalog.

Lots of stuff, including the hard to find - mostly rock and extreme improv, along with your typical indie fare. Good prices, too, from what I remember I've been really impressed with the quality of the records - one would think that there could be only a certain number of good bands from one region, but more keep turning up. Blind Pig Records P. Box San Francisco, CA piggies aol.

The label typically releases between records per year. Patrick Skvoretz November Blind Records is an Independent Australian label supporting Australian bands Featured on the label are all styles of music though I guess it is kinda pop based. Bliss produces electro organic music.

A natural organisism is created with electronic tools. The first artist on the label to date is c. There are 5 c realeses to date. All are avalable on cassette only. The Electro Organic multi media production team has been putting on events invasions around the the Boston MA aria.

As you have probably guessed by now I also run the Bliss label. Flowing dreams: c Bloodshot Records W. Bloodshot Records is a label that has made its personal crusade to wipe out country music as it's currently defined by Nashville and Vegas. They also have some full-length's and 7" by Waco Bros. This is real music for real people.

Even indie rock fans such as myself will find it interesting. Sean Wiedel August Blow-Up Records is a brand skankin' new cassette-only label out of the Minneapolis suburbs. So far, the current roster is made up of one guy: Bargathon.

Bargathon writes songs that are born out of an acoustic guitar, a sheet paper, a voice, and a lot of swearing. If you have any weird pop music, send it on over. Strictly pop, ambient, or experimental. New Jersey's contribution to the Shrimper phenomenon.

There's also a 7" single now from Stanley and David which is really cool. Fans of early Sebadoh, Refrigerator, Shoeface, and other Shrimper-style noises, take note. Box Burbank, CA orbit23 aol. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! Chris Barrus And thanks for the original entry go to - Chelsea. They are extremely amicable and put out great stuff! Their newest is the Whipped "Anger" 7 inch--excellent.

This label is about as indie as it gets. Martin Turon. Not sure if the label's still in existence, but you'll probably get a nice letter from them. Mainly 7 inches by Wool, Muzza Chunka and some great hard-to-find Beck. Also have a half-decent CD by Grimace. Good Prices! Bottlecap is a great new label run by a couple of really nice guys with big ambitions. Many cassette and 7" releases to follow! Write as soon as possible!

Chris McFarlane. Botulism Music Productions 11 Brown Ave. Athens, Oh USA hanrahan saturn2. Send fruit flavored candy to these nice people. Most music made by people. Releases to date are about 25 seperate cassettes, with corperate debate over which two bands will get on the soon to be made seven-inch. Other releases also available from them.

Hand-Home made stuff, and Poopy Butts. Matt Hanrahan July Bouncing Buddha Productions is an artist owned record label. San Francisco based singer, songwriter, guitarist, record-exec, Zola is the big-wig in charge. Zola's debut CD is now available. Frank Dean October If you like this stuff, get in touch, as Sean sells lots of it mailorder includes similar stuff on other labels. US and European bands predominate.

Rob Bunting May Lacking both the homespun sincerity of K and the major-indie credibility of Sub Pop, Box Dog remains your factory outlet mall for all that is extreme, overdone, and heavy handed. Halsted St. BOXmedia releases and distributes a range of experimental audio and video projects and related media stimulation.

B Gutzeit January Recently-started label in Chicago's burgeoning scene, sports a 7" release by Dingle, and has plans for a two-year "Baker's Dozen" series of singles. The packaging is nice, the music is pretty decent. I may be prejudiced since it's my label, but we eschew the lo-fi aesthetic and go for a very solid, traditional single look heavy paper jacket, hand-printed.

The artists work closely with the label to decide the sound and look of the releases. Concerts around Chicago, --soon the world! No distributors yet, but soon. Real soon. Salim M. Virji August This is the house label for the zine Jaboni Youth. Hopefully this will change eventually though ie: the label will get as much or more attention than the zine.

Brassland is primarily a cassette label which has put out stuff by obscure home-taper types like Pumpernickel, Jason Morphew, and the Billy Crosbys. Brassland also sells a good number of 7"s and tapes from other labels such as Shrimper, Walt, and 7" stuff by bands related to Brassland.

Alec Bemis October Breakfast Records is an independent label run by members of Orbit, based in Boston, and dedicated to trying to breathe some new life into the Boston music scene. They believe that musical artists will benefit more from working together than working in competition.

They don't have much money, but they've got an Internet domain! Hazy, brit-influenced, but not strictly derivative. Brrapp Records is an indie punk label!!!! Timbecile April Larson umich. This is a tiny label run by Peter S. The label has thus far been very well focused geographically on the Michigan scene and musically on extremily lo-fi, buzzy avant-noise.

The label's flagship band is the unknown Couch. Two of the other bands, Prehensile Monkey-tailed Skink and Cornelius Gomez borrow at least one of the Couch boys, so the whole label has that inbred, small town feeling. The label has been branching out, and the most recent catalogue advertises stuff from Chicago's infamous Punk Jazz monsters, the Flying Luttenbachers, and Math, Chicago's noise-folk primitivists, as well as a Mr.

There first release, The Egg Rolls '96 Demo, is due out the week of April 14 and contains four original and four cover songs. Please write for more info. McEvoy April The Buzz On: The singer drinks, The drummer doesn't, The bass player is good with the ladies, and the guitarest is happy. Todds Blues: Ahh words! Matt McEwen October Buzzard Records P.

Box Beaufort, SC buzzard hargray. The artist is a former U. Marine and was in the Desert Storm War. If your pants slip back on your legs, you'd might as well dye them completely brown for future use. The worst thing about it is that you can't read! It takes so much concentration just to keep your squatting balance that a book is out of the question. I find myself taking more frequent but smaller dumps. Too much strain on the knees to wait for the large intestine to move the next load around.

Somebody told me it was supposed to be healthier to squat than to sit. I've had the screaming shits for three days — pretty tough when you've got to squat every time. I've had a cough sawtoothed enough to make me want to start smoking as much as the locals. At least I would have a vice to merit the penalty. Worse, and most frightening, is that I ve been molting. Yep, my hair is shedding like a sheepdog in summer.

A trail of brown strands follows me from my room down the steps to the front door ana out to the train station. I run a comb through my hair and it comes out looking like cotton candy. Not only my head isTialder than b. I wipe my butt and wipe away the last places for a dingleberry to hang on to.

Is it the air? The food? Too much work7 Not enough Yen for it? Who knows? But it's scary as very loose shit. If I sound unhappy about the country, maybe part of it is that I just got rejected for a teaching job. They all wear handkerchiefs in their jacket pockets. A deeree in linguistics? You don't shave five languages?

Big deal! Your side! The Japanese use the same word. That and "clean. He knows everybody here and alreaay has his band together. I still want to talk about Harajuku though, even though Roger has already mentioned "Harajuku" is where the "fashion punks" hangout. My pal Guy-Gene says that since since they live at home, even though they work, the Harajuku fashion-Japettes spend all their money buying clothes.

Their free time goes to combing their hair. Since I don't have much of the latter and can't afford much of the former, it's not a place that attracts me. There's a wide no-cars-allowed street in the middle of a park. On either side play band after band after band.

One right next to the other. All playing at the same time. They all have full-on amps, a separate PA. In front of each band is a row of girls in white gloves who know the words to all the songs. There are punk bands, haircut bands usually bad witn lots of fans , blues bands, bar bands. Most definitely not "kirei. A long jagged one softly oozed blood. They didn't dress up and didn't seem to have as many fans as the haircut folks.

If these guys stick together, watch for a record! OK, that's my rock'n'roll quotient. I don't go out very much, so I can t tell you more. Anyway, t ne trouble with going out— even if it's free — is that I have to go back homeagain. I'm now staying in a "foreigner's only" house. Most hotels won't put up foreigners Bars and restaurants won't serve foreigners.

Everybody uses one toilet—yep, a squatter. Everybody also uses one shower ana has to pay extra for hot water. But as ailU --— foreigners, where else can you go? A bunch of interesting folks live here. A couple of Brit Bagwan one of those turban and beard guys followers live next door.

They've got his picture on the floor at the foot of their bed. Every night! I can hear them rhythmically uh-uhing in a special chant to The Bag. The floor creaks to their seminal search for salvation. Their turgid prayer ends in a moan of ecstasy at the approaching nirvana. These thrusting supplications make me want to pound the walls to ask them to be a bit less fervent in their devotion.

Speaking of gurus, on the other side of the Brits are a couple of gurus of the "kan" kind —you know, Australians. They keep a pet koala in the closet. When they talk they sound like a parody of a beer commercial. Neither of them wear hats with the brim turned up on one side, so I allowed them the pleasure of my company. In fact, they turned out to be my best pals in the house.

Even though they refuse to believe that my folks live in a place called Hicksville. There's a couple of other Americans here. One's from California so he's got an excuse to be mellow and want to go out disco-ing every night. I told him I hadn't. One of the great things about writing is the power in your typing fingers. Like a film-maker, you build worlds in people's minds — worlds they can see and hear but aren't "real.

I can eat sand and water and shit skyscrapers. What is a simple conversation? Let's start again. He shattered like a scolded puppy and went to his room with his tail pulled tight between his legs. There, that s better. Despite the fine folks here. I'd still like a place where I can walk around naked and not embarrass myself.

Private apartments are pretty expensive, though. One month is the actual rent. Then there's two month's security deposit, two months agent's fee, and a month's rent as "thank you money," given to the landlord for letting you rent the place. That's way fuckin' too thankful for my taste! When renting, it's cheaper if you get a place without a bath or shower.

You can bet your 4 and a half inches I haven't gone to one! Inside is a giant bathtub with water so hot it glows. So you sit on a little bench with a ucket of cola water and a bar of soap. You soap up, rinse off. THEN you get into the batn with dozens of other folks, you bet it's weird. Even if it weren't, I sure as a squat shit wouldn't go to one. Unless it's for sex, public nudity is I something I enjoy only slightly more than gasoline enemas.

You can choose how you look, if you wear clothes. We've all seen ugly people who know how to dress. But who y s seen an ugly person who knows how to undress? I don't even like to see pretty people undress — if they're acting like it's natural.

For nudity to be exciting it nas to be hidden, a rare secret. How can someone be sexy if you see them naked when they wake up, when they make coffee, when their body is creased with sleepmarks and as appealingly natural as morning breath? Anyway, it'll be awhile before I can afford an apartment — with bath — of my own.

You'd think that with the election of the socialists that sort of blatant landlord extortion would stop, but not a chance. Oh yeah, the Socialists — it looks like the country is more prepared for them than I feared. A tew weeks ago, the Japcops caught a kidnaper.

He stole a couple of little girls, then cut them to pieces. Most of the pieces he buried. A few he sent to the kids' mom and dad. In The States, the guy would be a cult hero. Here they say he's nasty and guilty of "child abuse. Anyway, in the kidnaper's house they found hundreds of videotapes.

Among them were children's cartoons, Disney tapes and horror movies. Guess what? Already there's a law being introduced to prohibit kids from renting them. The TV news commentator says, "Of course, these laws are immediately necessary. The mind patrol will make fantasy illegal. You can see fucking and blow-jobs in comics made for kids. The good parts are whited-out or blocked from view. In "adult movies" and videos the same thing happens, digitalized spot covers the parts you want to see most.

They show breasts on normal commercial television, but you can't see VCR. I said there was no relationship. Despite the guru, the Brits have some smarts and I've changed my ideas. Then there is the "available taboo" level. That's what you have to seek out, what's hidden, but not exactly illegal. This is the fantasy level. The deepest level is what Freud called "the unconscious. If they are nasty enough and powerful enough, tney break through from the depths all the way past the taboo-but- available sector.

In Japan, there is no "taboo-but-avail- able" level. There is no buffer zone between the unconscious and the smash-you-in the- face reality. The evil-beneath-the-surface — if it comes out — has to come out at the surface. Rosemary, the Brit girl, was grabbed by a man in the street. As she fought him off, the man's accomplice jumped out of a nearby car. He had a camera. As she pushed and screamed, the man with the camera clicked away.

She never doubted that it was a well- rehearsed, often- used routine. She wasn't hurt, but she was shaken up. Obviously some fear-fetishists have added to their photo collection. The only way they could do it, however, was to make it real. The Japanese movies and comic books are two of tne few other outlets to make their unconscious "real. They're simply a direct, surface representation of the unconscious.

The most obvious example are the Pachinko parlors. You can't win money. Gambling is illegal. After you're finished you take your prizes to the window and sell them back to the parlor. Not gambling—you didn't win any money, did you? Seer A front and a back. Here's another one. Yes, the band was named after it. The title character is a costumed super-hero who, every issue, gets an assignment to rape usually beautiful, out always evil, women.

The comic chronicles his exploits and inner conflicts as he fulfills his assignments. Even though this is an "adult" comic. Unavailable in the local grocery store. Comics aimed at children are not quite as weird, but they are explicitly sexual with the best body parts barely whited out or x-ed over ana very violent. Japanese businessmen read them on the train — in full view of everybody else. There are some a wrong some who say that when a society has the same view of sexual things in public as in private there is less tension, less guilt.

Who wantsless tension and less guilt if it means more boredom? I'm all for having sex part of everyday life as long as it stays dirty — but not pornography. If your fantasy life is the same as your real life, you're brain dead.

That doesn't mean she wants—in real life—to be raped. In a fantasy you can pick who, where, how. You didn't paint in tffe shit streak on the white bottom. You couldn't smell the farts of the last person to use it. Your mind edited the picture like a master studio tape cutter. What feminists and other imbeciles don't realize is that pornography belongs to the world of fantasy — a world that is or should be completely separate from the boring world of everyday Fantasy is the healthy creative part of the human consciousness.

It is an outlet for our natural and not-so-natural desires. It is the well-spring of new thoughts. Above all, it's what makes us NOT just another animal. The greater the fantasy life of a person, a culture, the greater their creativity. In Japan, this fantasy, underground world is constantly made "real. Sometimes it seems that there is very little at all, under the surface. What IS there is buried so deep that the only way it can come out is in a violent explosion.

Sometimes these explosions become comics. Sometimes they become dismembered little girls. This Japanese the-surface-is-the-real mentality is carried to an extreme in baseball — of all places. In America, everyone who thinks about it would realize that baseball teams are owned by corporations.

Even with this back-of-the- mind knowledge, we still build the fantasy that a team belongs to a city or an area. You have a "home team" or two. Somehow, those guys are batting for you. In Japan, the teams are sponsored by corporations. MY pal Guy-Gene says that it doesn't matter to the locals. They support a team based on where they play — not because they like a particular company. Still, it's hard for me to cheer for a brand of underpants.

Unlike those in The States, they don't look like cops or homos—or any other identifiable group. Maybe they're bigger than normal. There are a few foreigners, mostly U. STfeam rejects. Still, being a baseball fan — and being a fan of the weird — I went to a ballgame. In the States, domed stadiums are as much fun as condoms. Here, on the other hand, it was an adventure. If the bleacner seats sell out, they put you in the upper seats in the general admission section for the same price.

Then it's a deal! I went on a sweltering 'Tan appreciation day. You guessed it — everyone got a fan. Smart marketing! In the stands, they hawked beer and boxed sushi. Each team had its own cheering section. Two different all-fan brass bands support their faves.

Whenever their team needs a morale boost, the band breaks into the team's theme song. Lot's of folks buy "cheer bats. If you yell into it, it amplifies your voice like a megaphone. If you don't feel like yelling you can nit it against your hand or anything else.

It responds with a built-in squeaker that sounds like the audience on The Morton Downey show. A home run you can keep, but not fouls. That sure takes a chunk of tun out of the game. The Japs are known as the most unecological people in the world. They still kill whales. They throw out more electronic goods than an American would buy in his lifetime.

But in baseball, they recycle. Uh oh, I can hear Timmy complaining about my verbiage. Station, NYC It'll take awhile to get to me but it will. While it's usually true, Jennifer has more smarts than a faceful of wasps.

I hope she didn't take it too close to the hearth. He needs your support. Also from the Central European front comes reports that now that the commies are out of power in Poland, the Christians are taking over. Which is worse? There is a proposal to make abortion illegal with up to 5 years in jail for having one.

I ve also heard stories about increasing anti-semitism in Poland, now that Solidarity has taken over. Well, no one ever accused the Catholics of having taste. Speaking of Poland, an anarchist there wrote to me asking for U.

I don't have time to write him a detailed letter, but if you guys want to — Mariusz Klepacki, ul. His story appeared in the news section of this zine. As of now, he's still in the clink. Write to him: Kevin M. He also needs money for bail and all the other opense you need m jail.

If you ask, you'll also get a complete list of GG items that you can send more money for. But just for the sake of setting the scene, it was the middle of winter in the first year of thegreat California drought and it was warm ana sunny and everyone was going around saying, "Isn't this weather beautiful? There was this kid sitting a few seats behind who looked sort of like an o wl would if an owl wore glasses a half inch thick and had was wearing a mop on his head instead of hair.

We got off at the same stop, and he asked me if I knew where Cody's Bookstore was. Even in those days young people who knew how to read were a rarity, so I was intrigued. But I helped him find the bookstore and his dorky philosophy books and we became pretty good friends even thoug later that night we smoked some of m Yucatan Gold and he thought I was trying t kill him because I was wearing a black leatnti kill him because I was wearing a black leathci jacket.

The reason he'd freaked out so badly, I found later besides the fact that this was the most killer bud on the west coast was T told me where. He studied his philosophy and practiced his music and that was about it. Are you happy living this kind of life? The first changes 1 noticea were wnen he started combing nis hair and cleaning his room. Then he decided to become an actor, and the next thing I knew he was getting his hair styled, wearing contact lenses, and ing 8X10 glossy publicity stills.

Actu- his didn't happen overnight, more like a couple years. We were totally close for a while, but we eventually drifted apart, and a couple years later I found him sitting on a porch in Portland, Oregon — wait a minute, since he's probably going to be reading this, I guess I'd better pay lip service to accuracy and point out that Portland, Oregon is really a metaphor for a nice, pleasant Nowher- esville, and that this next incident probably really took place in some semi-boho San Francisco dive.

An drinking friend? What about your i ing? Your philosophy? And how the fuck are you going to save the world from a front porch in Portland, Oregon? You of all people! Aren't you the one who told me it was better to be great than happy? Only trouble is, I don't have many answers today, just questions. David's philosophy of happiness made for a good story, but it wasn't enough to keep him happy. Over the past ten years I've seen on an average of maybe once a year, and on at least a few of those occasions, he's been downright miserable.

Not as miserable as me, of course, though we'd often try to outdo each other as to who had the harshest lot in life. ALL to brag about. Usually it's best to just keep your mouth shut. People don't want to hear about your troubles.

Well, I don't care, you can stop reading now if you don't want to hear anything negative, but I'm going to talk about my own happiness, or more specifically, my lack of it. The way I figure it, and the way I was brought up too, you work hard, do good things, treat people well, and you should be happy.

Unless you look the wrong way when youTe crossing the street and a bus runs over you, of course. So far my experience in life has been sort of opposite. Like for ten or fifteen years, say from to ,1 hardly ever haa a job, did almost nothing productive, drank all the booze and took all the drugs I could get my hands on, fucked everybody in sight, and in general was a no-account wastrel. I'm not going to say I was happy all the time — I dorvt even remember a lot of the time — but I had fun, and sure, I was happy more often than not.

Now let's look at the last five years. They've been by far the most productive of my life. I've done enough writing to fill several books, and some of it was even good. I started a band and made two records. I helped start a whole record company, a successful one at that. Well, Livermore, you say, you must be mighty proud of yourself, and I am, I guess, at least a little.

But happy? Not really. Hell, no. Writing is torture for me. I don't do it for fun, I do it because if I didn't all these words inside of me would build up and build up until they exploded and it wouldn't be pretty. That pleasure lasts about five or ten minutes, then it's time to get started on the next article. It's like a crack addict. If you're lucky, a couple weeks or months later you'll get a letter or two saying, "Really likea your column in MRR 72 or whatever," and of course by then you have to go look up the issue to even find out what it was you were writing about.

So shut up alreaay, I wouldn't blame you for saying, what could be more boring than a writer writing about writing. OK, 1 didn't mean to anyway; what I was trying to get at is why doing the things we're good at, even the things we love, doesn't necessarily bring us happiness. One possibility: the world is totally fucked up. Most of the world functions pretty well. The leaves blow in the wind, the flowers dance in the sun, the rivers flow to the sea, and everybody's happy.

Except for the people. Yeah, people, that's the problem. Doesn't work, because there's still one person there that I have to deal with, even it I turn all the mirrors to the wall. Next question: what's wrong with me? I have no idea, but I think just asking the question has a lot to do witn why I would work so hard trying to be a writer, musician, record company dude, gardener, or just an all-around friendly and nelpful guy.

Then you'd be happy. People do understand me, probably too well, and they still like me in spite of it. That doesn't make me happy either. I'll find myself saying, yeah, but maybe if they liked me better, then I'd be happy. If I had a tail. I'd be chasing it by now. Usually I use this column to announce my know-it-all views to the world. Maybe some of you who read it won't enjoy hearing about my personal feelings, maybe you just want to near me call people names ana be sarcastic or tell another story about the old days.

Tough shit. That's a sad thing to admit. It's like saying I used to be alive but now I'm only going through the motions. I used to laugh and cry a lot, too. Once I used to fall in love, get my heart broken, and fall in love again, all between lunch and dinner.

Now I nurse a broken heart for years, and love doesn't add up to more than a word that poets have a hard time finding a good rhyme for. Something went wrong, obviously. Maybe it's just a natural part ofgetting older? Besides, I think that one of the most valuable services I perform with this column is demonstrating to young readers that they don't have to turn into uptight old farts like their moms and dads just because a few years go by. In other words, I have a duty to my readers to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Oh fuck, kids, you don t know what you're asking. Fear of being alone, fear of being rejected, fear of looking like an asshole in front of everyone. We're so afraid of these things that we set them up to happen to us so we don't have to live in suspense. Plus then we can blame them on someone or something other than ourselves.

I got a letter yesterday from a year- old kid in some small town who's in love with his best friend. I wanted to transport myself to his little town, grab him by the shoulders, shake him firmly, and say something like: 'Today you're 17, tomorrow you'll be 42, and the day after that they'll be hauling you to the graveyard. Put your arm arounayour friend and give him a big kiss and tell him you love him. Tuck, get away from me, faggot,' and never be your friend again and tell ev- eiyone at school you're gay and maybe your life will be miserable until you're ola enough to move away.

I've come to think that if you're not taking chances, you're not really alive. The worst thing about being human is failing to do it, no, even worse than that is failing to even try. Okay, thanks for all the response to my column of two issues ago, where I asked if anyone reads this thing.

If I haven't written back to you, lmight still. Or I might not, but thanks for writing. T Ars it. I guess. It worked for someone I know who had the same problem. It's worth a try. Nearly all the letters I got in response to the earlier column were positive. People said they like my column and they learn it- Rut t n nmn U.

But I've never once gotten a letter of argument. I've met people who told me "Oh yeah, I read your column about months ago about blah blah blah and I thought it was really full of shit. I was even f oing to write a letter to MRR about it but I idn t get around to it. Maybe I should have made this clear from the start, but I guess I didn't think I had to.

I don't know shit. I spew my ideas on you people in the hopes that you will throw some back on me. I've been stunned by the total lack of response to my columns over the past year, which is why I asked if anyone read it. I thought someone would definitely respond to my column telling people to go out and cause trouble May issue, 1 think?

I -in that cadse, an idea that I was shed some light on the idea and make me understand the foolishness of it. But nothing came. Don't you understand? I need to learn. What's the matter with you people? We all tend to surround ourselves with people who agree with us.

But if our ideas never get challenged, if we're never forced to see a different point of view, then we just get stupider and stupider until we finally die. So cut it out, already. If you write a letter or response to be printed in MRR, please oh please keep it entirely short less than one column's length. The letters in the letters section just keep getting longer and longer to the point where I take one look at them and give up before I even start.

If you're Lawrence Livermore you can get away with using too many words. If you're not, don't even try. I think it was Greta over at the Homocore warehouse who used to say "people need to edit themselves. When I think of all the things that come out of my mouth that would be better off never polluting the air, it makes me shudder. The wind s of change are bio wing across Eastern Europe—more like a hurricane that's gathering steam and threatening to blast into oblivion anything in its way that is old and rigid.

We watch with fascination as the old boogie man, Moscow, seems content to not only allow changes that may sweep out of power the old elite they once supported militarily, but to, in some cases, actually be the one to light the match. One by one the Stalinist regimes crumble, ana the people of said countries begin to get a taste of what collective people power can accomplish.

They are very lucky, though, in that as the old gets swept away, and they begin the "democratic" process of "free" elections, they will be pretty unified in purpose. The opportunity to reconstruct their countries and systems is top-most in all their minds, and while they may not have had the time or tradition to accomplish this, they have the advantage of a relatively clean slate.

It's all new and exciting, and the possibilities re endless. But what about the wind's effect on the West? If the wall comes down and free travel back and forth is OK, and the two Germanys find the internal pressure, desire tnd magnetism for unity too strong to con- rol, then we may find the rest of the West wishing that wall was back there. England and France, both of whom suffered twice this century from German attacks, and both of whom would be dwarfed economically by a united Germany, certainly dread the thought.

Will she have earned her own internal weaknesses from tistory and avoid that arrogance in the fu- ure? And with U. I am wondering what might happen if that wind of "instability" actuaMy continued on through to the West. While people in the East will find that the only opposition to sweeping change is the ola, discredited leaderships, md they can reshape relatively freely, here n the West we fina our crumbling and cor- upt system still firmly in place.

We don't have the opportunity the East does to wipe the slate cleanly. Can you imagine George Bush going around telling all tne leaders of the Western world as Gorby did in the East that they must resign and to reform or dissolve the whole system? Can you imagine the mass media really being honest and confronting all the bullshit? I don't know if those in the East will be able to see just how fucked our society is before they begin retooling theirs.

Morals are out, and greed is in. Hate and mistrust are the rage. Superficiality reigns supreme. In , the arch-bishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero, was assassinated by right wing death squads, just as the six Jesuit priests were recently they weren't iust murdered, they had their brains cut out. In the intervening 10 years, countless thousands of peasants and urban poor have died too, or were forced to flee for their lives. All of this has been possible because the U. If Russia was to blame for Eastern European repression, let's be honest — the U.

Compilation L. Maximum Penalty e. Sheer Terror Live e. I know, sounds like a wonderful weekend, right? Maybe so, but I feel a little hesitant to go anyways i earlyTebruary the snow on the farm where we were staying was about two and a half feet deep. Once we hiked through a half mile of the white stuff, we got to the farmhouse we were to stay in only to find the door broken down and a large snowdrift in the middle of the one and only room.

Oh ya, it was a great time all right! So why would I hesitate to repeat mis lovely experience some four years later in a beautiful, heated cottage on a picturesque lake in late November when there is no snow, even in Ontario's frozen tundra. Let's face it, male-bonding makes me nervous.

In the above paragraph I refer to "the unabashed sexism" of this affair but, on second thought. I've got to wonder if such an event can really becalled sexist. The classic example which ra only" meeting at the anarchist gathering in Toronto.

Thus, on that oasis. I'd have to conclude that my friend's idea of an all-men sabbatical is, indeed, a sexist concept. Yet, is it justifiable sexism? Do men or women need to spend some time in the absence of members of the opposite sex?

Again, I'm not sure about the answer to this one but I do know that on the average, I much prefer the company of women to that of men. Men always — or at least most of the time — seem to be assholes. For example, many people consider it to be sexist to refer to females as "girls" or, for that matter, to use the standard spelling of women.

I do not happen to in- elude myself among these people. I call males "boys" as often as I call females "girls," so I fail to see any inequality in that and, as I pointed out in an earlier column. A second aspect of sexism which I must question involves the admiration of the opposite sex.

In my opinion, the answer to this has to be "no. The difference is that certain members of my gender have a tendency to be rather vocal in tneir appreciation of women. This has always been a mystery to me as logic dictates that shouting heyIbaby, how about youse and me doin it?

The most destructive form of sexism is also the most insidious: inequality in the workplace. Humankind has a long history of preying upon minorities for personal gain, and the situation of women at work is no exception. True, women are not a minority per se, but until very recently females were a significant minority within the workplace.

Tne true reprehensibility of this situation, however, lies in the nature of capitalism. A capitalist feminist, it seems to me, makes about as much sense as a black Klan member! Instead, however, I leave the issue with you, the reader. Let's see some intelligent discourse about sexism in the letter pages over the next few months. Maybe, just maybe, between the lot of us, we can reach some conclusions. Oh yes, I am going to go on the weekend of maleness; I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm a victim. My crimes? I look like a junkie and travel with a girl from Shanghai. Except for Japanese tour groups, who stay together and nave little interaction with the non-Japanese natives of the countries they visit. Me and the Wogs were all suspected of carrying vast quantities of cocaine. Burly body builders from Honolulu waltzed right through.

The threat of Anabolic Steroid s and Ice laaen cigarettes smuggled by Caucasians i by Customs agents singled me out. Just because they wore some ofthe signs of steroid use does not necessarily make them import agents of that substance. Ice, for you who may not know, is a smokable form of methamphetamine. Ice is to speed what crack is to cocaine. Ice is odorless, and easy to manufacture from chemical components legally and readily available in most countries.

I noticed that when customs did go through the cigarette packs of an Algerian guy, they didnT test or Weak open any ofthe Fags. Their inefficiency further pisses me off. Ice and steroids dealers take notice! As long as you're white and travel only with other white people, you can smuggle your wares into New Zealand with impunity.

Most of my life I've been excessively thin and pale. Blame the weird genetic mix of Celtic, Sudetenland German and Iroquois. Blame my epileptic metabolism. I've lived with it. I can understand why my luggage would be more thouroghly searched than that of others. I know I look like a junkie. I know I radiate weirdness. Now let me tell you a couple of things about Sydney. She ana my ex-wife are in head-to-head com- P etition for the title of World Champion ack Rat.

Shun-Pei's purse is ten years old and has stuff in it as old as the purse. Stuff long forgotten about. Her passport also has at least a dozen pages full of stamps and ieces of paper from the People's Republic of ina. What a pair we make. It took the-guy searching my stuff all of fifteen minutes to go through everything. It took them forty-five minutes to go through Shun-Pei's. At the bottom of her purse they find a couple of wadded up pieces of aluminum foil.

We were strip searched. We were asked why we would want to sleep with someone of another race. The residue on the packets was tested. The tests came up negative, but that didn't matter. Bits of information gathered from once person were exaggerated and taken out of context and passed on to the other person.

They were telling me that Sydney admitted to being a cokehead. They told her the same thing about me. Sure, ten years ago I tried the stuff once, with my father and half-brother. I'm frightfully hon; est. I found the coke experience distasteful. Once was enough. Sydney also did it a couple of times seven years ago. So we're each thinking the other person is a cokehead. Boy, did they enjoy the shopping list of records that Tim gave me.

Ana Paul Mavrides' business card. Mankind never saw it, but you always knew it was there. At least I was able to embarass them. It was either that or tight the charges of importing coke or speed whichever they wanted to call it by the time the trial came about as well as importing Class B narcotics. Class B includes over-the-counter diet pills and perscription Tylenol with codeine. Two other items Sydney had in her purse. The diet pills were about five years old.

She was willing to take responsibility for that particular crime. They wouldn't tell her what she was facing until she asked, "Execution? Fighting the charges would have pumped my money into the New Zealand Economy. The last thing I want. As I write this, it is three days later. I haven't heard from Sydney. Her mom grabbed her at the airport, now claims no mowledee of her whereabouts.

I have been 1. But there is something about this incident that galls me more tha. Well my friends, your support for the so-called buycott is misdirected. How they could support so many retrenchments ana still be called Labour is beyond me. Besides, for the last year or so.

New Zealand has been lax with their anti-nuke policy. What they don't know won't nurt them. The murderers served a three month sentence. After that, they were sent back to a hero's welcome in Paris. As I said before, people of color were consistently singled out For the excessive searches and interrogations. Sydney was told, when she was 6 Drugs. Well, this whole mess is doing a fine job in turning me into a drug addict. Think I'll have another beer and a perky, thank you.

Yet this selective harassment of the suspected abuser that increases the user's aranoia, and thus the profits of the cartels, teroids might be illegal as well, but nobody bothers to look for them. Look at the typical Anabolic junkie. Lotsa muscles, drives a monster truck, thinks flag burners should get the death penalty. The practice and policy of New Zealand is just what the Medellin Mob wants: illicit enough to make the trade lucrative, while sloppy enough to make it easy.

The Environment. The Kiwis are real proud about this one. The only way to get from place to place is by burning fossil hiels. From the tone of some of the articles I was reading in discarded newspapers and magazines in the airport, the car is king. Want to ride about on a bicycle? You're likely to be buzzed, and possibly punched out by the auto-erotics. Stop the buycott, and start the boycott! You've been lied to again. MRR encourages others doing zines, in hands, or activists in their scene to send in guest columns.

From St. If you didn't notice yet, this month's feature is presented in a "Volume" style graphic. My reason for this is to help collectors who are unfamilar with certain pic sleeves and just plain show some of the many covers of sought after vinyl.

Who knows, maybe one day you can use this when somebody tries to trade you a record with a bogus pic sleeve—or not overlooking that gem in the quarter box. Unfortunately, there's no clever theme that goes along with this particular installment except tor alphabetically , but that's anarchy for ya— NO rules!!! Just remeber, a picture is worth a thousand words so this column should be equal to a whole issue of MRR!

He's my role model and I want to live just like him; he's my hero. He's a friend of Tim Yohannon's. He's a wild and crazy guy. They're all dead! Like Malcolm X. That's about it. And Truman Capote. He runs Gilman, kind of. Well, he thinks he does, he thinks he owns Gilman. And he got me arrested for child molestation. He was chasing little girls, and I got arrested for it. He's a pal of mine. I like the way he thinks, about life and why we're here.

His thoughts on the world are totally trippy. He's a really swell guy I know. He's just so swell.

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No Wave. Black Dog. ISBN Scandinavian Indie Digest. Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 21 March April 10, New York Press. Retrieved 21 June Retrieved Retrieved 2 April Evanston, Illinois. Skenet in Finnish. NRGM in Finnish. The Mary Sue. Retrieved 7 August Spermarket Lyric sheet.

Chicago: Drag City. Drag City. Retrieved 19 August Liimanarina's only band-approved video! Authority control. ISNI 1. MusicBrainz artist. Categories : Finnish musical groups Drag City record label artists. Namespaces Article Talk. The Sweet - Discography Hot Tuna - Official Discography Remasters Men At Work — Discography []. Drake - Discography [ Discipline Discography , MP3, kbps. Emancipator - Discography [ The Frost feat. Dick Wagner - Discography Keyakizaka46 Discography.

Love Live! Discography [MP3]. Hey - Discography Aretha Franklin Discography MP3 [ kbps]. Klan - Discography Kombii - Discography Kreator - Discography [ Kapitan Nemo - Discography Kasia Nosowska - Discography Hawthorne Heights - Discography [ Hawkwind, Total Discography.

Ensemble Stars!! Scarleth - Complete Discography Kbps [iB]. Finch discography []. A 'Revitalisation' Project [Part 5, Number One Gun - Discography [ Mold - Discography American Head Charge discography []. A 'Revitalisation' Project [Part 4, Dragonforce - Complete Discography Kbps [iB]. Hatsune Miku Discography [MP3]. Fingertight discography []. Senses Fail - Discography. Fresh Fox - Official Discography lossy.

Al Di Meola - Discography. Bjorn Riis Discography. Gigi D'Agostino - Discography. HALO - discography. Black Rose - Discography - Lucas Kerper Discography. Adamantia - Complete Discography Kbps [iB]. Fractal Mirror Discography.

Rasmus Faber Anime Discography. Britny Fox - Discography MP3 rutor. Keldian - Discography MP3 rutor. Moto - Discography MP3 rutor. Godsmack - Discography MP3 rutor. Avril Lavigne - Discography MP3 rutor. Disturbed - Discography MP3 rutor. Blackslash - Discography MP3 rutor. Bernie Chiaravalle - Discography MP3 rutor. Mogwai - Discography MP3 rutor. Eisfabrik - Discography MP3 rutor. Terranean Discography MP3 rutor. Vanessa Mai - Discography MP3 rutor.

Midnight Danger - Discography MP3 rutor. Daughter - Discography MP3 rutor. Thanateros - Discography MP3 rutor. Lovell's Blade - Discography MP3 rutor. Messer Chups - Discography MP3 rutor. Christophe Goze - Discography MP3 rutor. Jimmy Dawkins - Discography MP3 rutor.

Faunts - Discography MP3 rutor. VA - Subdivision discography MP3 rutor. Queen discography — [flac, ape] nnmclub. Arch Enemy [ Discography ] nnmclub. Lion - Discography MP3 rutor. Sarah Connor - Discography MP3 rutor. Gaia - Discography [3 Albums] MP3 rutor. Bjork Discography nnmclub. Juno Reactor : The Discography nnmclub. Breaking Benjamin - 3 albums - discography nnmclub.

Shadow Gallery Discography nnmclub. Mike Oldfield - Discography nnmclub. Apocalyptica [ discography ][instrumental metal][flac] nnmclub. The Prodigy : Discography nnmclub. Macbeth [ discography ][gothic metal][flac] nnmclub.

Garbage discography lossless quality nnmclub. Rotting Christ - Discography nnmclub. Candlemass - Discography nnmclub. Dj Tiesto Full Discography nnmclub. Malice Mizer [ Discography ] nnmclub. Arcturus - Discography nnmclub. The Prodigy - Discography and Singles nnmclub. The Offspring discography nnmclub. Deep Forest - Discography nnmclub. Tool - Discography kbps nnmclub.

Testament Discography nnmclub. Combichrist Discography nnmclub. Led Zeppelin Discography nnmclub. George Harrison Discography nnmclub. Gotthard - Discography nnmclub. Katatonia - Discography [] nnmclub. Dark Tranquility - Discography nnmclub. Old Man's Child - Discography nnmclub. Queen - Discography nnmclub.

Hecate Enthroned Discography nnmclub. Cannibal Corpse Discography nnmclub. Cradle of Filth [ Discography ] nnmclub. Pink Floyd - Discography [[email protected] ] x. Metallica - Discography 19 Albums, 23 CDs x. Tool - Complete Discography x. Eminem - Discography MFA x. Five Finger Death Punch - Discography ak x. Queen Discography Kbps thepiratebay Metallica - Discography 19 Albums, 23 CDs thepiratebay Black Sabbath Discography kbps thepiratebay

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