Review six feet under unborn torrent

review six feet under unborn torrent

David and Danfeng get married, but lasting bliss is not in the cards. Mona develops a serious case of jealousy against Danfeng for snatching her brother AND. The pace of this film is absolutely awful. You keep seeing all these dream sequences that are far from being coherent and they just drag out. The official website for Six Feet Under on HBO, featuring interviews, schedule information, behind the scenes exclusives, and more. MY LIFE MY LOVE MY ALL LEGENDADO TORRENT Easy to puts elements and collaborate about CML. It allows recommend it. The thunderbirds allows me create a set it and not just move.

Eloise Kelly is ditched there, and an immediate attraction happens between them. Then Mr. Nordley show up for their gorilla documenting safari. Nordley is not infatuated with her husband any more, and takes a liking to Marswell. The two men and two women have some difficulty arranging these emotions to their mutual satisfaction, but eventually succeed.

Monsieur Beaucaire The Duke of Chartres is in love with Princess Henriette, but she seemingly wants nothing to do with him. Eventually he grows tired of her insults and flees to England when Louis XV insists that the two marry. After catching the Duke of Winterset cheating at cards, he forces him to introduce him as a nobleman to Lady Mary, with whom he has become infatuated.

When Lady Mary is led to believe that the Duke of Chartres is merely a barber she loses interest in him. She eventually learns that he is a nobleman after all and tries to win him back, but the Duke of Chartres opts to return to France and Princess Henriette who now returns his affection. Their Eyes Were Watching God A drama set in the s, where free-spirited Janie Crawford's search for happiness leads her through several different marriages, challenging the morals of her small town.

Based on the novel by Zora Neale Hurston. Heartbeats Francis is a young gay man, Marie is a young straight woman and the two of them are best friends -- until the day the gorgeous Nicolas walks into a Montreal coffee shop. The two friends, instantly and equally infatuated, compete for Nicolas' indeterminate affections, a conflict that climaxes when the trio visit the vacation home of Nicolas' mother. The frothy comedy unfolds through narrative, fantasy sequences and confessional monologues.

The Great Waltz Composer Johann Strauss risks his marriage over his infatuation with a beautiful singer. Private Number Ellen Neal, a young and inexperienced maid, becomes romantically involved with her employers son which causes various complications. The head butler also has an infatuation for the young girl but his intentions are not that good. The Mirror Has Two Faces Rose Morgan Barbara Streisand , who still lives with her mother Lauren Bacall , is a professor of Romantic Literature who desperately longs for passion in her life.

Gregory Larkin Jeff Bridges , a mathematics professor, has been burned by passionate relationships and longs for a sexless union based on friendship and respect. The Prince of Tides A troubled man talks to his suicidal sister's psychiatrist about their family history and falls in love with her in the process.

Scent of Quinces Thanks to his friendliness towards Nazis, Sarajevo businessman gets more and more rich during WW2. However, his infatuation towards the Jewish girl causes his downfall. Yentl A Jewish girl disguises herself as a boy to enter religious training. The Bridge Actor Gerard Depardieu co-directed this drama about a married woman who falls in love with another man. Mina is a movie buff with a husband, Georges, who's out of work, and a year-old son, Tommy.

While Mina works part-time as a domestic for Claire Daboval, the family is terribly short on money, so when Georges is offered construction work on a massive bridge project, he immediately accepts, even though the job site is far enough away that he'll only be able to come home on weekends. One day, while taking in a matinee screening of West Side Story, Mina meets a man named Matthias, an engineer associated with the bridge project.

It's love at first sight for the both of them, and while Mina has no desire to hurt Georges, who is a good and decent man, she has found another good and decent man whom she loves even more. Tommy, on the other hand, has to deal with this crisis in his parents' marriage while he's sorting out his own infatuation with Ms. Daboval's daughter, Lisbeth. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? Rangga's presence triggers the jealousy of Cinta's best friends, and things get more challenging for the couple when the girls pressure Cinta to choose between them and Rangga.

A sharply etched yet humorous love story of growing infatuation, ambivalence and near misunderstanding between two idealistic teenagers, Cinta and Rangga, at a high school in Jakarta. This sophisticated and charming film provides an engaging portrait of middle-class teenagers. Forbidden Quest Yun-seo comes across an 'indecent novel' by chance. Hesitant to read such a book at first, he is soon inspired to write one himself.

He even asks his family rival and infamous captain of guards, Gwang-heon, to draw the illustrations for his books. Their book "Heukgokbisa" is soon the most talked about in town and is eventually read by Jeong-bin, the king's favorite concubine. With Jeong-bin's involvement, two men are soon drawn in a tricky web of palace intrigue. Life Love Lust LIFE: After finishing their day at the restaurant, a chef and a waitress have an incredible encounter to celebrate his birthday. LOVE: A forty-something executive seduces a young man she occasionally meets in a city hotel.

LUST: Lola uses her whole body to give an intense skin on skin massage to a shy and lonely woman, driving her to pure ecstasy. Dedication A modern love story in which a misanthropic, emotionally complex author of a hit children's book is forced to team with a beautiful illustrator after his best friend and collaborator passes away. As Henry struggles with letting go of the ghosts of love and life, he discovers that sometimes you have to take a gamble at life to find love.

Barbarossa Year The Northern lands are ruled by a German emperor: Fredrick aka "Barbarossa. His dream is to conquer also the lands in the Center and in the South so as to revive the Empire that was once of the one Charles Magno. But in the North a young man from Milan has formed an army of young men coming from different cities: the "company of death". This young man's name is Alberto Da Giussano. His dream is to defeat the Emperor and to give back freedom to the Northern lands.

Loving Brooks Wilson is in crisis. He is torn between his wife Selma and two daughters and his mistress Grace, and also between his career as a successful illustrator and his feeling that he might still produce something worthwhile.

San Francisco A beautiful singer and a battling priest try to reform a Barbary Coast saloon owner in the days before the big earthquake. Wanderlust This most American form of entertainment can be found in films from other countries, but it's the American vast landscape, which gives films of this genre the appeal and the significance that translates so well in movies made by some of the best creators in the business.

We hear from Dennis Hopper, whose "Easy Rider", and others, typify the restlessness of the people taking the road. Allison Anders, another director that has set her stories that way, speaks intelligently about what is behind it all. Last Love Ros is a sensitive thirty-year-old illustrator and a single mother of three kids. Fate plays jokes with her when she meets Pat, a good-looking younger graduate from the same school as her. Meanwhile, an older artist, Chidchue, is involved in the love triangle.

Two Moon Junction Poison Ivy II: Lily A young and naive college art student becomes obsessed with assuming the identity and personality of a departed coed who used to live in her room, and in so doing causes complications that result in two men, a student and her art professor, lusting after her. This comedic drama features two young couples, and two old friends who reapear in the two couples lives. The story takes place mostly in two apartments across the street from each other in Mexico City at the end of the millenium.

Intellectual Carlos is not offering as much love as wife Ana needs. Tomas, a world-traveling friend of the couple reappears after many years abroad. Across the street, womanizing executive Miguel and suffering wife Andrea are joined by visiting friend Maria.

The presence of guests Tomas and Maria triggers lust, rejection, infidelities, reconciliation and other consequences of suppressed love and marital relations, among the six friends-three guys and three girls. Written by ElianaG. A young journalist asks an old artist about the portrait of a naked Indian woman that he has in his study.

The First Echelon In one of the steppe regions of Kazakhstan arrives on Komsomol youth squad. Severe frosts, spring mud flows, exhausting work than their specialty - the development of virgin land does not come easy. But the young are young - they work, enjoy life, fall in love. In the center of the story - the touching romance secretary of the Komsomol organization and tractor driver Anne.

Buddy Kristoffer is a billboard hanger, 24 years old and carefree. When his girlfriend Elisabeth duimps him for the boss of her trend bureau, his life falls into pieces. He feels like a loser. By coincidence some of Kristoffer's video diaries end up with the producer of the popular talk show "Karsten Tonight" in TV2.

A few weeks later Kristoffer's life has become TV entertaiment. Kristoffer's future again looks bright, everyone likes him. But revealing your life on national television comes with a price tag. As Kristoffer's future in the TV business looks brighter and brighter, his friends start suffering. Geir's big secret is revealed, and Stig Inge's personal problems are much more serious than Kristoffer first thought Cuban Lover Japanese fishery instructor Akira is attracted to beautiful Cuban young girl Martia.

Though initially rejected, Akira still returns with Martia to her homeland. On the way he sees a post-revolution Cuba, cultivating fields, relics from the revolution, armies in training, and Castro in a political rally. Lilith Lilith is a about a mysterious young woman in an elite sanitarium in New England, who seems to weave a magical spell all around her.

A restless, but sincere young man with an equally obscure past is seemingly drawn into her web. As time passes, their relationship deepens and intensifies, and the differences between them begin to blur, leading to a shocking, but oddly logical conclusion. The Leading Man Directed by his old friend Humphrey, it is already being hailed as a masterpiece; but Felix can't enjoy his success. He has fallen passionately in love with Hilary, a beautiful, fiesty young actress, and is preparing to desert his perfect family, his wife Elena and three lively children.

His intolerable situation is further complicated when Humphrey casts Hilary as one of the leads in 'The Hit Man'. Enter Robin Grange, a charismatic young Hollywood actor making his London theatre debut. Robin is attractive, charming and dangerous, and soon inveigles his way into everyone's life. He ingratiates himself with the cast and, quickly grasping Felix's dilemma, sets about weaving his web of mischief.

He suggests that if he were to seduce Elena, she would be distracted from Felix's affair, regain her self respect, and perhaps even willingly part from the unfaithful husband to whom she clings Till I Met You In order to expose Luisa as nothing but a gold digger, Caught in a tangled web of lies and deceit, all so unexpected. Sidewalls Martin is a neurotic web designer taking baby steps out of the isolation of his one-room apartment and his virtual reality.

Mariana is an artist fresh out of a a long relationship. Her head is a mess, just like the apartment where she takes refuge. Martin and Mariana are perfect for each other-- they live in the same street, in opposite buildings, but they never meet. Can the movement of a modern city of three million people bring them together? One True Love Finally after three years of courtship, Migs, a medical intern, marries simple and unassuming Joy, a nurse in the hospital of Migs' residency.

Several days before the wedding, his first love and childhood best friend Bela, a sophisticated woman, returns from Canada, still single and in love with Migs. The young couple meets an unfortunate incident turning their newly-found bliss into a tragic existence.

Living with Migs turns out to be an agonizing experience as his new state of mind gets more complicated as days pass. And so far, that's worked out great for everyone. Everyone, that is, except Nate, who finds the party - and what he perceives as a growing similarity between his wife and mother - unsettling. He goes off by himself and falls asleep. You married a woman you knocked up because it was the right thing to do.

Just like your old man. You could change the world. But Bob stuck around. And so did I. It wasn't always easy, and it wasn't always fun. But it was always worth it. She shows up at the funeral home, telling Nate she needs to talk to him. Wary but curious, Nate goes for a drink with her and as one of the twelve steps, Brenda tries to make amends for the pain she's caused him. When Nate tells Lisa about the encounter, she becomes angry; Nate resents her disapproval.

And after roughing up a fellow security guard, Keith realizes its time for a change; the next morning David finds him reading the want ads. David also jettisons an emotional burden. When Terry, a fellow chorus member, reminds him that they once had a sexual encounter in a men's room, a horrified David claims he's mistaken.

But he later admits - to both Terry and himself - that the incident did happen. But then Olivier tells Claire - whom he's hired as his driver - about a youthful love affair that he claims kept him from becoming a great artist. You're doomed. He's quiet and respectful, and when a mouse gets caught in a trap in the kitchen, he and Ruth are of one mind: The mouse deserved it. Nothing I love more than just getting out with my backpack, tent.

Where there's nobody. Lisa doesn't like to hike and she argues with Nate about the amount of beer and tobacco he wants to consume. To make matters worse, Dana and Todd , despite having a small daughter, are so hot for each other that it's really irritating - and enviable. Russell kisses her back. The kissing leads to sex, which Russell later confesses was his first.

Claire is pleased with this development, but is a bit upset with David when he tells her he suspects Russell is gay. Later, she launders his handkerchief - she finds it charming that he carries one - then sniffs and whispers into it before placing the handkerchief in his dresser drawer. No one will get stoned or go hiking with him and when he kills a snake that had come close to the children, everyone berates him. He goes off by himself to a spot on a plateau called Suicide Rock, where he falls asleep and has a disturbing dream in which Brenda begs him to kiss her; he does, but then tells her to leave him alone, and she dives off the plateau.

Later, he and Lisa have a huge fight in the woods; she accuses him of wanting Maya but not her, and he responds that she won't let him be himself. After a silence, Lisa quietly asks Nate to kiss her. But first he phones Lisa, who's spending the day at a food fair, and asks her approval.

His first choice, Ruth, is unavailable. She left the house early in the morning, saying something about needing a new gardening hat. The truth, however, is that she was going to follow - or, more precisely, stalk - Arthur as he goes jogging. She goes to an art supply store with Russell, where they get into an argument over a tube of cobalt blue oil paint.

Russell wants to buy it for Claire, but she adamantly refuses, saying that it's too expensive. Russell buys it anyway, and surprises her with it later. It keeps you optimistic. But Keith hates everything about it, from the guess-the-leading-lady parlor game to Terry's nervous dog that defecates when people look it in the eye.

Eventually, Keith reaches the tipping point. I'll see you back at home. But when Nate goes to their house, he finds Vanessa agitated and on the verge of tears. The three of them - Nate, Brenda and Maya - sit quietly overlooking the ocean, where Brenda makes a confession.

Bernard tells him that he doesn't have to worry about Brenda. It's just a matter of time. As Arthur is discussing Petrarch's contributions to history, Ruth suddenly leans forward and kisses him square on the lips. Then, mortified, she dashes out of the room.

Later, Arthur approaches Ruth and tells her that he values their friendship very much and that in order to preserve it, she must never kiss him again. Although it's been four months since her mother's death, her grief shows no signs of abating, and Federico's frustration is growing. Vanessa, seeing that her depression is affecting her family, asks Federico whether he can ever forgive her. Still smarting from his embarrassing party game performance at Terry's brunch, he decides to get even.

He invites David to play paintball with him and his cop friends, and David brings along Terry and another brunch buddy. The paint flies fast and furious, and when the battle is finally over, David and Keith invite Sarge - a buff, tough-talking Sargent Rock look-alike - to their apartment for drinks. When Sarge then asks to join them in bed as well, Keith welcomes him and David reluctantly goes along.

Brenda tells Lisa that although her life hasn't been happy lately, she wouldn't change her current situation - something Lisa is enormously relieved to hear. One afternoon, when Olivier sends Claire to pick up a sculpture from a woman in Azusa, he insists that Russell remain with him at his house until she returns. The Azusa sculptress is a former assistant of Olivier's, who is surprised to learn that Claire isn't sleeping with him.

Later, when Claire is alone with Russell, she asks him whether Olivier tried to seduce him. Russell emphatically answers no, but there is some tension between them. Then, he leans forward and he and Ruth embrace. The deceased, Melinda Bloch, killed herself shortly after her boyfriend, Alex Gramm, ended their long-term relationship. When Federico learns that Melinda had been under treatment for chronic depression, he peppers the emotionally shattered Gramm with questions about her illness.

Federico can't help worrying that Vanessa - who has been taking antidepressants yet showing no improvement - could end up like Melinda Bloch. He and Lisa have been having weighty discussions about their marriage and, after one particularly agonizing go-round, Lisa asks Nate whether he wants to split up.

I don't know. When Olivier dashes off to work the room, Billy tells Claire that while he was Olivier's student he was also sleeping with him. Following their night with Sarge, Keith would like to invite other men into their bed. But when he and Keith go to a bar to seek their next bedfellow, it's clear that David is not as open to the idea as he claims. Arthur gladly accepts her invitation to Claire's show and afterward they go to Ruth's room, where they sit on her bed and share some wine.

Arthur starts to playfully rock back and forth, bumping into Ruth until he knocks her into a lying position on the bed. They've resumed sniping at each other and they run into by Brenda, who immediately recognizes Lisa from the spa. In the ladies room, Lisa confesses to Brenda that she was desperate to find out anything she could about Nate's prior relationship. Brenda tells her that she needn't worry. They will be friends and lovers, without the pressure of pretending to be something they're not.

Her fears about Russell and Olivier are finally confirmed: the day Olivier sent Claire to Azusa, he and Russell had sex. Hurt and angry, Claire tells Russell that she doesn't want to see him again. Heartbroken, she finds solace with her mother, who has just suffered her own romantic disappointment. Frustrated with the progress - or lack of it - of her relationship with Arthur, Ruth asked him whether he's ever had sex.

It's hard to say no to that, no matter who it's coming from. While he and Keith are in San Diego for the funeral of Keith's great aunt, Keith had a violent confrontation with his father. David attempted to intercede, but was bluntly informed that it isn't his place.

Greyhound station, Patrick is waiting for him. I'll take you home. You can tell me all about it. Vanessa was her old self again; she and Rico had resumed their sex life and Vanessa had even enrolled them in a dance class. Federico was impressed with the pace of his wife's rehabilitation - until he discovered that it was, literally, a speedy recovery; Vanessa had been supplementing her prescribed medication with drugs she took from the hospital.

At their dance lesson, Vanessa's drug cocktail finally took full effect. Her heart started to race and she nearly collapsed on the dance floor. When Federico saw how many different pills she had in her purse, he was as shocked and frightened as he was disappointed. Brenda has been staying at Billy's apartment, genuinely enjoying her time with him. When Brenda comforts him, he kisses her; affectionately at first, but then his actions become sexual.

Horrified, Brenda grabs her purse and sweater and runs out the door. I move in with Billy. I'm so self-destructive. I'm worse than Billy. She gives him some unsettling news: although it's been several hours since she started out, Lisa hasn't yet arrived. And, when Nate calls Lisa's cell phone, there's no answer. And his desperation is growing at an exponential rate.

After the dance class incident, Federico takes Vanessa to a psychiatrist who is shocked to learn the number of medications she's been taking. In order to manage the huge workload, David and Federico violate some regulations, and nudge some mourners along in order to keep to their tight schedule. She phones Brenda - who has moved into her own apartment - and requests that she join her and Billy to dispose of Bern's cremains.

Brenda doesn't want to be around Billy, but her mother won't hear of it. The three of them meet in Margaret's condo, where the grieving widow empties Bern's urn over the balcony railing. She has stalwartly maintained that Lisa will return unharmed, but eventually even Ruth gives in to despair. When George Sibley, a mourner at a recent funeral, comes to retrieve his glasses, Ruth breaks down in his arms. Nate does, finally get some news, but it provides no comfort: the police find her car in a state park.

But Lisa is nowhere to be found. Why is life like that? She has begun a romance with George Sibley, and the two of them have become so close that Ruth throws caution to the wind and suggests they marry. George thinks marriage is a good idea, even though he's been divorced four times and widowed twice. Upon reconsideration, Ruth tells George she'd prefer proceeding more slowly.

I want you on my side. I need you on my side. And it's the one thing that I never, ever have. Eventually, David's decision is made: he informs Keith that he's moving out. She had planned to go for the procedure alone, until informed by a worker at the clinic that she would need someone to accompany her. When Claire runs into Brenda at the funeral home - Brenda had come to see Nate, who angrily sent her away - she impulsively seeks her assistance.

But Nate is too consumed by his fears for Lisa to think about anything - or anyone - else. He finds himself envisioning all the possible scenarios for Lisa's disappearance, from running off with a lover to drowning. No longer in full control of himself, Nate falls back into old behaviors; he has sex with Williman's daughter, a young woman as desperate to forget her troubles as he is. Ultimately, however, Nate can't escape his situation.

Nate is openly hostile, Claire protests that they barely know each other and David feels that in light of the ongoing search for Lisa, it would be more prudent to wait. Ruth listens until she can't take any more. We have this precious gift of life and it's so terribly fleeting and that is precisely why it's important to keep on living, to not give up hope.

Claire remains conflicted over the abortion, and David is not one hundred percent certain of his decision to leave Keith. But at least they're able to function - something that is becoming increasingly difficult for Nate. He's drinking more and more, while neglecting his responsibilities as both a businessman and a parent: he angrily dismisses a client and leaves Maya alone in the middle of the night. Angelica is in residence, ostensibly until she finds her own apartment, but she shows no signs of leaving.

Afterward, he accepts an invitation to a strip club, the first one he's ever been to. He gets drunk and one of the dancers flirts with him - and then they have a brief sexual encounter in his car. He takes Claire on a visit to the afterlife, which is a kind of blissful street carnival.

There she encounters beatific versions of people she's cared for and lost: Lisa, Gabe Dimas - and the baby she decided not to have. As she's about to leave, she asks her father whether it bothers him that Ruth is remarrying. David makes the call and arranges to meet Keith for church. But instead of attending the service, they have an open and -free discussion of their relationship. It ends with Keith telling David that he loves him and will do anything to keep from losing him. Nate is not.

Unknown to the others, he finally got the phone call that they'd all been dreading: the police have found Lisa's body identifiable only by her dental records. In a state of utter despair and guilt, he goes to a local dive and goads a patron into beating him into a bloody mess; then he gets into his car, where he envisions his father and Lisa urging him to commit suicide by driving himself off the road into a canyon.

He pounds on her door and she opens it, expecting to see Joe, the intriguing neighbor with whom she'd just had a pleasant dinner date. But when she sees Nate's beaten and bloodied face, she looks into his eyes and then slowly lets him in. In the middle of the night, a bereft Nate reaches for Brenda and the pair share a brief, misguided sexual encounter, which leads to awkwardness the following morning.

David is still not sure if he wants to be with Keith, but invites him to spend the night anyway. It's the first time Keith has ever stayed over at the funeral home and David is freaked out by having sex in his childhood room.

The inescapably loud, passionate cries of Ruth in the throes of connubial bliss only add to the weirdness. David volunteers to go with him. As Nate and David make the long drive to get the body, Nate has a flashback to when Lisa told him how she'd like to be buried in nature, without a casket or any chemicals pumped into her.

Once they arrive at the morgue, Nate can't face going in so the uncomfortable task falls to David. On the drive home Nate and David have to roll down the windows to alleviate the smell from Lisa's badly decomposing body. Lisa's mom and Nate quickly bump heads when she insists on cremating Lisa and burying her in the family mausoleum.

Nate is intent on giving Lisa the funeral she would have wanted. David is called in to mediate, but there seems to be no fair solution. He's surprised when, later that night, Vanessa kicks out Angelica anyway. Still feeling guilty, Rico goes to church and confesses his sins, but then can't stop himself from driving past the strip club to catch a glimpse of Sophia.

Later, Brenda comes upon Joe feeding the stray cats in their shared courtyard and in a rush of warmth, kisses him. She reveals she had an abortion and is annoyed when the ever-emotional Russell breaks down. David finally realizes that he wants to be with Keith, but that things will have to change.

Keith agrees and tells David he plans to quit the security guard business. David moves back in to Keith's place. Instead, Nate pours the cremains of an unclaimed body into a newly labeled box with Lisa's name on it.

A quiet exchange between Nate and David reveals that David is complicit in deceiving Lisa's family-which in a backward way has allowed Nate and the Kimmels to each have the funeral they wanted. After the Kimmels leave, Nate drives to the desertand buries Lisa. He slowly adjusts to life as a single parent as the rest of the family and Arthur , adjusts to life with George and George's things, most tangibly in the form of his ornate Persian table that has displaced the old Formica kitchen table.

Claire is impressed by Edie's willingness to fail artistically and wishes she could get out of her own head and start creating again. The interview goes well, even after Keith comes clean about wrongfully beating a domestic abuser when he was on the force, and then clumsily knocks over a cup of coffee on his way out.

They talk of buying a house and maybe having kids one day. Keith finds it hard to keep up with the hip lingo and cool style of the more seasoned bodyguards and makes a conscious choice to keep his homosexuality under wraps. Still, he is distracted at home and Vanessa is beginning to notice. And when Sophia calls him at work and asks him to bring over dinner, Rico can't resist.

She reveals she's studying to get her MSW to become a licensed therapist and things with Joe are going well. In fact, Joe is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but Brenda wants to wait at least 90 days before they have sex as part of a healthy recovery choice for her sexual addiction. Eventually, she gives in to his charms and they share a first amusingly awkward night together. David confronts Nate about his unprofessional outburst.

Then, to David's dismay and surprise, Nate quits the business. As if to punctuate that fact, the sewage system in the home suddenly goes awry, causing bloody pools to erupt from every drain. Luckily, the plumber manages to fix the problem and even gives a stressed-out David a parting gift blow-job, free of charge.

When David casually mentions his encounter to Keith later, Keith is okay with it. Ruth encourages him to be patient, that they will grow to love him. Just then, Nate enters with a recently delivered package for George containing a Tupperware container full of feces. And though the sender is unknown, Nate and Claire appear greatly amused by it. During Arthur's first intake, David notices Arthur fidgeting with his shabby suit and offers to take him shopping.

Keith comes along to get new suits for his upcoming bodyguard stint for a young pop diva named Celeste. While the ever-weird Arthur is in the changing room, the pair speculates whether he is gay or 'A' asexual. When Nate arrives, he gets a glimpse of the uncomplicated life that money affords this single mom, a pay-rolled staff on hand to fulfill her every need. With Maya safely in the hands of a watchful nanny, Nate succumbs to the divorcee's comforting charms and sleeps with her.

In fact, Nate is so happy in her plush environment that he wants to stay, which leads to some awkwardness and ultimately, the woman asks Nate to leave. Though it is clear Russell still has feelings for Claire, Claire seems more taken with Edie, who entertains the party guests with her artsy antics.

Later, Claire notices Edie playfully fondling another woman and learns from Anita that Edie is a full-out lesbian. Joe loses his erection in the always-desperate race for a condom. Later he admits that sexually, he responds best when there is more of a dominatrix role-playing dynamic. She's afraid of any behavior she associates with her former addictive tendencies. Eventually, she and Joe work things out and Brenda realizes that role-playing can be fun without being deviant. Sophia breaks down and admits that she has lupus from leaking breast implants.

The only way she can feel better is if she can get the expensive operation for a new set of implants-something her health insurance won't cover and she can't afford. Rico offers to give her the money after Sophia tells him she probably won't be able to pay back a loan.

In the meantime, George and Ruth receive another package of feces addressed this time to Mr. George Sibley, in the guise of a late wedding present. Ruth is upset by her inclusion in the package's contents and wonders who would target them. When George jokingly suggests that the package was sent by one of Ruth's scorned lovers, Ruth gets the idea that it's Arthur and confronts him.

He denies it, and appears genuinely pained by her accusation. Claire suggests they just burn the rest and Ruth, spotting an unpurchased memento of Arthur's, readily agrees. Nate, who was originally reluctant to sell anything returns home and tosses his bedding into the welcoming flames. Seeing Jennifer brings up old guilt issues for David, who still feels bad for breaking off their engagement after finally admitting that he was gay.

Luckily, Jennifer is engaged to someone new, which relieves David of some guilt. However, when he tries to comfort her at the funeral, she lashes out at him, unleashing years of pent-up anger over David lying to her about his homosexuality. In the end, she is able to forgive him and the closure gives the pair a sense of peace.

To David's annoyance, Keith asks him to temporarily stop answering their home phone until he's had time to switch his work contact information to his cell phone. Then, at work Keith is singled out by the young pop diva, Celeste, for peeing in her private bathroom and his fellow bodyguards enjoy a good laugh at his expense. Claire enjoys her new-found boldness until Jimmy asks her to tell him what she likes sexually and she suddenly reverts back to her former shy self.

Later, when she relates the embarrassing story to Anita and Edie, they get Claire to admit that she's never had an orgasm. Ruth is ready to call in the authorities to hunt down the suspected Arthur until George reveals that toy dump truck belongs to his estranged son, Kyle-a child he never told Ruth about. Meanwhile, Federico gets increasingly annoyed by Sophia's calls and demands on his time, but is still unwilling to end their relationship.

Temporarily relieved of his parental duties, Nate is not sure what to do with himself and ends up going to see Brenda. Brenda and Joe are in the middle of role-playing sex when Nate unexpectedly knocks on the door.

Despite the awkwardness of the initial moment, Brenda invites Nate in and, along with Joe, the three spend a friendly evening together. During dinner, Brenda mentions seeing cute pictures of baby Maya and Margaret drunkenly suggests that Brenda wants to have a baby of her own.

Later that night, Joe admits that he, too, wants kids and that he's interested in having one with her. Things get weird when, from out of nowhere, a dog starts running along side of Nate. In his drugged up state, Nate sees something in the dog's eyes that makes him think of Lisa. He follows the dog to the rundown house of a psychic who tells Nate, cryptically: She isn't dead. She's trying to get back to you. Nate is shaken by the experience and briefly entertains the possibility that Lisa is still alive.

At the meeting, Nate has trouble connecting with the much older widows and widowers. When it's finally his turn to share, the building's fire alarm goes off and Nate decides to leave before the group files back inside.

When she mentions her plan to George, however, he angrily accuses her of meddling. He tries to resist her advances but when she vulnerably admits to missing him, he agrees to meet her for dinner. Things turn suddenly ugly, when the man brutally attacks David outside of a convenient store and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't comply with his demands. The man makes David withdraw all of his money from an ATM, then has David help him buy crack and forces him to take it with him.

The frightening ordeal lasts hours and ends with David alone in a deserted alley, lucky to be alive. However, at a family dinner to honor his birthday, David struggles to remain composed as Ruth questions him about his recent ordeal. Then, during a funeral service, David suffers a sudden panic attack.

When Claire chances upon him just after it happens, he confides in her and for the first time opens up about the more horrible details of his attack. Though still unstable, David urges Keith to go back to work so he won't miss his chance to go on tour with Celeste. The following day, Jimmy and Russell join in the planning and the group takes drugs, resulting in Claire showing up high to David's birthday dinner.

Later that night, still under the influence, Claire takes sexy pictures of Edie rolling around in the grass. To Ruth's horror, the woman's boyfriend turns out to be George. When she confronts George about it later, he is infuriatingly vague and brushes off her questions, leaving Ruth sad and confused. At Joe's suggestion, the two throw caution to the wind and engage in unprotected sex for the first time. However, while shopping for the new house, Brenda suddenly becomes overwhelmed by it all and seeks out Nate for comfort.

At the kennel, he embraces his new carefree life and flirts with a young-coworker. He is forced to give it all up, however, after Claire reveals how bad things are for David since the car-jacking. She asks him to return to work at the funeral home for their brother's sake and Nate reluctantly agrees. But David, embarrassed by his inability to conquer his fears, tells Claire he doesn't need her to stay over any more.

At work he busies himself with mindless tasks and then goes home for a sleepless night alone. The following day, David joins Claire and Edie at the movies but leaves suddenly when a dramatic movie preview causes him to have flashbacks to his carjacking.

A brief sexual encounter with a bartender only further sets off his irrational fears. At first she wants to keep the photo to herself, but Edie convinces her to show it at her next class critique. The picture garners accolades from the teacher, but Claire is embarrassed when a fellow student references Edie as Claire's girlfriend.

After the pair see a movie together, Edie makes a move on Claire who, though she admits to having strong feelings for Edie, is confused about what those feelings mean. When Edie stops by the following day, Claire agrees to have sex with her friend in order to put her confusion to rest. As a final parting gift, he drops off a package for Sophia's daughter on her doorstep. Unable to get a sitter for the kids, Vanessa waits until the following night to confront Rico. She accuses him of cheating on her and kicks him out, sending him straight into the arms of Sophia.

At his casual invitation, she joins him on an exhausting fossil hunt in Topanga Canyon. Dehydrated and annoyed by George's flippant disregard for her comfort, Ruth insists they drop by her sister Sarah's Topanga home.

Bettina is visiting Sarah as well and the three women enjoy each other's company, while George isolates himself in front of the TV. Ruth is surprised when Sarah remarks that George's private nature reminds her of Nathaniel. We all pick the same person over and over again. Brenda claims to want to commit to Joe and end things with Nate, but he pegs their on-going affair for what it is-Brenda's fear of intimacy with Joe.

I used to be Joe. In the end, Brenda admits her infidelity to Joe in the hopes that they can make a new start. To his surprise, Javier tells Celeste and the other bodyguards and then sends Keith a mixed message by writing him a joke note that implies he wants to have sex with Keith. When Keith calls to discuss the note with David, David tells him he no longer wants an open relationship and suddenly breaks down, buckling under the pressure of trying to keep his post-traumatic stress at bay.

Nevertheless, once Joe leaves for work, Brenda can't resist calling Nate and inviting herself to join him and Maya for an innocent day trip to kid-centric Travel Town. The following day, Brenda invites Nate and Maya over to the house for another play date. But the encounter comes to an abrupt end when Joe returns home from work early to find Nate and Brenda in a compromising embrace on the living room couch. When Edie again fails to give Claire an orgasm, the two finally agree that Claire isn't gay.

The reality of what he's done suddenly hits him, however, when Sophia tells him that he can't stay with her and should go home and apologize to his wife. Federico's attempt to make amends with Vanessa is unsuccessful, especially after he admits to her that he slept with Sophia the night before. With no place else to turn, Rico spends the night in the prep room and is eventually discovered by Ruth, who offers to let him stay in Claire's old bedroom.

Though Celeste knows that Keith is gay, she asks him up to her room and seduces him into sleeping with her. Meanwhile, David cannot seem to put the trauma of his carjacking behind him. When he gets an unexpected call from Sarge, the man with whom Keith and David had their first three-way, David invites him over, desperate for some company. The two have sex and things get weird when a suddenly emotional David tries to forcibly prevent Sarge from leaving.

In the end, David realizes he is still too vulnerable to be alone and asks Keith to come home. Keith reluctantly agrees. But when he goes to give his boss notice, he learns Celeste has already fired him for sleeping with her. When Ruth returns, however, she finds George in the middle of a flirty philosophical discussion with a scantily clad Anita. To add to Ruth's annoyance, George over prunes a treasured tree and is unapologetic when Ruth gets upset about it.

The final straw is broken when George leaves without telling Ruth where he's going. Upon his return, George discovers a note from Ruth stating that she's going away for a while and doesn't know when she'll be coming back. Keith confesses that he had sex with Celeste and David suddenly finds himself with a new fixation.

Initially he appears to take the news well, no doubt feeling slightly relieved of his own guilt for having had sex with Sarge. But soon David finds himself obsessing over the fact the Keith had sex with a woman. The tension leads to an open discussion about their mutual indiscretions, but it does little to quell David's subconscious fears that Keith will leave him for a woman.

At school Claire's photography teacher must take an emergency medical leave and Claire is pleasantly surprised to find that Billy Chenowith will be filling the vacated position. Later, Claire learns that Edie performed an embarrassing piece about her at an open mike night, highlighting the fact that Claire has never had an orgasm.

However, when Jimmy volunteers to help give her one, Claire agrees and the end result proves enlightening. After spending yet another afternoon babysitting Maya, Bettina insists that Ruth come up with a fun activity for the following day. Ruth plans an overnight excursion to Rosarita, Mexico. The trip is liberating for Ruth, who embraces the not-so-perfect aspects of travel and pushes herself to be more adventurous. But during her first horse ride Ruth's horse unexpectedly dies, putting an abrupt end to her newfound wanderlust.

Her admission leads to a fight when Nate can't reciprocate the sentiment, claiming he's still adjusting to widowhood and being a single parent to Maya. At school, Brenda's teacher praises her for her insight with a therapy patient but the fight with Nate triggers Brenda's own psychosis, leading her back to her drug dealer. She quickly realizes her mistake and attends a support group meeting before things get too out of hand.

During dinner, the trio frightens away two burglars intent on stealing a valuable comic book from the casket of a deceased collector who had asked to be buried with the item. That night, Nate dreams Nathaniel comes to him as comic book incarnation of death and takes everyone and everything that Nate holds dear, including Brenda.

The dream helps Nate realize he wants to be with Brenda and he goes to her house where she welcomes him back with open arms. Brenda encourages him to go for Maya's sake and agrees to come along as a show of support, remaining behind in the hotel room during the service.

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