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Jupiter's Darling marked the last feature film of long-time cinematographer Rosher , whose son, Charles Rosher, Jr. Citing various improvements in the photography of underwater sequences, Sidney recalled that although the camera operator on the earlier film had to work with his head above the surface of the water, "for Jupiter's Darling the entire crew wore aqualungs and had as much freedom beneath the water as above.

A beautiful Roman mounts a romantic campaign to halt Hannibal's invasion of the empire. Jupiter's Darling - Original Trailer. Film Details. Feb 18, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp. Loew's Inc. Based on the play Road to Rome by Robert E.

Sherwood New York, 21 May Mono Western Electric Sound System. Color Eastmancolor. George Sidney Director. Esther Williams Amytis. Howard Keel Hannibal. Marge Champion Meta. Gower Champion Varius. George Sanders Fabius Maximus. Richard Haydn Horatio. William Demarest Mago.

Norma Varden Fabia. Douglass Dumbrille Scipio. Henry Corden Carthalo. Michael Ansara Maharbal. Martha Wentworth Widow Titus. John Olszewski Principal swimming statue. The Swimming Cherubs. Christopher Alcaide Ballol. Tom Monroe Outrider. Mort Mills Guard. Gene Roth Guard. Len Hendry Guard. Michael Dugan Guard. Alberto Morin Arrow maker.

Richard Hale Auctioneer. Bruno Vesoto Bystander. Paul Maxey Lucullus. William Tannen Roman courier. Stanley Blystone Citizen. Cameron Grant Citizen. William Hamel Roman general. George Sherwood Roman general. Marshall Bradford Livinius. Frank Jacquet Senator. Paul Newland Roman captain. Jack Shea Drunken guard. Mitchell Kowal Sentry. Frank Radcliffe Specialty. Harold Adamson Composer.

Jeff Alexander Vocal Supervisor. Saul Chaplin Composer. Saul Chaplin Music Supervisor. Alvord Eiseman Color Consultant. Ralph George Sound Editing. Cedric Gibbons Art Director. Arnold Gillespie Special Effects. Sydney Guilaroff Hair Styles. Hugh Hunt Set Decoration.

Conrad Kahn Sound. Dorothy Kingsley Screenwriter. Burton Lane Composer. Jimm Leppert Sound Editing. John Logan Sound Editing. Urie Mccleary Art Director. Wesley C. Miller Recording Supervisor. Warren Newcombe Special Effects.

Hermes Pan Choreography. Walter Plunkett Costumes. George Rhein Assistant Director. David Rose Music Arrangements and Conductor. Helen Rose Costumes. Charles Rosher Director of Photography. William Tuttle Makeup created by. Paul C.

Vogel Director of Photography. George Wells Producer. George Wells Composer. Edwin B. Willis Set Decoration. Ralph E. Winters Film Editor. Edward Woehler Production Manager. Jupiter's Darling February 13, Jupiter's Darling Based on Robert Sherwood's anti-war comedy play Road to Rome, Jupiter's Darling was a strange idea for a musical, especially one starring swimming star Esther Williams. MGM knew exactly what they were making and had the moxie to state it at the beginning of the film.

Nor did Hannibal learn to swim from Esther Williams's Amytis, but as nearly all of Williams' films required scenes of her impressive, balletic swimming, they had to work it in somehow. Williams herself was no fan of the film or under any illusions as to the direction in which her career was headed in Films were changing, audience tastes through social evolution and through the invasion of television had changed as well.

As she wrote in her autobiography, "Jupiter's Darling, I suspected, was not a problem in a vacuum. The Esther Williams swimming musicals had probably had their run. A great run, but all things have to come to an end. The nearly black coloring contrasts dramatically with brighter hues such as gold, orange, or chartreuse. Combine with coleus, Rudbeckia , or sweet potato vine.

Treat as an annual in cooler regions. See more about where this grass may be aggressive. The smokey mauve-blue foliage, vertical stature, and subdued texture lend sophistication to any style landscape. Use as a background element, in a mixed border, massed in a bed or along a slope. This North American prairie native supports insects and wildlife and can be naturalized in a field or open woodland setting. Burgundy-red fall foliage is especially dramatic when backlit by early or late-day sun.

Exceptionally hardy in colder zones. Feathery bronze flower spikes create texture and movement in the landscape, providing multi-seasonal interest from early summer through winter. This standard landscape plant is often used in public settings, valued for its toughness and reliability. Plant in a mixed border, or mass in landscape or curbside plantings.

Tolerant of heat and heavy clay soil; grows in most regions. Zebra grass is grown for its attractive leaves, which have distinct horizontal bands, as well as the showy copper-pink flower plumes that appear in mid-summer. Long popular with avid gardeners, the green-and-gold striped foliage makes this an outstanding background plant in a mixed border. This dwarf form was developed for smaller spaces, with a shorter stature that stays more upright. Grow in containers, mass plantings, as hedging or a focal point.

See more about where this grass may be problematic. See more on invasive plants below. New Zealand flax creates high drama in the garden with bold architectural structure and upright spiky foliage. It occurs in a range of colors and sizes, making a versatile design element in any space, from small urban yards to larger landscapes. Use as a focal point in a border or container. Combine with plants with softer texture and flowers for contrast.

In cooler regions, this can be grown as an annual. This aquatic African sedge, which is grown as an annual in most regions, is a popular choice for boggy soils, or along the shallow edge of a pond or marsh. The graceful vase-shaped habit and showy flower tufts lend an exotic look, with striking architectural appeal.

This hardy rush or sedge is grown for its dense upright clusters of reed-like blades and tiny cone-like tan flowers. Tough and versatile, this hardy grass prefers moist soil conditions or shallow water such as found alongside stream beds and marshes. Create year-round structural interest, even in winter with a fresh coat of snow. Plant in a water feature, rain garden , or an area of the yard with boggy soil.

See where this grass may be problematic. This aquatic sedge is grown for its exotic appearance, vase-shaped structure and radiating umbrella-like leaf bracts. Also known as dwarf papyrus grass, the diminutive stature makes this a good choice for small spaces. Grow in wet, boggy soils, or shallow water at the edge of a pond or water feature. Use in containers, rain gardens, and miniature ponds.

In frost-free climates, plants can spread aggressively through self-seeding and root rhizomes. Photo by: Proven Winners. This variation of the more common purple fountain grass is grown for its striking variegated foliage with stripes of purple, burgundy, green and white. Pale burgundy flower tassels appear from mid-summer to frost. This more compact variety is suitable for small urban yards. Mass in the landscape, or plant in a container by itself or in combination with other plants with similar needs.

Treat as an annual in most regions. Does not reseed like some other pennisetums. Grown for its fine-textured foliage and graceful arching structure, this carefree sedge makes an elegant container accent or contrasting design element to flowering annuals and perennials. Plant at the front of a mixed border or mass along a slope for erosion control. The compact size makes this a good choice for small urban spaces, and the rustic brown foliage complements any color scheme or garden style.

Steel-blue whisker-like foliage and tan seed heads complement most other colors, making this a versatile design choice. This fine-textured grass makes a striking accent in a container or the landscape. With tolerance to drought and poor soils, along with its spreading habit, this makes a good choice for massing in a bed or along a slope for erosion control. Smaller than blue oat grass, the compact size is especially suited to urban lots. Exceptionally hardy in colder regions.

One of the few ornamental grasses that thrives in partial shade, this golden variety is especially useful for illuminating darker spaces. Leaves are variegated, with thin stripes of gold and green that acquire hints of coppery pink in fall. The elegant cascading form is popular in Japanese-style and other formal landscapes, and takes a dormant rest in late fall.

Combine with other woodland shade lovers such as hostas, ferns, azaleas and Japanese maple. Use along the front of a mixed border, in mass plantings or containers.

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