Pretending glee audio torrent

pretending glee audio torrent

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The Blues. You cannot copyright the Blues. People who want to make art to share it should do so. People who want to make art to control it should keep it to themselves. Mission accomplished. If the film were made by traffic cops who were regularly featured on hour long TV specials about the evils of speeding … yes, you bet your behind the person better get a ticket in their film. The point is that Glee is IRONIC because the same people talking about the evils of copyright infringement are making a show about people were their wildest dreams come true when they infringe copyright.

Do all novelists have to speak the same way about copyright because some publishers complain about illegal downloading? I realize people are trying to suggest this is ironic, but I see it as artistic license. And YouTube has gone on record that you can make mashups and upload them without you personally checking with the copyright holders.

I have a friend who is a featured artist on YouTube this week and she has performed and uploaded music videos using songs written by others without obtaining permission first. I think there is more flexibility in what people can upload on YouTube than many realize. So what is happening on Glee IS happening in real life, with the music copyright holders allowing it.

Are we watching the same video? It says that Content ID can catch the use and block it. You can put it up. Then the content rights holder has the option to ask YouTube to take it down. They are creating mashups without obtaining permission, and those mashups are staying up, and in some cases the teen creators are launching careers as a result. I know people who have done so very successfully, and without first obtaining permission to do so.

In fact, YouTube has promoted them heavily. They are being held up as models of musicians successfully using YouTube to promote themselves. Glee is more accurate than the article writer suggested. Teens virtually never ask first. They just do it, and in many cases the video stays up. Of course you can. Why do you skip over that point? Of course.

No one denied that many kids are doing this. You seem to be arguing something totally different, which you do a lot. Why are you skipping over that detail? Not legally. Yes, many content creators will allow it, but you also RISK some pretty serious consequences in doing so. That was the point of the article.

People call you on stuff and you move on to arguing something different. The fact that many do it and get away with it does not respond to the key points of the article that 1 the industry still insists this is illegal and 2 there are very real legal risks to doing so, despite your false claims otherwise. Why make up such a myth? I guess I am a bit confused. The show is created by producers and writers, not the industry per se.

There are good examples, but citing Glee? It is an inside joke and Christina Mulligan has taken it way too seriously. I thought I would go ahead and upload a bit of that transcript. It might be of interest to some of you. But in order to give them choices about what they can do with copies, mash-ups and more, we need to first identify when copyrighted material is uploaded to our site.

Well, it starts with content owners delivering assets into our database, along with a usage policy that tells us what to do when we find a match. If you have content that others are uploading to YouTube, you should register in the content I. And think carefully about the policies that you attach to that content. The best way for me to respond is to let Stewart speak for YouTube. That is demonstrably false. YouTube has not gone on the record saying that at all.

The presentation does not say what you claimed it said. Now this means that we can identify a match even if the copy used is just a portion of the original file, plays it in slow motion and has degraded audio and video quality. And we do this every time that a video is uploaded to YouTube. YoTube says nothing about requiring proof from the uploader that permission has been obtained.

Rather they say that they compare content to identify the copyright holder and then check to see what permissions the copyright holder has given. I would say YouTube is operating, in essence, as a licensing service, not unlike CC, where the copyright holder spells out what can or cannot be done with the copyrighted material. Which part do you not understand. Content ID is a tool for copyright holders. The entire presentation is directed at copyright holders.

Admit you were wrong and move on. The fact that you continue to pretend this video says something it does not is really, really stunning. If all the YouTube videos had already had their licenses cleared, there would be no need for Content ID because the copyright holders would already know about all the videos to be uploaded. In essense, YouTube has created a crowdsourced model where users create videos, then YouTube and the copyright holders benefit.

YouTube knew very well that the speech would eventually filter out to beyond that audience. This speech speaks to everyone who has anything to do with YouTube. Copyright law is not going to change anytime soon. So what is going to have to happen is that copyright holders are going to have to willingly move into a new world on their own.

Musicians have already done this, for the most part, and YouTube is advancing that cause. Susan Boyle is its biggest example. The older style copyright holders are disappearing. The economics are not favoring them. The system will likely self-correct before the actual laws are changed.

I do at My space. But the Spice Girls can. As long as they rehearse in my house naked , and then ……. Poor artist. The Text of the Copyright and Patents Act states:. Copyright in a sound recording, film, broadcast or cable programme is not infringed by its being copied by making a film or film sound-track in the course of instruction, or of preparation for instruction, in the making of films or film sound-tracks, provided the copying is done by a person giving or receiving instruction.

But ,,,,,,Abbey Road side two vinyl — Golden Slumbers— was a nursery poem that the Beatles copied and mashed. With six -degrees of separation , you must know someone who can score Paul for you. Even by email interview at least. Unable to read music at the time, he created his own melody and arrangement. Dude, would you please get off your ass and start showing real and useful advocacy for IP by directly supporting pharma patents.

I am very interested in the overall concept of artists and content providers making a living in the world. And I like to discuss the economics of it. Not necessarily how things should be. Just how things are. Your email address will not be published.

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Rate this comment as insightful. Subscribe: RSS Leave a comment. Threaded [2] Go with inducement, then you can use their own arguements against them. Threaded [2] Mike is not saying the actual TV show is using unauthorized material. Threaded [3] Thanks for this article. Threaded [2] You nailed it with the fiction part. Threaded [4] actually ,, my TV married my microwave, and begot a cyborg machine life form ,that eats pirates.

Threaded [5] You so crazy! Threaded [3] nope. Threaded [4] That would be so amazing! Threaded [5] I might actually watch that show. Threaded [5] the only right thing they could do is become charities. ANS : the courts decide fair use on the facts of law. Threaded [6] The only right thing they can do is go to jail for destroying our culture.

Threaded [7] The only right thing they can do is go to jail for destroying our culture. Have you tried libraries? There are ways to get hold of books. The used book market is helpful, too. Law is slow sometimes. Ok just , Ok. Live, Love. Listen to her words you Pirates.

Best TP. Anonymous Coward. Threaded [2] Huh? Threaded [3] Were your H. Threaded [4] I can guarantee you that a university band performance in front of 70, ticket-purchasing football fans and many more in the television audience is not going to be considered fair use. Threaded [5] Traditionally if it is purely used in a classroom then it is fine. Threaded [5] What about a stock person humming a tune whilst putting products upon the shelves?

Threaded [2] Some school uses might be considered fair use, but not all. Threaded [3] Look up the law. Yes I know ,, why should I do your homework for you? Threaded [4] I know U. Could we get Glee investigated and charged with inducing and promoting copyright infringement?

Threaded [2] But, you see, the argument presented here is that the show demonstrates the duplicitous nature of the entertainment industry by failing to incorporate into the plot scenes depicting one or more of the characters requesting and receiving such licenses. Threaded [5] Dude, is English your native language? The Longest sentence ever!! Threaded [3] ah, i see now. Threaded [3] write your own script. Threaded [3] exactly.

Threaded [2] So then, I guess all these artists are overjoyed about a show that positively depicts copyright infringement. I think the big story here is, as Mike said, that people talk about Glee. Threaded [2] Moulin Rouge did it better. Threaded [2] I think more copyright holders should get their lawyers to sue children. They are suing the adults who make the biz decisions , who employ the kiddies , or are their Girl Scout den mothers and their corp supervisors..

Girl Scouts is big,. Threaded [5] no one like lawyers. I doubt the RIAA like theirs,, but lawyers are paid pit bulls. The courts job is to keep then in check. Trick kids into infringing, then, wham!! Threaded [2] Exactly. Threaded [3] Exactly. Well Glee also covered Dont Stop Believin by Journey licensed no doubt but that got me thinking… I bet Journey are really glad that Arnel Pineda felt he was able to flout copyright and perform covers of Journey songs as well as other artists or their career wouldn?

Woody Guthrie or his estate , never sued Bob Dylan. One of the first real rock videos. Oh boy, I can see the series finale to the show now. Actually Glee is very reflective of reality. Threaded [2] I was trying to edit my comment and it posted instead.

Should every film that shows someone speeding also show that person getting a ticket? Threaded [5] At least according to the RIAA if you smoke marijuana in a movie there should be negative consequences. Even in poverty. This is very interesting thought you offer. Threaded [9] You set up a donate button on your website. Threaded [10] good point. Threaded [7] thank you,, Suzanne.

You are always a good read here. But i know always a but,,, ….. Threaded [9] thanks. I agree. I hope the Pirates understand you too. Brian May of Queen, has Phd. But still no musician lawyers of note. It is my job. Society needs art, most people will pay ,,,over and over even ,,, to support my art and me. Threaded [5] Should every film that shows someone speeding also show that person getting a ticket?

Threaded [6] … the same people talking about the evils of copyright infringement are making a show about people were their wildest dreams come true when they infringe copyright. Do Americans have to be consistent on their viewpoints? Do blacks? Threaded [6] …. Threaded [7] And YouTube has gone on record that you can make mashups and upload them without you personally checking with the copyright holders.

Can you point me to that record? Threaded [11] Once again, Suzanne, you amaze me. You can put it up Of course you can. Again has nothing to do with the point. Now people are using it for their own pets, boyfriends, celebrity crushes Reba McEntire - 'I'm A Survivor' TikToker's are using Reba's song to soundtrack their own lives or their friends' lives with captions like, "the friend who gets everyone's order and tells the waitress," and "when my family leaves me home alone for two days and I get to pretend I own my own house.

This particular song about Jeff Bezos has gone viral, with users using it on videos where they reveal the ways they either earned or scammed money from others. Some TikTok users are proving Bo's point, by setting the song to a slideshow of images from the Instagram grids of prominent white female influencers.

TikTokers are using the "Bueno, you didn't hear this from me, but some little birdy told me Olivia Rodrigo - 'Happier' Is your FYP overwhelmed with people cutting and slicing up cucumbers with a big knife while Olivia's melancholic bop plays in the background?

The trend is directed at people's exes who moved on to a new relationship and well, you can kinda of guess get the rest Users have been remixing, dancing and singing along to the track. The Backyardigans - 'International Super Spy' For this Backyardigans number, TikTok users have been applying the lyrics to situations in their own lives and revealing secrets about themselves when the "super spyyyyy" lyrics kick in.

Their impact! Others are also using it as a transition song. TikTokers are using the remix alongside the 'Versailles Run' filter. The remix is by DrewStevens on YouTube. Olivia Rodrigo - 'good 4 u' From recreating the music video, to screaming the lyrics out loud, Olivia Rodrigo's break-up anthem is just as popular on TikTok as her debut hit 'Drivers Licence'. The 'Adeola wanna roll with a geezer' track is everywhere on TikTok right now, especially in transition edits. Mike Posner - 'Please Don't Go' This summer-vibes track is being used by TikTokers who start out driving normally in their cars, and then switch to headscarves and sunglasses on the beat of the chorus.

Iamdoechii - 'Yucky Bucky Fruitcake' The "Hi, my name is Doechii with two I's, I feel anxious when I'm high" sound sees TikTokers users introduce themselves, and it's already been used in almost 1 million videos. Twista ft. Faith Evans - 'Hope' Inspired by the end of movies that give the audience updates on what happened to the characters years later, TikTokers are using the song as a backdrop to celebrate or joke about their incredible lack of achievements.

Olivia's sophomore single serves as the soundtrack to the camera flip challenge, where TikTokers invert the camera to show how symmetrical or asymmetrical their faces are. Kesha - 'Praying' Kesha's high note has become a popular sound on TikTok as users reenact some of the most shocking or wild things they've seen, using the note as a scream reaction.

Chloe George - 'Ghost Town Voice Memo ' You've probably heard the "And nothing hurts anymore I feel kinda free" song on loads of wholesome or emotional videos. If you go over 50, you lose! Well look no further because Salt 'N' Pepa's classic is now going viral on the app. Throwback photos of Mark Ruffalo? Whatta man! Chris Evans walking down a hallway?

Kid Cudi - 'Day 'n' Nite' Kid Cudi's track made a comeback on TikTok thanks to a trend that sees people write out a statement in black and white text, and then turn off the lights to reveal what they really mean. Agatha Harkness' bop to end all bops went viral on Marvel TikTok, with memes popping up all over the app. Yung Gravy - 'oops! Tracy with the ass? Yung Baby Tate - 'I Am' ft. BeatKing - 'Then Leave' Back in , there was a dance routine to this one.

But now there's a new Numbers Challenge where users have to repeat the sequence on the screen with their fingers to the beat of the song. Timex Social Club - 'Rumours' This '80s bop from Timex Social Club has been turned into a meme that basically exposes every day lies, thanks to its "stop spreading those rumours around" lyrics.

Technically, this one started at the end of December but it's thriving in January Taylor Swift - 'no body, no crime ft. HAIM ' TikTok users are using Taylor's evermore masterpiece to present their personal conspiracy theories about certain celebrities or fictional characters they think might have "done it". Another month, another viral TikTok dance set to a Doja Cat bop!

Doja's Planet Her track 'Woman' has now gone viral on the app thanks to a dance routine created by tracy. The original dance video has over Users have been testing the strength of their knees, with Megan Thee Stallion's strength being the ultimate goal, leaning further into a squat as the beat of the music continues. Although the trend started in , Coi Leray's track has elevated the trend to new levels. Destiny's Child has officially made it to ThirstTok!

People are using this bop over videos of their celebrity crushes, or with captions referring to certain groups of men and women that really do it for them. The routine for this one is one of the easiest on the app. The routine was started by inmypjss, who was originally dancing to Sean Paul's 'Temperature'. A slowed down version of the Stromae banger was used by TikToker user usimmango in a video, where he and a group of friends rock to the beat of the track.

The video itself has gone viral with almost 20 million likes and over million views. Other TikTokers are putting themselves on top of it, and rocking in sync with the group alongside their own on-screen meme caption. This summer vibes routine was created by UK dancer nathanramsayy who has garnered thousands of views across his videos of the dance on TikTok.

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